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Posted by on Jun 10, 2013 in Fitness Tips | 0 comments

10 Ways to Burn Fat Without Trying

Even if you hit the gym daily, you may not be doing everything you can to burn off unwanted fat. That’s especially true if you spend a lot of time sitting—at your desk, commuting or watching television. To really slash the calories fast, you need to add more physical activity to your weekly routine.

From cleaning your apartment to commuting by foot or bike, these tips will help you get moving now. The calories listed are based upon a study by Harvard Medical School and represent what a 185-pound guy will burn over 30 minutes of activity.

Vacuum Your Floors (90 calories burned)

Standing Desk Workstation

Standing Desk Workstation

You won’t burn a lot of calories by vacuuming your apartment, but every little bit adds up. Plus, cleaning regularly will get you off your couch and reduce the time you spend being sedentary (like watching television). And best of all, your floors will be sparkling clean.

Stand at Your Desk (93 calories burned)

If you work in an office, chances are you spend most of your time sitting at your desk. While you may not think this is very dangerous, many studies have found that sitting too much can increase your risk of dying from heart disease and other conditions. The solution? Ditch the chair and look for an elevated desk. You can burn even more calories by using a stand-up desk attached to a treadmill, letting you walk while you work.

Cook at Home (111 calories burned)

Once upon a time, people cooked every meal themselves. If you want to melt away more fat, try reacquainting yourself with your kitchen. Cooking combines many activities that will increase the number of calories burned—standing, moving, lifting, chopping and stirring. Plus, if you cook your own meals, you’re more likely to eat healthier, and you can impress your friends.

Shop for Groceries with a Cart (155 calories burned)

Supermarkets are not just a place to pick up women. Think of them as your gym away from the gym. You may be tempted to strengthen your arm muscles by carrying everything in your hands, but even using a cart will burn calories by working your core and shoulders. Besides, with all the cooking you’re doing at home, you’ll need the cart for the pile of fresh food.

Clean Your Apartment (155 calories burned)

Tired of just vacuuming your floors? Say goodbye to your cleaning service and take care of your apartment yourself. You don’t have to go overboard, either, in order to burn extra calories—just tackle the bathrooms, kitchen, floors, mirrors and windows. Once you are done, sit back and relax in your clean apartment.

Play with Kids (178 calories burned)

If you have ever tried to keep up with children on a playground, you already know how much exercise “playing” can be. Kids are natural motivators—like pint-sized personal trainers—and they are sure to keep you moving from the second you step onto the playground equipment. Just remember, you may have to duck when you go down the slide.

Walk to Work (178 calories burned)

Traveling to work by car or subway may seem convenient—you can read the paper or listen to the news at the same time—but those long commutes just add up to more time spent sitting. With a little planning, you can turn your daily commute into a fat-burning adventure. If you live too far from work to walk the entire way, try getting off the subway one or two stops early or parking your car a few blocks from your office.

Mow the Lawn (200 calories burned)

If you have a lawn, turn it into an outdoor fitness center. All you need is a push mower. Sure, you will burn more calories if you use one of those non-gas, non-electric environmentally-friendly mowers. But even a power push mower will have you exercising like you were in the gym. Plus, your lawn will look good and your legs and arms will get a good workout.

Climb the Subway Steps (285 calories burned)

cycle-workOn your morning commute, or while running errands, skip the escalators and take the stairs. Think of it as urban hiking. Not only will will burn massive amounts of fat, you will also feel the burn in your legs. If you don’t have a subway where you live, look for stairs throughout your city or town that you can take on your way to wherever you’re going.

Bicycle to Work (366 calories burned)

If you commute to work, it’s time to ditch the car for the freedom and fat-burning potential of two wheels. Even riding at a moderate intensity (12 to 14 miles per hour) will burn off the calories in your breakfast, and then some. Unsure about how to get started? Check out local cycling groups for tips on commuting in your area, including the best routes and where to grab a quick shower before work.

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