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Posted by on Dec 12, 2012 in ChaLEAN | 0 comments

3 Things You Shouldn’t Believe About the ChaLEAN Extreme Workout System

Chalene-JBecause of the popularity of the ChaLEAN Extreme 90 day DVD workout, there are plenty of people online giving their (fair and unfair) criticisms, and as you might expect with such a big program, there are also a number of misconceptions about how it works.

My goal is to share a few of those criticisms and clear up a few of the misconceptions so that you can make the best possible decision about whether or not ChaLEAN is for you.

1. There’s not enough cardio in ChaLEAN to melt off the fat

Some people are surprised when they jump into ChaLEAN that everything doesn’t seem to revolve around long cardio sessions. In fact, you won’t even start with long cardio at all.

Phase One is entirely focused on building muscle with upper and lower body exercises that lead you to muscle failure in 10-12 repetitions. Expect to feel sore, and also expect to build up the muscle you’ll need to really melt off the fat.

You can read more about how ChaLEAN helps you burn fat in this post.

2. ChaLEAN doesn’t come with the equipment you need to build muscle


Check out the Chalean Extreme Workout – Click The Image

The answer to this one depends on the level of fitness you have when you begin your training program.

ChaLEAN Extreme DOES come with a pro-grade resistance band as well as a thigh toner band, and for beginners, these are sufficient for getting started.

However, if you’ve already completed other 90-day training systems or are in pretty good shape to begin with, you may find yourself wanting to “kit up” and invest in more powerful weights and stronger resistance bands.

I recommend you purchase equipment locally, rather than paying to have it shipped to you. This makes your purchases a bit more economical.

3. I’m not seeing my weight drop with ChaLEAN

Part of the reason for this may be the way the ChaLEAN Extreme workout is set up. The three phases are arranged so that you start by building muscle mass first (in the Burn and Push phases), then in the last phase (Lean), you are likely to see the weight start to drop off.

It doesn’t happen the same way for everyone, but if you’re following the program and eating right – there’s a great nutritional guide included, of course – you will see the weight changes you’re looking for.

And if for ANY reason you don’t… see below!

Don’t forget your money-back guarantee!

One of the best things about this workout program is the fact that you can essentially go through the ENTIRE WORKOUT – the whole 90-day program – and still get your money back if you weren’t satisfied.

This is a crazy-good offer, I think. There’s no way any gym in the world would let you work out as much as you wanted to, 7 days a week if you wanted, and still would give you your money back at the end if you decided it just wasn’t for you.

Do you have experience with ChaLEAN Extreme? Leave me a comment below and let me know how it went!

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