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Posted by on Aug 5, 2014 in Metabolism Boosters | 0 comments

5 Foods That Naturally Boost Your Metabolism


Last time I wrote about whether or not you may have a slow metabolism, and whether there is anything you can do about it, or if it is purely genetic.

Everybody has a different metabolism, and it changes depending on our body shape and also as we age.

However, you should never blame your own body for its metabolism. I firmly believe this is excuse-making, and if you look hard enough you will find some solutions.

Boosting Your Metabolism

What does it mean to boost your metabolism?

This is quite a general term, and has a few different meanings to different people. We know that we have a basal metabolic rate, BMR, which is determined by our muscle mass. The more muscle we have, the more energy required to maintain those cells.

As we age, we lose muscle mass and our metabolisms slow down. Your metabolism is the whole system of how your body digests food, burns calories and distributes nutrients around the body. If you want to boost it, you are improving the efficiency of this system.

There are various ways to boost your metabolism, including getting regular exercise, taking supplements and eating the right foods. Here are 5 foods that naturally boost your metabolism:

1) Eggs – Ah, eggs. An old favorite. Egg whites contain many branched-chain amino acids, which boost your metabolism. Eggs are great for your post-workout meal or for breakfast, and of course are a great source of protein and vitamin D.

2) Lentils – Your body needs iron to burn calories efficiently, and an excellent source of iron is lentils. Did you know that about 20% of women are deficient in iron? These deficiencies can slow your metabolism down. Make the effort to learn where you can get iron in your diet, and you will reap the rewards. Some other examples are lean meats, or fortified cereals.

chili-peppers3) Chili Peppers – Do you like that spicy kick in your meals? You’re in luck. Chili peppers contain a molecule called capsaicin, which speeds up your metabolism. You can mix in some chopped chili into most meals, if you enjoy the spice. Doing so once a day is a great idea for your metabolism.

4) Whole grains – More advice to eat whole grains! The reason these are so well recommended is because they offer numerous health benefits. It actually takes more energy from your body to break down whole grains than for processed grains (like white starches such as bread and pasta). With whole grains like brown rice and oatmeal, you will burn more fat.

5) Milk/Green Tea/Coffee/Water – It’s not just solid foods that boost your metabolism. Milk contains calcium and green tea contains EGCG, both of which helps you burn fat more efficiently. Studies have found that coffee drinkers have an average of 15% higher metabolic rate than non-coffee drinkers. It’s also extremely important to stay hydrated, as that helps maintain a high metabolic rate. Drinking cold water is a good idea as it means your body needs to use up more energy (calories) to warm it up.

So remember that even if you believe you have a slow/fast or low/high metabolism, you can take steps to change it. Leading a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and eating the right foods is a good place to start.

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