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Posted by on Jan 6, 2013 in ChaLEAN | 1 comment

Awesome ChaLEAN Before and After Pics

Want to see how ChaLEAN Extreme is changing real people’s lives and bodies?

It’s smart to do your research before you invest in a serious workout program, and while ChaLEAN is a powerful and very effective exercise system, not everybody goes through the same transformation at the same rates. But the people who are using ChaLEAN really are experiencing powerful change.

Check out the stories below and see what you think.

Two babies, and (way too many) painful life changes

Jennifer at SensiblyFit had gained weight through two pregnancies, then experienced the death of her father, brother, and several other family members. Even though she wasn’t out of control in her eating, her emotional state was keeping her overweight and miserable.

After deciding that ChaLEAN Extreme was the choice for her (the workouts took less time per day than P90X), she started her program. On her blog she wrote that while the first 6 weeks were “a bit slow for my taste, as far as getting results,” the last 6 weeks “were nothing short of amazing!”

Check out Jennifer’s before and after pics below:

OMG size 4??

Liss says that she was one of those girls who was chubby her entire life. Even when she was a size 14 (most of her life), she thought she might someday get into 10s or 8s, but after doing ChaLEAN Extreme she bought two paris of size 4 pants from Banana Republic.

“I keep checking out my own butt in mirrors,” she writes on her blog. “It’s pretty nice!”

Check out the muscle!

Linda dove into ChaLEAN Extreme and gave it everything she had. Boy do her results ever show. The emphasis on building muscle and melting away fat really redefined Linda’s physique in a powerful way.

Next up, she’s starting P90X, which was a Mother’s Day gift to her from her family.

→ Ready for your OWN success story to begin? Get started TODAY.

Even more success stories

Do you love seeing these amazing transformations? Want to see even more and get incredibly inspired to begin YOUR journey from fat to fit, from tubby to toned? Check out the link below.

Chalean Extreme at Beachbody

How did ChaLEAN Extreme go for you? Leave me a comment below and let me know!

1 Comment

  1. Thanks so much for the shout out! I STILL love ChaLEAN Extreme and I still use it to this day for my workout of choice for daily exercise. I just can’t get enough! 🙂

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