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Posted by on Feb 3, 2014 in Insanity | 0 comments

The Benefits of the Insanity Asylum Workout


The Insanity Asylum workout is what you ‘graduate’ to after you’ve completed the Insanity workout. Both are by Shaun T. The following is an overview of what the Insanity Asylum is all about and the benefits of choosing this program.

Get Extreme Conditioning With Cross-Training Workouts

If you are an athlete and want to take it to the next level on the field or court, you need to do more than bulk up with the same exercises every day.

To really excel at your sport, you have to cover all your bases—building muscles, increasing cardio-aerobic capacity, and developing speed and skill.

You also need need a workout that forces you to step outside your comfort zone and helps you break through the plateaus that are holding you back.

If this is what you are looking for, then you should definitely check out cross-training. This method draws from several exercise disciplines—such as body building, track and field, and boxing—to give you a well-rounded, whole-body workout.

The variety found in cross-training programs encourages you to do more with your body than you would with a traditional workout. This increased workload and mix of exercises leads to greater conditioning, as well as increased athletic and fitness levels.

One of the stronger cross-training programs available today is Insanity: The Asylum, a DVD-based course designed especially for professional athletes (or amateurs looking to take it to the next level).

The Asylum program, a follow-up to the original Insanity course, is meant for people who already have a high level of fitness.

This program is 30 days long, with each workout under an hour long. But it’s built on the best principles of cross-training—variety to keep you challenged, proven sports drills, and a blend of explosive fitness, speed trials, agility tests and endurance.

As with the original, The Asylum can be done in your own living room. The only equipment you need are an agility ladder and speed rope, which come with the DVDs.

If you are an athlete and want to move to the top of your profession—or get that same lean, sculpted look—you need to go to THE ASYLUM®. The results will be worth it.

How to Prevent Injuries by Exercising Smart

So the Insanity Asylum provides the extreme conditioning benefits of cross-training. The workout draws from a variety of disciplines to give you a whole-body workout that can give you the sculpted body of a professional athlete.

buy-asylumIncreased athletic and fitness levels, though, are not the only benefit you’ll gain from cross-training. Because the program is designed to work all areas of your body, you’ll build a solid foundation that helps prevent injuries while on the court or field.

Many sports injuries come from overdoing a single activity, whether running, squatting or jumping. Eventually, this type of repetitive motion wears down joints, ligaments, muscles and tendons.

With cross-training, though, you’ll break free of the repetitive patterns common with many traditional workouts. The over-used parts of your body will get a rest, while the under-utilized areas will be strengthened and given a chance to catch up.

The result is that you will become a healthier and more well-balanced athlete.

If this is the kind of workout you are looking for (and who isn’t interested in preventing injuries), then you should check it out:

>>Click here now for The INSANITY: ASYLUM® Workout

This DVD-based course is built with cross-training in mind. Even though the program is only 30 days long, it focuses on variety and change. That way, each workout stays challenging and keeps your body guessing.

But the intense blend of speed trials, explosive fitness, agility tests and endurance will give you a well-rounded body better able to withstand the stress of playing on the field or court.

How to Work Hard While Resting

Every athlete needs to rest once in a while. If you run, that may mean taking a few days off after a big race. If you play a sport like football or soccer, then you’ll recover between seasons.

But resting doesn’t always mean sitting back and taking it easy. During your time off, you can also use an alternative training method to recover from your primary workouts, what’s known as active recovery.

As the name implies, you can still be active while you are recovering (and resting for your next big event). The way to do this safely is to perform exercises that aren’t part of your usual training.

As you might have guessed, this type of counterbalancing workout is easily provided by cross-training. Because cross-training pulls from a variety of disciplines, you get a whole-body workout which lets you rest overworked muscles while still maintaining a high level of fitness.

One advantage of using cross-training during recovery periods is that it provides both conditioning and injury prevention.

And because you will still be active during the recovery phase, you can speed up your recovery as more blood flow and nutrients are delivered to stressed or damaged muscles.

If you are looking for a cross-training workout to do during your off-season, then check out Insanity: The Asylum. This DVD-based course provides a great deal of variety, but also a high level of fitness.

And best of all, THE ASYLUM® is designed for professional athletes, so you will still be able to work at your peak performance even while you are “resting.”

Don’t be fooled, though. Even though THE ASYLUM® workouts are tough, you’ll still be exercising smart. The program includes rest days (yes, actual rest this time) to give your muscles time to rebuild and grow … in plenty of time to get back on the field or court.

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