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Posted by on Nov 18, 2012 in Metabolism Boosters | 0 comments

Can You Change Your Metabolism with Your Mind Alone?

There are some metabolic triggers that you have lots of control over (you can read about the Top 3 Metabolism Triggers here) and there are some you have less control over. And in the constant battle to live healthy and strong lives, the debate about metabolism has expanded into the mental arena. Just how much control over your metabolism can you exert with the power of your mind alone?

It’s not a crazy question, and there’s even some science that supports several of the theories. We are whole people, and not just a collection of body parts. The way our mind works is intimately and intricately connected to the way our body operates.

Check out these metabolic triggers that you may not have realized you could have control over…

1. Mentally and physically overcome stress

Calm-mindThe main chemical connected to metabolism and stress is cortisol. When you are under a lot of mental stress, your cortisol levels rise, and you tend to feel hungrier. If you’ve ever been a “stress eater” you know what I’m talking about. When you feel super stressed, you’re most likely eating more, making poor food choices, and sending your insulin levels for a roller coaster ride. None of that is good for your metabolism!

To beat this metabolism killer, a solid workout plan fits the bill. There’s nothing like exercise to bust up all that stress. But if you can extract yourself from the stressful people and situations in your life, that’s even better. Take a look at some different ways of calming and centering your mind as you plan your you-and-stress breakup plan. Whether it’s taking a hike, listening to your favorite music, or a cup of tea and your furry pet, make a plan and work it.

2. Win back healthy sleep patterns

When your body isn’t getting enough sleep, it can’t metabolize carbs, your blood sugar levels rise, your insulin gets spiked, and now the dreaded end result has arrived: your body starts storing all those extra fuel bundles as… you guessed it, fat. And you add to your stress factors (thereby increasing cortisol levels, see above) as well. Double whammy.

To stop the chain, get your body on a regular sleep schedule. Go to bed and wake up at the same times every day. Take your television out of your bedroom and create a soothing environment for sleep to happen. The more you promise yourself a good, solid night’s sleep, and the more you make good on that promise, the healthier your metabolism will be.

3. Counteract the effects of ageing


Vitamin D from the sun is a metabolism booster

No, you can’t stop ageing  But you can make it’s effects less damaging and slower to occur. This one is less about the use of your mind, but it is a little-known metabolism booster. As you age, the amount of the hormone testosterone in both men and women (yep, women have it too) decreases. This important hormone regulates muscle mass, which is connected to a higher rate of calorie burn and a stronger metabolism.

Studies show that men can help counteract this shift by getting more vitamin D, but the same research is not confirmed for women. Still – why not give it a try? Get out in the sunshine for at least 10 minutes per day, or add this vitamin to your diet. Foods high in vitamin D include mushrooms, salmon, and eggs.

What do you think?

It’s always controversial to talk about the power of the mind and metabolism. So take a minute and leave me a comment below and tell me your opinion!


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