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Posted by on Sep 2, 2014 in Fitness Tips | 0 comments

Can The Cheat Day Diet Help You Lose Weight?

The problem with most diets is that they are unsustainable. You may last a few days, maybe a week or two. If the diet is too restrictive though, temptation for salty or sweet snacks that you are depriving yourself of will overwhelm you. Then once you’ve caved in for something small, it can become an avalanche of snacking and binge eating. You justify it to yourself one way or another, and soon you are discarding the diet all together because it was too tough. Some people manage to get back to the diet after cheating a little bit, but many people see it as the diet being ‘over’, and that’s how they justify overeating the fatty or sugary foods at that point. That’s why the concept of a ‘cheat’ day is so powerful. Is it really possible to lose weight on a diet where you can eat literally whatever you want for one day a week? What is The Cheat Day Diet? I’ve written a bit about the cheat...

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Posted by on Aug 28, 2014 in Fitness Tips | 0 comments

Best Home Workouts for Abs and Chest

What is the Best Home Workout for Abs & Chest Without Equipment? For me, the ideal workout is one without equipment. That way you have no excuses in getting it done if you can’t make it down to the gym or you don’t own your own equipment. You just need a little time off in the day and some space to work out in. If you want some impressive abs to show off, then you’re going to have to shoot for 10% body fat or less, or else your results won’t really be visible enough. With focus and discipline, you can achieve this with the right diet and consistent exercise. As for the abs, well nothing beats the simple push-ups. I wanted to share this short 4-minute video where a straightforward set of press-ups and planks are demonstrated: This really is a great, simple workout that you can employ whenever you get a bit of time because it requires no equipment whatsoever. It’s one of the best home workouts...

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Posted by on Aug 19, 2014 in Fitness Tips | 0 comments

Mental Barriers to Success in Fitness

Today I’d like to discuss a different side of getting fit – the ‘mental’ aspect of things. If you have ever tried to set a reasonably ambitious fitness goal and achieved it (or perhaps fell away before you reached your goal), you’ll know that there are internal struggles as well as external. There is always a moment in time when you just want to GIVE UP. You hit a wall and feel like you’ll be much happier if you just stop what you’re doing. It’s very easy to give in to the immediate pleasure and relief of taking a rest and not bothering to continue. The temptation can be massive at times, and it takes great mental willpower to continue despite this. I personally have a few ‘tricks’ that I keep in mind when I reach this stage of an intense workout regimen, and they always help me get through and succeed in reaching the goals I set. Mind Tricks Here are some tips of my own that have...

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Posted by on Jul 21, 2014 in Fitness Tips | 0 comments

Everything You Need to Know About Calories

Calories is a big topic. I’m going to cover some of the basics that you should know if you are counting calories in any shape or form in this post. First things first, what is a ‘calorie’? There is some confusion between the units of calorie and the kilo-calorie. The kind of calories you’ll be familiar with if you are watching your weight are the kilo-calories. Therefore the large calorie is equal to 1,000 small calories. A calorie is literally a unit of energy. As I say, the dietary calorie is the kilo-calorie, so that’s what we will concern ourselves with. A calorie is defined as the amount of energy needed to raise the temperature of one kilogram of water by one degree Celsius. Burning the Calories When you exercise, you use up energy, and so you are ‘burning’ calories. Did you know that every movement you make, even fidgeting throughout the day, burns off calories? It all adds up. If you consciously keep it in mind to be...

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Posted by on Jul 14, 2014 in Fitness Tips | 0 comments

Impressions: CrossFit

This week we have my second installment in my new ‘impressions’ series. The first one was all about Bikram Yoga (hot yoga), which you can read by clicking through that link. The idea behind this series is to test myself with new challenges, or just new experiences in the fitness and health arena. Bikram Yoga was certainly a new thing for me, as I was a relative newbie to yoga in general. If you’re interested in updates, I can tell you that I’ve been to 2 further classes since my first one in early June. I’m still enjoying it, and am having fun mastering the workouts, which are still so tough to do. You need great flexibility and concentration to master each pose and stretch, and it’s fun to try and perfect your balance. What is CrossFit? So today I’m a newbie once more, but this time for CrossFit. CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program that has become highly popular in gyms across the world, but primarily in...

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Posted by on Jul 7, 2014 in Fitness Tips | 0 comments

The Power of Cravings

Have you ever started eating a food and found that you could not stop? Let’s say it was a bag of potato chips. Then later on, when you’re feeling peckish again and you know you have some more chips in your food cupboard, you find yourself drawn back to it to finish them off. This is the power of cravings – the ability of a food to make you come crawling back if you had the willpower in the first place to put them down, which is not easy in itself. Steer Clear of Processed Foods I have one simple rule that I try to follow (it doesn’t always work out that way, but I keep it as a guideline in my head). It’s better to eat foods with only ONE ingredient. Focus your diet around these types of foods, as much as you can. The companies that create these potato chips and all sorts of other snacky processed foods, they want you to get those cravings. They want...

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