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Posted by on Sep 2, 2013 in Les Mills | 0 comments

Les Mills Pump Schedule

Les Mills Pump is a 90-day home fitness course that is based on the Les Mills Bodypump classes. These real classes are held in over 14,000 gyms across 80 countries worldwide. During the 90 days, you will be working out only three times a week. But don’t expect to be taking it easy. The workouts—which use barbells with high reps to build lean muscle faster (THE REP EFFECT)—are intense enough that you’ll need the days off. Overview of the Les Mills Pump Schedule Les Mills Pump is broken down into three phases (one for each month of the 90-day program). As you progress through the phases, the workouts will gradually increase in length and intensity. To give a sense of what you will experience during the three months, here are pictures of the month-by-month breakdown. Month 1 image:×231.jpg Month 2 image:×231.jpg Month 3 image:×231.jpg As you can see, Month 1 is scheduled to start on a Monday. If you need to, though, you can start your...

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Posted by on May 7, 2012 in Les Mills | 4 comments

Where To Buy Les Mills Pump DVD Offer – Tips To Avoid Getting Ripped Off

This post is all about where to buy Les Mills Pump DVDs at a decent price, while still being sure that your money is in a safe place. First of all though, if you haven’t check out my Les Mills Pump review, then head on over by that link. Les Mills Pump is the home workout version of the BodyPump series and has been a huge hit so far. I had fantastic results using it myself… you can learn all about how the program works and whether it’s right for you on that post. It opens in a new window so you can return here afterwards. Beware Where You Shop – Scams Exist For Beachbody Products If you take anything away from this post, it should be this. Be careful and choose wisely where you purchase the Les Mills Pump DVD as your next fitness course. Believe me, I understand that shopping for a great bargain is necessary for some, and fun to do even if you could afford...

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Posted by on Apr 30, 2012 in Les Mills | 2 comments

Les Mills Body Pump – 5 Common Fitness Myths Busted

The Les Mills Body Pump, aka the Les Mills Pump, is a home fitness DVD course based on the worldwide popularity of the Bodypump series of classes. The secret behind the Les Mills Bodypump DVD is the REP EFFECT – in which you will be using lighter weights at higher repetitions to burn up to 1,000 calories per workout! This allows you to get a leaner body, faster. In fact, I first wanted to lay out some fitness myths that worry some people. The reason I want to do this is because myths can sometimes be harmless, but sometimes you can be following the wrong advice for months or years. You could even directly avoid what’s good for you because of misinformation. You won’t need to worry about the following myths with the Les Mills Pump: 5 Common Les Mills Body Pump Myths Myth #1: That women ‘bulk up’ when they do weight lifting of any kind. -Fact: This is not true for all workouts. With the Les Mills...

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Posted by on Apr 5, 2012 in Les Mills | 37 comments

My Honest Les Mills Pump Review – 90 Tough Days

That’s right – I’ve been through the full 90 days of a new home fitness course – this is my Les Mills Pump review. Contents 1) Overview of the Les Mills Pump -The Rep Effect -What Comes In The Package 2) My Les Mills Pump Review -Caters To All Levels -My Verdict Overview of the Les Mills Pump In case you missed my previous post on the Les Mills Pump DVD series, here’s a quick overview. The Les Mills Pump is a new home fitness DVD training series. It is based on the Les Mills Bodypump classes – these are real classes held in over 14,000 gyms across 80 countries worldwide. They are so popular that over 3 million people attend each and every week. So that gives you an idea of how popular and how well this system works – and now you can have it in your own home. The Rep Effect So what is Bodypump, anyway? It’s a system based on using barbells with high repetitions...

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Get Lean, Sexy Muscles With the Brand New Les Mills Pump

Time for something new this week. The latest Beachbody sensation that everyone is talking about is the Les Mills Pump. It’s a fantastic workout no matter what fitness level you’re at. Are you looking for leaner, sexier muscles? That’s what this program is all about. I’ve been trying it out lately and I’ll have my review up before long. For now, I’ll tell you all you need to know. What is the Les Mills Pump? Based on the extremely popular Bodypump series, Les Mills Pump brings these fitness classes to your own home. The original Bodypump classes are still being held in over 14,000 gyms in over 80 countries worldwide, with a staggering 3 million people taking part each week. To bring this success into your own home, the Beachbody team has assembled some of the world’s best pump trainers to guide you through 7 DVDs of awesome workouts. Here’s a sneak peek of what it looks like: How Does It Work? The Les Mills Pump is based on...

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