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Posted by on Nov 9, 2014 in P90X | 0 comments

P90 Workout Reviews – Beachbody’s New P90 Workout 2014

Exciting news today – I have the new P90 workout review for you! Only just released in September 2014, the new P90 is NOT the same as the original ‘Power 90’ program, which was released back in 1999. That’s a long time ago now, and a whole lot has changed since then. You’ll no doubt be aware of the more extreme workouts P90X, P90X2 and P90X3 that have been released since then. These are all Beachbody programs with main man Tony Horton as the fitness trainer. The new P90 workout however is not as intense as these programs. It is designed for people who are just getting started, or have been inactive for a while and need a new exercise routine to get back in the game. It’s designed to be the ‘on switch’ to fitness. In a Hurry? Check Out the All New P90 Workout at the Official Beachbody Site Here Watch this video to find out more: So this 90-day workout is a kind of gateway to getting a good base...

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My Thoughts on P90X2: Part Three

Today is the final part of my latest mini-series on P90X2. Here’s where you can find parts ONE and TWO. I’m going to cover motivation today, after previously going over muscle confusion and training too hard. Motivate Yourself to a New Body Even if you are only working out 5 days a week, you sometimes still need to motivate yourself to exercise. Long-term results can only happen when you stick to your exercise program. One of the best ways to motivate yourself is to start by writing down your goals. Why are you exercising? Is it to gain muscle, lose fat or to feel great? How fast do you want to see changes? What will the new you look like? Once you have your goals solidified, you need a clear plan. This may mean writing down several weeks of workouts. Not just vague things, but in detail what exercises, how many reps and sets and how long. After that, it’s just a matter of making it to your workout...

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My Thoughts on P90X2: Part Two

This is part 2 of a 3-part article on P90X2. It’s just some thoughts of mine and ideas that will help you understand what the program is about and what you can get out of it. See part 1 here. Exercise Smart: Tips to Avoid Overtraining So I’ve been discussing the P90X2 workout. One of the changes you see from the earlier P90X is that it takes less time. This workout is done only 5 days a week (instead of 6). One of the reasons for this is that P90X2 is much more intense, which means you will need to spend more time on rest and recovery. If you are eager to take your fitness to the next level, throwing in two days of rest each week may seem like you’re working in the wrong direction (how can you bulk up if you aren’t working hard all the time?). It’s tempting to push yourself too hard with programs like P90X2. To be honest, you will be working hard, but...

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My Thoughts on P90X2: Part One

A slightly shorter post today, as I’m splitting this one up into 3 parts, to be released over the next 3 weeks. I’ve been back into the P90X2 workout recently (after sampling P90X3 after it was released late 2013). I just wanted to share all my thoughts while they were fresh in my mind. Muscle Confusion: Fact or Fad? Anyone who’s familiar with the P90X workout has probably heard the term “muscle confusion.” If you’re not, here’s the basic overview. (You can also read more about it on this post.) Muscle confusion is a workout strategy that’s designed to keep you from hitting a plateauin your workout. The basic concept is that it works by mixing up your workout—exercises, sets and reps—until your muscles get “confused.” This keeps your muscles from adapting to a single type of movement, and helps you avoid the plateau effect. Even though many people rave about the results from muscle confusion workouts like P90X, the exercise world is pretty well divided on the subject....

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P90X3 Nutrition Guide: Diet and Meal Plan

P90X3 has just launched and I will be covering every aspect of it. Today, I am going to reveal some exciting aspects of the new nutrition guide. I can’t share the full guide with you (yet anyway) but I will give you the inside scoop as to what to expect. P90X3 Nutrition Plan: Simplicity The original P90X nutrition plan was broken down into 3 phases: -Fat Shredder -Energy Booster -Endurance Maximizer This time, there’s a bit more science involved but things are being kept SIMPLE. One of the most exciting aspects of P90X3 is that it is designed for everyone. That includes beginners, elite athletes and everyone in between. So with the simplified 30-minute exercises (because research has shown that most of the benefits from any workout occurs within the first half an hour), the new P90X needed an easy-to-follow nutrition guide, and it looks like that’s what it will be delivering. Watch this short, entertaining video of trainer Tony Horton discussing the P90X3 nutrition plan: Tony mentions that...

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Posted by on Dec 16, 2013 in P90X | 0 comments

P90X3 Launched – All You Need To Know

It’s happened – the launch I was most excited for. It’s great news for you P90X and Tony Horton fans – P90X3 has been released. I will be going through the course over the next few months and will have a review up shortly after I’m finished. In a Hurry? Head Over to the Official Beachbody P90X3 Site Now (opens in new window) So now I will go over everything I know about P90X3 for all you sitting on the fence. I will say right now though that if you are in need of a fresh new workout, why not jump aboard? You’ll be joining a great group of people following the great Tony Horton and his proven workout routines. What You Need to Know About P90X3 P90X was an incredible program designed to get you in great shape, no matter what your fitness is like. When P90X2 was released, it was mainly aimed at ‘graduates’ of P90X. You didn’t have to have been through P90X, but it was...

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