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Posted by on Oct 28, 2012 in ChaLEAN | 0 comments

Does the ChaLEAN Extreme Workout Get Results?

In this post I’ll take a closer look at some of the real people who have been using the ChaLEAN Extreme workout DVDs, and you can decide if these are the kinds of results you’re looking for.

If you’re doing your research on the ChaLEAN Extreme 90-Day workout system, you will definitely also want to check out the first two articles in this series. In the first, you’ll find an overview of the real power behind this workout DVD set, and in the second you’ll learn about the “phases” that Chalene Johnson uses to really help you build muscle and melt fat.

Part 1: The Power Behind the ChaLEAN Extreme Workout System

Part 2: What are the Extreme ChaLEAN Phases All About?

P90X Didn’t Work Out; ChaLEAN Extreme Did!

In this video, Valerie Stavinoha finds that P90X is really too much for her to stick with. But she tries ChaLEAN Extreme instead and finds the perfect match.

She had not been working out at all (because of an injury) and went from zero to outstanding results.

Texas Mom Was Ready for Something Different

You’re gonna love Shannon Sisk’s accent. In addition, she’s a fan of Chalene Johnson’s other workout Turbo programs. But she was ready for something different, and ChaLEAN Extreme was what she tried out.

Keep in mind, Shannon loves cardio, and had good luck with this, but she didn’t shy away from the weights, either.

ChaLEAN Extreme Gets Him Through the Plateau, Melts the Fat

This guy give you the goods on the whole program, so if you want to skip to the results part, scroll ahead to about 6.30 and you’ll hear him tell you about his incredible results.

He’d been going to a chiropractor and having a lot of lower back pain. After 60 days (two-thirds of the program) of ChaLEAN, his problems were totally gone.

He also had a bad knee that got a lot better with the muscle strengthening program in ChaLEAN. In fact, the strength training helped him run a good half marathon…

He also reminds you that just because you’re building muscle you won’t necessarily “bulk up.”

Mother of Three Loses 55 Pounds

This woman started with Turbo Jam and lost 26 pounds and 22 inches. Then she shifted over to ChaLEAN, and she’s gonna show you the awesome muscles she built! She lost another 30 pounds and a bunch of pant sizes, as you can imagine.

She looks awesome!

So, what do you think?

If you’re still thinking about whether or not ChaLEAN is for you, I’ll be posting another article in this series about why ChaLEAN seems to be giving people such good fat-melting results. Check back and check it out.

OR, click below and try ChaLEAN Extreme today!

Hook Yourself Up With the ChaLEAN Extreme Workout System TODAY.

Feel free to leave a comment below and let me know if you’ve tried this DVD set, and what kinds of results you got…



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