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Complete ChaLEAN Extreme Workout Review

Looking for a place to find EVERYTHING about ChaLEAN Extreme in one single post? You’ve come to the right place. I have already published several posts on the system, but I’ll be linking them here, AND adding some information you may not have heard before as you’ve researched this workout program.

Here’s a quick sneak peek video to give you an overview.

Chalene is a Badass Fighter Chick

Chalene-profileBefore you go further, you should start by learning about Chalene Johnson, the power behind the ChaLEAN Extreme DVD Workout system. But even if you don’t click through, the short version is that Chalene Johnson is the real deal. She has a background in dance and martial arts, and you’ll find lots of fight moves in her workouts.

Included in the ChaLEAN Program

The set is a pretty comprehensive package, as you can see below. And, like most workout systems worth the time and energy it takes to test them out, it comes with a 90-day money back guarantee.

Here’s what you get in the program.

  1. 15 Workouts on 6 DVDs
  2. Muscle Burns Fat Guidebook
  3. Body Fat Tester
  4. Plus these Bonuses:
    • Ab Burner (routine)
    • Extreme Abs (routine)
    • Fat-Burning Food Guide
    • Pro-Grade Resistance Band
    • Thigh Toner Band

If you’re missing any of the worksheets, you can get them HERE.

For real muscle definition you’ll need heavier weights

I’ve talked already about why weights are so important in burning fat in this ChaLEAN Extreme article but you may not have considered that you’ll need to have or get your own weights to supplement the ChaLEAN system. Yes, the workout system comes with resistance bands, but you’ll want dumbells or another weight system. The following comment is from a ChaLEAN user who bought Powerblocks:

“I just got my Powerblocks in and did the Push 1 video this morning with it and WOW! what a huge difference more weight makes. Last week I was so bored with the work outs using 12 pound weights as my heaviest and was actually considering taking a break from the program until my blocks came in. I thought I had plateaued. After using the blocks today, I feel so strong! I went from 12 pounds to 25 pounds today and I failed at 6 and 7 reps on various exercises! I felt so relieved, and alive, and strrrrong!!! About 20 minutes after my workout, I thought my bi’s and tri’s were gonna explode! I’m rejuvenated and ready to hit up Push 2 on Wed.! This program has pushed my fitness and nutritional level to a new horizon. Chalene mentions that she’ll teach you to make the weights feel heavier when you don’t have heavy weights on hand….please please please make the effort to invest in heavier weights or bands. Don’t wait til the last minute like I did to order mine.” – Livin in Paradise (on Amazon)

The ChaLEAN Phases

You can read the article I’ve posted about the ChaLEAN Phases here, but here’s the short version. The workouts are set up in Phases, called Burn, Push, and Lean. The reason for this is to keep your body from adapting to the workload it’s under.



You’ll definitely want to buy your weights before you get to the Push Phase if you plan on getting the full impact of the ChaLEAN Extreme workout.

Why women may like ChaLEAN even BETTER than P90X

There are plenty of people of both genders who love and swear by ChaLEAN Extreme, but I’m guessing there are several reasons the program will especially appeal to women…


Real Women in the Chalean Workout Videos

For one thing, the people on the videos are real. By that I mean they don’t all seem to be fitness models, who of course are “real” but who don’t often make you feel like you can do what they are doing. You’re likely to be able to find and friend them on Facebook, and see that they’re living ordinary lives just like you are.

Also, Chalene doesn’t flirt with the guys on the videos. If you’ve done any P90X, you may have noticed Tony Horton’s slightly awkward and idiotic flirtation with Dreya Webber (or Shauna, or Pam), or you’ve rolled your eyes over some of his dorky boy-comments. I imagine most of the women who do P90X simply shake their heads and keep going, but for some, that may just be the reason they return the DVD set. You won’t find anything like that on the ChaLEAN Extreme DVD workouts.

Finally, there’s less emphasis on push-ups, upper body, and back work in ChaLEAN than you find in many of the other workout systems, especially P90X2. The ChaLEAN system seems to have a stronger emphasis on legs and lower body power, even though you’ll definitely work on everything.

>>Check out the ChaLEAN Extreme Workout System HERE


Why you should USE the Recharge stretching DVD


Stretching is Key

I haven’t really talked about it much before now, but the truth is that when you’re working hard on building muscle, you ALSO want to include some serious stretching.

Why? There are at least three very good reasons.

1. First, you need to stretch in order to expand your range of motion. When you have a good range of motion, you are far less likely to experience muscle strains or tears (or other injuries) while you’re pushing yourself hard to reach new muscle-building and other goals.

2. In addition, stretching relaxes and soothes your muscles, which means less post-workout pain and stiffness, as well as better function during your workout. Stiff muscles waste energy and tire quickly; lengthened, relaxed muscles will give you the kind of workout you’re looking for.

3. Finally, stretched muscles are going to heal faster after your workout.

Figure out a way to schedule your Recharge stretching DVD into your ChaLEAN Extreme workout plan, so that you get the maximum benefit from your muscle-building and toning efforts.

Oh, and don’t worry! The stretches Chalene Johnson teaches are not complicated pretzel-twisters. They are primarily classic, functional yoga stretches. And it’s only 21 minutes.

You don’t have to ONLY use Recharge – Tony Horton’s X Stretch DVD from P90x is a good one, too. (Check out this short 30-second video of him explaining why stretching is so important.)

Results Videos from Real People

Here’s a link to an article with four videos of real people’s results on ChaLEAN Extreme. And yes, you’ll find one of them is from a guy!

>>Get the ChaLEAN Extreme Workout System Today





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