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Posted by on Aug 26, 2013 in Insanity | 2 comments

Focus T25 Workout Review – My Honest T25 Review

I’ve just been through the Focus T25 Workout by Shaun T, so if you’re looking for an honest T25 review then read on for my thoughts on whether this workout may be a good fit for you.

Shaun-T25Focus T25 Review Contents:

  • Overview of the Focus T25 Workout
    -Alpha, Beta and Gamma Cycles
  • What’s Included?
  • My Honest Focus T25 Review
  • What do Other People Say About T25?
  • Where to Safely Buy Focus T25

Overview of Focus T25

Focus T25 is the latest Beachbody workout from Shaun T, creator of the hugely popular Insanity workout. The tag line for this workout is that you can get in the best shape of your life in just 25 minutes a day.

T25It may not seem like 25 minutes a day is enough time to really transform your body, but many scientific studies have found that half an hour of exercise a day can burn fat just as effectively as an hour, so long as it’s intense. Focus is the key word – the workouts focus on specific muscles to give you an intense workout without spending hours in the gym.

You can supposedly get the same results that you might from an hour-long program because of how the workouts are designed with efficiency and variation in mind.

Have you tried Insanity before or just heard about how tough it is? Focus T25 is designed to start at a lower level and progressively build up, which is fantastic if you are new. There are also workout modifications made by a woman called Tania (who had an amazing post-pregnancy transformation with Focus T25), so if you are struggling then you can follow these modifications to avoid any chance of injury.

So Focus T25 really will work for many types of people – if you lead a busy lifestyle, the short time frames are a godsend. If you are brand new, it starts off at a good pace and you can try the modifications. If you are experienced, it builds up to your level quickly and the workouts are always intense.

You do have to put in the effort though, so if you can’t take the heat, then it’s not for you! Shaun T always knows how to motivate you to build up a sweat and get results.

What are the Alpha, Beta and Gamma Cycles?

The T25 workout is broken down into 2 months, each with its own cycle that builds upon the previous one.

Month 1 is known as the Alpha cycle, month 2 is the Beta cycle. The Gamma cycle is an optional extra you can buy for a further fitness boost once you’ve completed both Alpha and Beta. You get 3 new exercises in the Gamma cycle and it’s a great option to further your workout when you’ve finished the basic round of Focus T25.

Here’s how it works in a typical week:

Starting on a Monday, you’ll do 25 minutes of working out each day, along with an extra 3 minutes or so for stretching and cooling down afterwards.

On Friday, the 5th day, you will do double the exercises (two videos back to back), so this will take just under an hour. If you can’t handle this intensity, then just try your best or leave it out. It should really help boost your results if you can manage it though.

Saturday is your day to rest and reflect. Record your stats for the week and see how you’ve progressed.

On Sunday you will do some stretch videos, and move onto week 2.

What’s Included in Focus T25?

The Focus T25 Base Kit comes with everything you need to burn fat and build muscle quickly:

9 DVDs: The intense workouts also come with an on-screen timer, as well as low-impact modifiers.

Quick-Start Guide: This simple guide will have you working out in no time, and will help you get the maximum results.

Get It Done Nutrition Guide: This nutrition guide makes eating healthy simple with simple-to-prepare meals for every day.

Alpha-Beta Workout Calendars: Stay on track—and skip the guesswork—with these calendars.

If you order from the official Beachbody site, you will also get the following BONUS items:

Stretch Workout: Work out for five days, and stretch on day six.

5-Day Fast Track: Over 5 days, this meal plan will jumpstart your weight loss.

B-Lines® 15-pound Resistance Band: Use this professional-grade resistance band with your workouts to build muscle and burn fat baster.

Online Support: Fitness professionals and discussion boards are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to keep you motivated throughout the program.

T25 “NAILED IT!” T-shirt: If you complete your workouts every day for 10 weeks and send a before and after picture to Beachbody, you will receive a FREE t-shirt, plus a chance to win cash and prizes.

Here are the exercises included in the DVDs:

Alpha Cycle Exercises (Month One)

The first month of workouts builds a strong foundation so you can take your body to a new level of fitness.

  • CARDIO: burn major calories as you sweat it out during this cardio workout.
  • SPEED 1.0: fast-paced workout to give you fast results and burn extra fat.
  • TOTAL BODY CIRCUIT: Skip the weights in the workout, while still building strength with resistance.
  • AB INTERVALS: A combination of ab interval and cardio to burn fat from your abs.
  • LOWER FOCUS: By working on the muscles of your lower-body, you will crank up your metabolism and shed the fat.

Beta Cycle Exercises (Month Two)

After a month of building your fitness foundation, it’s time to take your fitness and body to the next level with new dynamic moves. Best of all, every workout focuses on your core to build a strong midsection.

  • CORE CARDIO: A progressive workout with a cardio focus that will get you toned fast.
  • SPEED 2.0: The speed drills in this workout focus on the core to crank it up the pace and burn major calories.
  • RIP’T CIRCUIT: As the name says, you’ll get ripped in less than half an hour by working on cardio, upper body, legs and abs.
  • DYNAMIC CORE: A dynamic core workout that will have you alternating between vertical and horizontal exercises.
  • UPPER FOCUS: This workout will give you the strong upper body that you are looking for.


My Honest Focus T25 Review

I started out the Focus T25 workout in somewhat poor shape. I’m normally quite a fit guy but I’d let myself go a bit and needed some motivation to get back into fitness.

T25 Alpha Phase Review

Alpha phase eases you into things, although the workouts are intense from the start. It’s just not as punishing as it could be, and that’s definitely to the benefit of anybody who is a bit unfit like I was when I started out.

I followed along with the T25 nutrition guide. I love getting a fresh new start – banish all the bad foods and bad habits.

I have to admit I’m a fan of Shaun T and his style of workouts. In Focus T25, you don’t get much rest during the 25 minutes (only a few exercises lowering your heart rate), but the music and Shaun’s words really got me into a rhythm and pushed me right to the end of each workout. They go by quite quickly, and I loved only having to commit 30 minutes of my day to making big changes to my body.

I enjoyed being able to do this from my living room – no time wasted going to the gym and back. I decided to do the workouts after work at the same time every day, just for consistency. It’s good to get your body into habits, as things become easier over time that way.

You’re learning new exercises here, so there is a big focus on form. I didn’t try any of the modified exercises – I just kept up with the class on the screen.

As you may expect, if you’ve not been working out frequently then it will take some time to adapt. You’ll need to catch your breath, you’ll feel slightly sore – but this is all natural and will pass.

By the end of Alpha phase, I felt quite energized and was sleeping well each night (something which was not true immediately prior to starting T25).

I recorded my weight and took measurements around my waist, arms and legs. I lost about 9 pounds by the end of month 1 and noticed improvements in my measurements.

Alpha Phase Exercises:

Cardio – you start off week one, day one with the Cardio exercise. Interestingly, on the calendar you can tick either ‘Nailed It’ or ‘Just Barely Made It’. I think it’s a great idea to keep track of this, so you can see how you improve over time. There were a few ‘Barely Made Its’ in my first couple weeks, and I noticed these turning into ‘Nailed Its’ later on!

Cardio focuses on the lower half of your body, which serves as a good foundation for the other exercises. It’s tough going but fairly basic stuff.

T25-SpeedSpeed 1.0 – This one has a good beat to it. You’ll improve your athleticism and do some awesome ‘dance’ style moves. The focus here is on speed, stretch and stability.

Another thing to note is there is a countdown timer to let you know how long is left. There are times when you notice it and think, “Wow, this is so intense already and there are still 18 minutes to go.” But then you get in the zone and forget about the timer for a while, and before you know it the exercise is finished and you’re feeling the buzz.

Total Body Circuit – this is a circuit exercise, so you will go through some workouts and then repeat them with increasing intensity. It focuses on upper body movements.

Ab Intervals – This is one for the ab fans. It focuses on your abdomen and does a great job burning fat targeting this area. There is less cardio here but it does a good job at keeping your heart rate high for an ab workout.

Lower Focus – Finally we have lower focus. This one made me sweat like crazy, and my legs were really worked and sore afterwards. Which is a good thing!


T25 Beta Review

The Beta phases is a step up from Alpha, as you’d expect.

I was just getting into the flow of the workouts, my new healthy diet and lifestyle, when I was told it’s time to push harder. Oh boy.

I started off with Core Cardio. Enjoying the new music, I realized that this is where the REAL T25 starts. Many of the exercises from Beta, which also comprises of Speed 2.0, Rip’T Circuit, Dynamic Core and Upper Focus, will build and expand on what you were focusing on in Alpha.

Beta will add more complex moves, improve your strength and conditioning, your speed and work you harder than before.

I quite enjoyed the Beta stage because I was really in the swing of things. In fact, I would go so far as to say that if you enjoy doing the exercises like I did, then the Beta series is a great set of workouts to do if you want to maintain a high level of fitness without having to devote too much time each day. I know that’s something that a lot of people are looking for.

I haven’t tried out the Gamma set yet but when I do I will update the review. For now, I’m repeating Beta and may make some hybrid exercises.


Where Can I Buy Focus T25?

To get the DVDs, accessories and all the bonus features, it’s best to buy Focus T25 from the official Beachbody website. It’s also a good idea to check to see if there’s a deadline for any of the special deals.

>>Click Here For Focus T25 at the Official Beachbody Website

As of today, the Focus T25 Base Kit was available on the Beachbody website for $119.85 or 3 monthly payments of $39.95 (plus $19.95 shipping and handling). If you order from Beachbody, the program is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you order from the official site, you can also get a FREE upgrade to Express Delivery—receive your order in 3 to 5 days, instead of 2 to 3 weeks.

Buy with Confidence at Amazon

Buy with Confidence at Amazon

Option 2: Amazon. Another option for ordering the Focus T25 exercise program is The current best price on Amazon is $139.80 (with FREE Shipping). There may also be used programs available. In all cases, check the list of contents before ordering—some items may not be included.

>>Click Here To Check the Focus T25 Offers on Amazon Now

What Are People Saying About Focus T25?

This program is neither INSANITY nor Asylum. It’s about as intense as Insanity without all of the crazy plyometrics but with a little of the additional strength and agility from Asylum … T25 is more geared toward the very serious fitness enthusiast. To be honest, most of us aren’t training for a professional level sport, so this is not a problem and you get an amazing workout in just 25 minutes. And it doesn’t require all of the equipment of an Asylum-type workout, just a mat and the included band or some weights if you have them.”

Frieda, Amazon

I know a lot of people have asked what is the difference between Insanity and this new workout? I know Shaun T himself has said that the programs shouldn’t be compared but it is inevitable. So if you look at the first month of Insanity and take away the stretch routines they are roughly a half hour or less which pretty much equals the same amount of time as Focus T25 …

Overall I would have to say that I have really enjoyed the workouts. There is a good variety in DVD’s although there are some moves repeated in some discs. I know I thought the workouts might be too easy but when you are pushing hard for 25 minutes without a break you will be drenched in sweat and it felt like a great workout to me.”

VTkillabee, Amazon





  1. I going to all these tips help me lose my weight

  2. Hi Joe
    Thanks a lot for the review. It was very helpful. Actually I was thinking about starting T25 and your review helped me have a grasp of it. I have some questions though, but before asking them I think it’s better to explain my situation. Currently I’m doing P90X3 (second week of Block 2) and somehow I can manage to have more time for daily workouts. I was thinking about doing one session of T25 before noon and one session of P90X3 on evening. What do you think? Isn’t it too much pressure on body?
    Secondly, if it is OK to do 2 sessions per day, I would need to know how much calories are consumed in T25 sessions in order to be able to manage my nutrition plan. For instance, in P90X3 you add 600 calories to your daily nutrition plan to compromise. So the question is how much more food I need to eat to be able to do 2 sessions per day? Actually I don’t want to lose weight and would like to shape my muscles faster during this period of time that I can manage to have more time for workouts.
    And of course, any further recommendations are welcome.


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