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Posted by on Dec 8, 2011 in Rushfit | 0 comments

Sculpt Your Body like an MMA Ultimate Fighter with the George St Pierre Workout

In the eight months I have been using the George St Pierre Workout, my body has completely transformed from being flabby and out of shape to being sculpted and well-defined. Rush Fit was designed by St. Pierre to train anybody exactly the same way an MMA fighter trains before entering the ultimate fighting ring. It is an eight-week “home training camp” program that is designed specifically to build muscle, lose weight, and get anyone into shape.

Efficient and Effective Training Style

MMA-bodyGeorge St Pierre is known in the exercise fitness world for his “explosive style” training approach to body conditioning. His workout routines are efficient, effective, and highly intense, which is how they are able to provide the results you want. Through his series of DVDs, you can bring his “training camp” directly into your house to achieve amazing results.

Included in the George St Pierre Workout training program, are seven GSP Rush Fit workouts, along with the free workout guide, a free nutritional guide, and three amazing training calendars. It has over 550 minutes of incredibly intense endurance, strength, and core-training workouts you need to completely transform your body in as few as eight weeks.

“Warm-up is under 11 minutes, workout is under 30 minutes, and cool down is under seven minutes. I love the results.” – Peter T.,

The George St Pierre Workout burns off unwanted stored body fat, builds lean muscle mass, and gets your body ripped faster than you ever thought possible. Along with his amazing DVDs, also included in the training program are a:

  • Workout Guide – Crucial to the success of the program, the George St Pierre Workout guide provides systematic instructions designed to transform your body in just eight short weeks. Regardless of your fitness level, age, experience, or athleticism, you can achieve your goal by following training calendars to achieve maximum success.
  • Training Plans – All of his exercise routines are built around your schedule. To meet your specific training needs, he provides you the opportunity to choose between one of three different workout calendars (Beginners, Intermediates, and Advanced). No matter what level you are, Rush Fit will definitely raise the intensity of your workout routines to quickly increase your results.
  • Nutritional Guide – Many people looking for any type of immediate positive results typically overlook one of the most vital elements of any training program. Providing your body with the nutrients it needs while working out can be the difference between success and failure. To achieve the best results, you need to fuel your body with the best nutrients designed to boost your performance and keep your level of energy at its max. His guide will show you how.

Discover Training Secrets

Following St. Pierre’s instructions, you will uncover many of the secret training routines that are used by the ultimate fighters of the MMA. You learn the ultimate strength and endurance workout, an abdominal strength and core-conditioning workout, an explosive power training workout, and a fight-conditioning workout.

“This workout is actually fun. The time flew by.” – Jack S.,

With its ability to transform your body and sculpt it into a lean MMA Fighter Machine, the George St Pierre Workout is highly recommended. Working out takes just 45 minutes each day, and can literally change the way you look in just eight weeks. It is best to purchase this amazing workout routine directly from the company’s official website.

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