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Posted by on Jan 2, 2012 in Rushfit | 0 comments

George St Pierre Workout Routine – How to Work Out Like GSP Himself

George St Pierre is a Welterweight Champion and a Mixed Martial Arts legendary fighter, but is there a special George St Pierre workout program? What does he really do to stay in shape and on top of his game?

First of all, let’s see what George has to say on this topic himself.

George St Pierre Workout Plan – What George Says

GSP-workout-routine“Normally, when I don’t have a fight coming up, I always train.”

George goes on to say that he trains twice a day for 6 days a week, and that he always aims to train with people who are better than he is, so he can develop his skills. That is, he trains with people training for the Olympics (such as the upcoming London 2012 Olympics this year), and also with some of the best jujitsu fighters in the world. At this point, he focuses mainly on boxing and general gym routines.

He notes that training with people better than you can challenge you, and that’s the whole point. Challenging yourself to get better. You don’t want to get stuck in a rut, doing the same training over and over again.

“Say a month before the fight, I train more MMA.”

At this point, he mixes in more specifically focused training such as kickboxing, submission and takedown on the ground. He combines the 4 disciplines of boxing, jujitsu, wrestling and Muay Thai.

He combines this with strength training and sprinting.

“If you want to be a tough MMA fighter, you have to have a background in something.”

George St Pierre started in karate, and that’s what he first loved to do. Whether your background is in wrestling, kung fu, judo or anything else, it helps to start off training in something that you love, according to George.

Coach Jonathon Chaimberg on the George St Pierre Workout Routine

According to his strength conditioning coach Jonathon Chaimberg, George usually does four sets of workouts with no rest in between. He can rest when he’s done.

rushfit-workout-routineHe’ll start with an active and dynamic warmup routine, followed by lifting and plyos. Then he gets into the bulk of the strength training with the quad sets. These usually include a rotation, a knee and hip movement, a push and a pull.

The way it works is that you can move onto the next exercise while you are recovering from the previous one. Of course, if you do one set of heavy chinups, you won’t be able to do another set straight away. Instead, you move onto a core exercise in a group of non-competing muscles. He could conceivably then do a single-leg squat or single-leg deadlift, and then move on to another pull after a quick drink of water.

Rushfit – The George St Pierre Workout Program For You

In terms of cardio, he primarily focuses on anaerobics. He focuses on explosive training, such as that seen in his own Rushfit George St Pierre workout program. This means he’ll do sprinting, uphill running and sled work at intervals. As an MMA fighter and a wrestler, you’ll already be focusing on muscle endurance, so you need to complement that with strength and speed training.

You can have a George St Pierre routine of your own. Rushfit is GSP’s own training and fitness program. You can increase your strength, endurance, power, flexibility and balance all in one place.

Learn More About The Rushfit George St Pierre Workout Routine Or Try It For Yourself At This Link



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