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Posted by on Apr 23, 2014 in Fitness Tips | 0 comments

How to Get Back In Shape After Easter


Our Easter holiday has finally finished… back to work as if nothing ever happened. It’s glorious to have so many days off to spend with friends and family, but these holidays usually take their toll on one’s fitness.

I know I’ve let myself go a little bit in the last 5 days. Which is fine – you should not be ashamed of giving yourself some “me” time and enjoying this time of year (and other major holidays).

No matter how you celebrate Easter, if you have over-indulged and want to get right back on track with your fitness goals, then now is the time to get started.

Write Down Your Fitness Goals and Stick to Them

It’s time to make a clean break. You’ve treated yourself, and wasn’t it nice! The best part is just not having to think about what you ‘should’ be eating and how you should be exercising all the time. Freeing your mind to be spontaneous and have unplanned fun is necessary every now and then.

Yet if you want that great body for the summer, we will need to get back to being strict and meticulously planning our diet and regime. You must don the shackles once more and get into fitness mode. When I woke up this morning, I immediately wrote down my goals and a plan of action. I’m going through P90X3 myself. I know it was naughty to take an Easter break in the middle of an intense workout regime, but I traditionally will give leeway around family holidays.

So if you’re serious about having that beach body and being in great physical shape this summer, then you have to be serious about getting back on track. Write down what you want to achieve, and record your results as you go. Then you can really see your own progress and you’ll always have a plan to refer to. You won’t have to think, “What am I supposed to be doing today?”

What Can I Do to Get in Shape?

Good question. There are endless possibilities!

It all comes down to your end goal (which hopefully you will have written down now).

Do you want to burn calories and lose weight? Lower your body fat percentage? Gain some lean muscle in all the right areas? Just get your heart racing for 30 minutes a day?

It’s important that we all do a bit of exercise regularly. Rest days are also important though, so if your workout tells you to take rest periods, then you should follow the recommendation. Your muscles need time to recover.

Now, depending on your goals, you can choose a home workout for your needs (The Insanity workout gets great results). Or you could hop on down to your local gym, or go to any number of fitness classes.

bikram-yogaSome friends of mine have started doing Bikram Yoga, otherwise known as ‘hot yoga’. The room is heated to around 40 degrees C, and the class lasts 90 minutes. You stretch your body into all sorts of shapes and positions, and it’s actually quite a great workout. It’s not meant to be a relaxing session – you will banish toxins, build your flexibility, strength, stamina and burn calories all at the same time. Try it out!

There are all sorts of other options for you to choose, depending on what you enjoy. You could do a spot of boxing, a run around your local park with similar like-minded individuals, you could join a Zumba or other dance classes, or you could join a boot camp at your park.

Speak to your instructor about what you can expect to achieve in terms of real results for your body. Be clear and precise about what you are trying to achieve, and they should help you understand what you can get out of the program you’ve joined. Don’t be afraid to commit to something new, as consistency is the best way to achieve results.

Don’t Forget Your Diet

The final piece of the puzzle is to have a healthy diet in place.

Protein SourcesExercise is really only half the battle. You can achieve quite a lot by adjusting your diet alone, but when combined with consistent exercise you can achieve more than you ever hoped for.

Find a nutrition plan that you will enjoy, because nobody can last if they hate every bite they put in their mouth. This is really important and I can’t stress it enough – if you aren’t enjoying your food, you will NOT last. You will give up and probably end up on a binge.

I’ve personally tested having a ‘cheat’ day once a week, and read of many other people successfully employing this tactic. I have mine on Sundays. So I know I can look forward to eating a pizza, some full fat desserts and anything else I crave. During the week, I avoid sugars and even fruit. I stick to mainly protein and lots of vegetables.

The cheat day allows you to have the foods you crave on a specific day and you can look forward to it, without going crazy. Which helps.

So I hope this helps you come back strong after the Easter break. Go get em.

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