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Posted by on Feb 11, 2012 in Insanity | 1 comment

Get Insanity Workout – Get Your Hands On Insanity Now

Are you looking to get Insanity workout online? From this page, I’d like to help you out by showing you the best places to get Insanity, but also crucially how to avoid being hit by scam dealers.

Looking to get Insanity right now? My top recommendation is from This link will take you there:

>>My Top Recommendation On Where To Get Insanity Workout<<

I’ll go into more detail on why below.

Get Insanity Workout – The Price of Insanity

Shaun-TYour biggest concern is most likely finding the right price to get Insanity for. There are two ways to buy Insanity – new or used. If you wish to buy it new, then you will NOT find a legitimate copy below the standard price set by, of $119.85. This is because they limit other retailers from offering it for any less.

So if you do happen to find a website that is offering you to get Insanity for low, low prices such as $70 or even $50, you are right to be suspicious. There are in fact pirate copies across the web being sold be merchants overseas in countries such as China and Russia. I have nothing against these countries, but what will end up happening is you will PAY them money for them to steal your card details. In another post about the cheapest price for Insanity, I go into detail about how you can spot these sites because they have no security certificate for their website. They are highly suspect and I advise avoiding at all costs. Of course it’s your money, so if you want to take the gamble, then it’s up to you. I wouldn’t think customer service would be very helpful either.

That being said, from the official site (which is linked to above), you can opt for the payment plan. You start off by paying $39.95 (plus the one-off shipping cost of $24.95). You then have the entire 30 days to see whether Insanity is the workout for you. Keep in mind that from the official site, whatever option you choose, you will have a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee. You have nothing to lose really, especially at that low a cost. The payment plan is what I recommend to all budding Insanity enthusiasts.

Amazon is the other trusted retailer I recommend. You can buy new here for $144.80 including shipping, which in fact adds up to the same price you would pay from the official site after shipping is factored in. However, if you are after a used bargain, you can also search the Amazon marketplace and often come up with a good deal to get Insanity workout DVDs. I’m sure you can cut off that shipping cost at least if you keep checking.

>>Find A Bargain At<<


If you just scanned the content above, here is what you want to take away from this post:

  • offers a payment plan option with 100% money-back guarantee for 30 days
  • Amazon is a great place to find a used bargain
  • AVOID at all costs any unofficial site with a deal that seems too good to be true

Good luck, I hope you go out and get Insanity workout and stick to it. It’s all about the journey.

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