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Posted by on Dec 8, 2011 in Rushfit | 0 comments

The GSP Rushfit – How to Work Out and Look like the Ultimate Mixed Martial Arts Fighter

My body has been transformed from being very undeveloped into being a massive muscle machine using the DVDs from the GSP Rushfit training program. Georges St. Pierre is a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) legend and a world champion ultimate fighter. He has specifically designed the GSP Rushfit workout program as a complete “home training camp” that allows anybody to achieve the same muscle ripping sculpted body he has, in just eight weeks.

Growing up, I was always the smallest kid in class, and was constantly being bullied by all the bigger, more athletic guys. I knew I had to do something to help defend myself, and started working out daily at the gym. However, without any specific goal, or instruction on how to achieve my goals, my results were less than impressive.

45 Minute High-Intensity Workouts

Six or seven months back, one of the big bodybuilders at the gym suggested that I look into training with GSP Rushfit as a way to increase my muscle mass and rip my body like an ultimate MMA fighter. He said that even though he comes to the gym to work out with weights, his impressive muscles were actually a result of the 45 minutes of training he does every day using the DVDs that came in his GSP Rushfit training program.

MMA Style Body Conditioning

I logged online to see what Rush Fit was all about, and learned that Georges St. Pierre has long been recognized in the weight-training world for his “Explosive Style” fitness training. He designed these DVD workout routines around the style of Mixed Martial Arts body conditioning, which provides an intense, effective, and efficient exercise program that quickly produces amazing results.

“Great video, perfect for MMA moves and gaining fitness. I can see improvements in just two weeks.” S.T.,

GSPEach DVD includes an intensive workout program that builds the body’s strength and endurance, increases abdominal strength, provides core conditioning, and gives you an explosive power training along with an impressive fight-conditioning workout. Training over the eight weeks using all of these conditioning workouts will sculpt your body into the ultimate fighting machine.

I was impressed with what it had to offer and how quickly I could transform my body. I ordered the GSP Rushfit training program and had it delivered to the house. When it arrived, I immediately started working out.

After the first eight weeks, I had eliminated a tremendous amount of excess body fat, and for the first time ever, I saw my well-defined abdominal muscles, shoulders, arms, and legs. The transformation was truly amazing.

Multiple DVDs and Workout Guides

What really helped bring me along when working out with the DVDs was using GSP Rushfit’s training plans, nutritional guide, and workout guide. Using the training plans, I went from beginner level to immediate in just a few months, and after working out for six months, I moved into the advanced level training plans.

“Dynamic warm-up, with five 5-minute rounds that provide a full body workout.” – I. Godfrey,

I use the nutritional guide to help me understand the nutrients I need, and the workout guide has proven crucial to training properly. With the results I have had using GSP Rushfit, I highly recommend this training program to any man or woman who wants the same results I have earned. I suggest ordering the workout program directly from the company’s website.

Learn More About The GSP Rushfit Or Try It For Yourself At This link



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