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Posted by on Jan 9, 2012 in Rushfit | 24 comments

My GSP RushFit Review – A Straightforward 8-Week Case Study

If you are looking for Rushfit reviews, you’ve come to the right place. What follows is my own honest account of a grueling 8 weeks I spent testing out the RushFit training program.

GSP Rushfit Review Contents:

  1. Who Am I?
  2. What is Rushfit?
  3. What Do You Need?
  4. My 8-Week Rushfit Review Test
  5. My Nutritional Plan
  6. Is Rushfit For You? Positives/Negatives
  7. Best Place To Get Rushfit

Who Am I?

First off, I’d like to introduce myself quickly. My name is Joe, and I live in Birmingham, England. I’ve been a keen wrestler since I was young, and have recently been taking up MMA, Mixed Martial Arts. The reason I enjoy these sports is because while I like to keep fit, it’s just more enjoyable to do it through a competitive sport than to just go along to the gym by yourself twice a week.

Now while I’m only just about to turn 26, I know I’m not getting any younger. I’ve noticed that my weight and the way my body looks isn’t quite the same as it was when I was an eager young 21-year-old. I have to put in more effort just to stay trim, like I’m running to stand still almost. It was only recently that I decided I needed to work on my strength and conditioning, and that’s when I first discovered George St-Pierre, otherwise known as ‘GSP’. His nickname is George ‘Rush’ St Pierre, and here is the trailer I found on YouTube for his now famous Rushfit GSP workout routine:

I wasn’t sure at first, thinking that I could get myself back in shape given enough time. Well, after a few months I realized that my body wasn’t going to work out all by itself, and I took the plunge.

What Is Rushfit, Exactly?


Georges St-Pierre

In case you aren’t familiar with MMA, I’ll fill you in. George St-Pierre, or GSP ‘Rush’, is an MMA star, born in Montreal, Canada. He has dominated as welterweight champion since 2008. Pound-for-pound, he has often been described as one of the toughest MMA fighters on the scene.

Of course, you don’t need to be a Mixed Martial Arts fan to appreciate the body this guy has. One of the reasons he excels in this most demanding of sports is because of the strength conditioning he does. RushFit is a program created by George and his fitness trainer, Erik Owings, designed to show you how to train exactly like George does for his MMA fights.


Your Rushfit Course

The course comes in a six-DVD set, containing 7 different workouts. There are 3 different levels, depending on your preference: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Each one is an 8-week workout, and each one will require you to work out 6 days a week. Don’t worry though, the beauty of this system is that he focuses on short bursts of ‘explosive’ workouts. Each session runs around 45 minutes, so anyone can easily fit this into their day. I was initially a bit skeptical of the short workout times, but it’s results that count and you’ll soon see how it turned out for me.

If you buy Rushfit from the official site, you will get some excellent bonuses that you won’t find on sites like Amazon. The bonuses include the nutritional plan, a starter guide and a workout guide. If you’re already thinking of getting it, you can check it out right now from the original and official website:

>>Grab Your Copy of Rushfit AND Bonuses Now<<

What do you need?


Dumbbells – All You Need

The great thing I found about this program is that it is quite minimal. Rushfit is designed to be a home fitness course, so all you need is a pair of dumbbells and a bit of space to work out in. Depending on your experience and the level you wish to train at, you can opt for weights from just a few pounds (or kilograms), up to 20+ pounds (10+ kilograms).

My 8-Week Rushfit Review Test

Okay, so it’s crunch time now. How did my 8-week test of the Rushfit system go?

*****First week:

I can barely remember feeling so sore after the first few days of a new exercise program. This is no bad thing though – I’m sure it was my muscles telling me that I was working them hard. There is a fitness test in the first DVD, so that was the first thing I tried. I managed about half the air squats, push-ups, sit-ups and burpees as GSP did, and I was seriously worn out. Keep in mind that I would say I was in relatively good shape before I started this. I guess I set my expectations of myself too high. I decided from this that I should stick to the beginner level for my 8-week test. I could always do it again at a higher level the second time through.

George St Pierre is seriously impressive in how well he does on every test, though even he has been quoted saying that he struggled with the Rushfit system. The reason is that this system was actually designed by his fitness and conditioning instructor, Erik Owings. Erik is a Jiu-Jitsu blackbelt and MMA fighter of his own accord.

I went through the Abdominal Strength & Core Conditioning and the Fight Conditioning workouts in the first few days, and believe me when I say I was sore upon waking up the following mornings. I couldn’t handle both in the same day, I was just too tired. While I was seriously worn out after the first week, I was feeling so pumped up and ready for more. I also lost 3 pounds in my first week.

No pain, no gain, as they say.

*****Week 2:

By this point, I was well into the swing of things. You know, sometimes it’s difficult to start something, but once you get going, you can’t stop because you’re enjoying it too much. By now I could start to see some definition to my muscles, particularly in my abdomen. This was actually quite thrilling because that’s an area of my body that I rarely ever see any visible physique, and I know it’s a problem area for many people.

As I mentioned earlier, this program demands that you work out 6 times a week. However you can fit that into your schedule is fine. It can be quite demanding at the start, so to see results so fast really helped push me onward.

*****Weeks 3 – 8


Rushfit DVDs

By week 3, any trepidation I had before I started had evaporated. I found myself actually looking forward to my 45-minute session each day or evening (usually I’d squeeze them in before dinner while the food was cooking). Each week, I continued through the DVDs and the different workouts. With each new muscle group came new burn and soreness, but it was never as tough as the first week.

This course is very intense, and I think that’s what sets it apart from other similar workouts. For the first month, I lost a few pounds each week. Then I kind of evened out. Perhaps that was because I was gaining muscle mass. You can lose body fat and still keep the weight because you’re just becoming more lean. The explosive workouts really work. This isn’t the first exercise program of its kind, and experts tend to agree that this type really works. It’s a kind of shock to your system, a metabolic conditioning workout.

My Nutritional Plan

As for my diet during the 8 weeks with Rushfit, well I didn’t change it too much. I know there is a nutritional guide included, and it looks very worthwhile if you want to go down that route. However, I’ve never been good with ‘crash’ diets. I find that I just give up after a while. It’s better to input gradual changes instead of wholesale changes to your eating habits.

I don’t know if you’ve read the ‘4-Hour-Body’ by Timothy Ferriss, but I highly recommend it. That’s where I have taken my diet advice from. He recommends a diet of slow-carbs and protein, with several small meals as opposed to fewer, larger meals. Typically I’d start the day with some eggs, lentils and spinach. For lunch meals, I have some form of protein (chicken, fish, beef, beans etc) with some vegetables, and pretty much the same thing for dinner.

Is Rushfit For You? My Thoughts

Rushfit has been a refreshing new way to work out for me. I see it as having many POSITIVES:

-You don’t need much to get started, just dumbbells and some workout space at home

-The exercises are short but intense. With a 10-minute warm-up period, 10-minute cool-down period and 25 minutes exercise

-The DVDs are easy to understand and even fun to follow. GSP and Erik Owings explain everything in a clear, precise manner

-There is a convenient nutritional guide and handy calendars that make it a breeze to follow each day

-You see results FAST.

-The exercises vary greatly day-to-day, which keeps things interesting and keeps you motivated


As for the NEGATIVES:

-MMA conditioning isn’t for everyone. One of the DVDs focuses entirely on this aspect, and it can take some getting used to. These involves kicks and punches and other similar movements. It’s simple enough if you get into it, but maybe not everybody will enjoy it

-While there is great variety in the main exercises, the warm-ups are all exactly the same

-It’s very intense. This might put some people off, but the harder you sweat, the fitter you’ll get ๐Ÿ™‚


Testimonial Video

Here is a great testimonial and is an independent Rushfit review:

Here are some other quotes from users that I have found from across the web:

The workout is so challenging that you can see George struggling through it. It’s a very complete program. – ย D. Hamlett,

By far the best and most intense home training camp I have ever been through. You get results from Rush Fit faster than any of the other ones I’ve tried. –ย ‘Metaform’,

Best Place to Get Rushfit

So if you do decide to buy your own set of Rushfit DVDs, then good luck to you. My recommendation is that you purchase them from the official site as they typically offer the best price, considering the bonus calendars and nutritional guides.

Click Here To Visit The Offical Rushfit Site And Take Advantage Of The Special Bonuses Right Now




  1. I agree, the 4 hour body is great.

    • Definitely. Highly recommended for anybody looking to trim body fat and get their dream body. It’s like a workout bible for me ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. At the moment I am starting out on rushfit and doing a blog at the end of each day… it’s here if you want a completely unbiased review from someone who used to be in good shape trying to get back of the swing of things!

  3. Is it advisable to start this on a certain day of the week or can it be started any day? I want to start today but I wonder if its better to have your off day on a Sunday etc…

    • It’s not necessary to start the routine on the Monday. If you feel like you can schedule your rest day somewhere else, then by all means, feel free to start it the day after that. Monday/Sunday is more of a guideline because many people prefer to relax on Sundays.

  4. Hi,
    I want to know somethings, I am very skinny and i want to gain muscle is this a good workout for me or not.

    • RushFit is great to gain some muscle

  5. I’m currently doing Insanity to drop some weight but I am really interested in MMA. Though I have a membership at a gym, it has become increasingly difficult to make the scheduled BJJ and Kickboxing classes. Can Rushfit be used as an MMA learning experience, the fight techniques, etc., or is it more of a workout program specifically focusing on weight and muscle?

    • Overall, Rushfit is mainly a conditioning workout, not meant as a learning guide to MMA. However, the ‘Fight Conditioning’ DVD (part of the set) uses MMA specific training techniques that make the movements more natural to you. Apparently GSP uses it himself, so you’d probably get something out of the experience.

  6. Joe,
    I am 45 years old and in good shape. Cannot do a lot of plyo b/c of having 1/2 a disc in my lower back. I’m not looking to drop weight seeing I’m at 148 right now. Would like to put a little muscle on. Is RushFit for a certain age? What is your advice? GOD Bless!

  7. Joe,

    I just read your review GSP Rushfit, liked what I read and thinking about getting it. It appeals to me because I’m a vet (Army Reserve and Air Force Reserve) and my body isn’t what it used to be after having my 2 kids.

  8. Hi,

    Im skinnh guy.. Only 142 pound and i would like to add muscle. Is rushfit is a good program for that?


    • Rushfit is a great course to start off with if you’re looking to build muscle, for sure. The best thing is to try it out and see for yourself. Don’t forget to record your results, and take before and after pics. Good luck!

  9. can somebody who is very out of shape do this program? I have a large belly that I would like to get rid of….is this program for me?

    • As I recommend in my newsletter, Rushfit is a great course for beginners or for those who are looking to get back into shape. It’s also more affordable than some of the other courses I’ve reviewed. It’ll certainly help you define your abs and drop the belly fat if you push yourself with Rushfit – just remember that diet is also half the battle ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I’m an extremely small * but fat* girl. I’m 70 lbs overweight * that’s because I lost 20 lbs very recently* and I am doing this program. It will kick your behind, you will be sore but all depends on you. George even says it, it’s all in your head and most trainers will tell you the same thing. YOU CAN as long as you believe in it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I started again this week but somehow lost my intermediate schedule when I moved. Would someone be able to email me the schedule? I’m trying to go off memory and the general make up of the other schedules. I started on Tues doing strength and did abs yesterday.

    • I can email you it if you want mate.

  11. Hi Joe, thanks for the review,

    I just started Rushfit, at almost 23 stone I found the large amount of squats very difficult. I’m quite strong from weight lifting so the push ups and dumb bell work was fine. I Hope this program helps me cut weight (fat) rather than get bigger and heavier with building more muscle. What do you think mate?

    • Hey man, I think you’re on the right track. It’ll definitely help you cut your body fat percentage. Keep track of your results and let me know!

  12. Firstly, I want to thank you for the very interesting info you wrote here
    about back pain. I work as a professional fitness and
    pilates coach| and I have met people with low back issues. I
    myself had some problems with my back previously and
    I can tell for sure that fitness will definitely help if you know methodologies or work with professionals

  13. Rushfit or P90X3?
    I want the most bang for my buck, and a program to supplement my Kajukenbo practice.
    Thanks for responding.

    • Well Rushfit is MMA based so may complement your Kajukenbo more. If you want some variety though, P90X3 is great. I’m going through P90X3 myself and I’m loving it ( The 30-minute workouts are very helpful for me right now. All in all, both of these programs will give you a really tough workout, one that will bring you results. Good luck making your choice ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. I love the Rushfit workout! Probably because the workouts are not too boring and you can get the job done in less than 45 mins.


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