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Posted by on Jan 6, 2014 in Fitness Tips | 0 comments

Why Guys Should Care About Fat Loss


Let’s face it, many guys gravitate toward exercise programs that promise major muscle gains. Which is great,
because what guy doesn’t want to bulk up?

But there’s another type of exercise program that is just as effective for guys — fat-burning workouts.

Unfortunately, men sometimes steer clear of these types of exercise programs, because they seem like they are
geared mostly toward women. That’s probably true, although it’s mostly a result of marketing – and I always teach to watch out for “marketing speak”. Always research what is best for you and try not to be too pulled in by what the marketing wants you to think.

But there is still value for men in focusing first on burning off the fat before packing on the muscle. Here
are a few reasons guys should love the fat-burning workout:

Why Guys Should Care About Burning Fat Too

– Losing fat will decrease your body mass index (BMI). This number, which combines height and weight (and
which I talked about in this post – Body Mass Index) gives you a good sense of your overall health.

– Moving fat around is hard on the joints. If you are packing some extra pounds, that’s a lot of wear and
tear on your joints. Good workouts that focus on burning fat will start you off with low-impact cardio, which
will give you time to strengthen your muscles slowly. This saves your joints from unneeded wear and tear.

– Burning fat feels good right away. When you look in the mirror after week one and see results, you’re going
to stick with the program. Sometimes, building muscle first will make you look like you’ve gained weight,
because you have … muscle weight. Don’t worry, the fat will drop off later, but it can be discouraging to

– You can bond with your partner. If your girlfriend or wife is also into working out, then what better way
to spend some quality time together? Plus, you automatically have someone to keep you motivated.

Why Regulating Your Body Fat is Important

The levels of overweight people and obesity in the USA and many other countries are higher than ever before in human history. There are many theories as to why. Personally I believe it is to do with preservatives in supermarket foods, and also the misunderstanding of what fats and sugars do to your body.

It’s well known now that refined sugars are a large contributor to getting fat. People have been conditioned to believe that saturated fats are bad, and that we should all be eating “low-fat” foods. It’s understandable that people equate ‘fats’ in foods with ‘getting fat’, but that is just how it has been marketed to us over the last 60 years or so.

Measuring your body fat, in addition to your weight and height and BMI, you get a better idea of your health risks. The kind of health risks we are talking about include heart attacks, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and stroke. These can happen to anybody.

You shouldn’t just focus on the number on the scales, but get a good overall picture of your body’s health. This applies to both men and women, and body fat % is a great thing to track. Set yourself a goal and try to lower it as close as you can to that goal.

Now if you think fat-burning workouts are easy, check out any of my reviews on this site – workouts like Insanity, Jillian Michaels, Les Mills Pump and Rushfit. These intense programs will have you working hard and sweating. When you get through one of these workouts, you will be ready for more intense muscle-building workouts.

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