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Posted by on Apr 27, 2012 in Insanity | 2 comments

Insanity Asylum Workout Review – My Experience With Insanity Asylum

This post will be my own personal Insanity Asylum workout review. I’m an Insanity graduate myself, which is recommended before you try out the Insanity Asylum workout because it is meant as the next step up.

Insanity Asylum Review – Overview of the Asylum Workout

Asylum-ShaunSo what is the Insanity Asylum workout? It’s the much anticipated sequel to the classic Insanity workout by Shaun T. As I stated before, it’s intended for people with a high level of fitness already.

You don’t have to have gone through Insanity before, but doing so will certainly help prepare you for the Asylum workout.

The Asylum workout arrived 18 months after the original Insanity, which was a long time to wait for many people!

What makes the Insanity Asylum fitness program stand out is the sports drills. Over 30 days, you’ll be performing sports drills that are designed for professional athletes to keep them in the best possible condition. These are athletes at the top of their profession, and you can imitate them and get that lean, sculpted and sexy look too.

As you can imagine, it’s intense. I struggled personally, but maybe I wasn’t prepared for the grind after a short break. To reach the levels of a professional athlete, you’d expect to need to workout almost daily. Of course, this isn’t what everyone wants to do, but the program is only 30 days and there are some rest days. For the full schedule, check out my Insanity Asylum workout schedule page (opens in new tab). However, if you’re really interested in fitness, working out should be something you incorporate into your life going forward. There is no temporary solution.

What’s Included?

There are 6 DVDs in the main program, and 2 bonus videos too:

  • Boost your Speed & Agility (45 mins)
  • Increase your Vertical – Jump Higher than ever before (40 mins)
  • The Relief – this DVD is all about stretching to increase flexibility (25 mins)
  • Build your Strength & Power with weights and resistance (50 mins)
  • Game Day – Putting your new sports skills to use in this cross-training workout (60 mins)
  • Core – build a rock solid core, glutes & hamstrings for the explosive strength of a professional athlete (45 mins)
  • BONUS – Overtime. If you want to push your limit further with each exercise, you can now with Overtime
  • BONUS – Athletic Performance Assessment. Measure your fitness from beginning to end

You can see the listed times it takes for each workout. Again, refer to the workout schedule page linked above to see what the daily routines are like.

You’ll also receive the agility ladder and the speed rope. You can see these in action in this video:

On top of all of this, when you order through Beachbody or Amazon you’ll receive 3 more bonuses:

  1. Workout Calendar – track your progress
  2. Guide Book – a complete guide to your Asylum workout
  3. Nutrition Plan – prepare for each workout properly with the right diet

Ready to get your copy of the Insanity Asylum?

>>Click here for my thoughts on the best Insanity Asylum Deals<<

That page has my thoughts on finding bargains, avoiding scams and buying with confidence.

My Insanity Asylum Workout Review + Thoughts

buy-asylumLike I said, I found the Insanity Asylum workout quite a challenge. You think the classic Insanity is tough – this is a whole other level. You need to push yourself like never before, but this translates to more strength, more speed and agility, weight loss and greater fitness overall, so it’s really worth it.

What I like most about the Aslyum workout is that it prepares you for sports. I’m big into soccer, hockey and basketball and the Insanity Asylum workout is perfect for these and any other sports.

My main goals were to maintain my weight, while improving my speed, strength and jumping ability. I’d say I’ve achieved these goals fairly comfortably. My performance in basketball in particular has improved dramatically, and my stamina for soccer games has really hit new heights.

All in all, I thoroughly recommend the Insanity Asylum if you’re looking for that next step up, or if you’re big into sports. Otherwise, stick to regular Insanity workouts. Just remember to keep it going!






  1. I am a Big Golfer is asylum a good workout to improve my flexibility and overall strength for my golf game

  2. Great site! Do you have a P90X/full marathon plan or an inntisay/full marathon plan? I am interested in incorporating P90X and/or inntisay into my marathon training.

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