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Posted by on Apr 13, 2012 in Insanity | 4 comments

Insanity Asylum Workout Schedule – Free PDF and Listings

I get a number of people asking me about Insanity Asylum, and specifically what the workout schedules are like.

On this page, I’m going to be updating with all the latest Insanity Asylum workout schedules. I’ll add in the hybrid schedules later on, but first we’ll start off with the standard 30-day Asylum workout schedule:

Weeks 1 - 2

Download Your Insanity Asylum Schedule - Click The Image

That’s a small preview of the schedule. You’ll start off with the fitness test and then move onto day 1. It all rounds off with final fitness test using the performance assessment bonus. Personally, I enjoy printing out my workout calendars and posting them on the wall near where I work out. I do it for every workout I commit to. Maybe I just like being organized, but it helps to tick off each day and maybe record my results right there on the wall so I can see how far I’ve come.

You can either click the image above to download the Insanity Asylum workout schedule PDF, or click the following link:   (you will need a PDF reader like Adobe)

Insanity Asylum Schedule – Full Listing

Some people aren’t bothered about printing workout schedules out, so I’ve provided the listings right here in this post. This way you can just glance over it and see quickly what it’s like.

Regular Asylum Workout Schedule:

Before you start – Fitness Test (Athletic Performance Assessment)
Day 1 – Speed & Agility
Day 2 – Strength
Day 3 – Back to Core
Day 4 – Vertical Plyo
Day 5 – Rest Day
Day 6 – Speed & Agility
Day 7 – Strength
Day 8 – Back to Core
Day 9 – Vertical Plyo
Day 10 – Relief
Day 11 – Game Day
Day 12 – Back t0 Core
Day 13 – Strength
Day 14 – Relief
Day 15 – Speed & Agility
Day 16 – Vertical Plyo
Day 17 – Strength
Day 18 – Relief
Day 19 – Game Day Overtime
Day 20 – Vertical Plyo
Day 21 – Back to Core
Day 22 – Rest Day
Day 23 – Speed & Agility
Day 24 – Strength
Day 25 – Game Day Overtime
Day 26 – Vertical Plyo
Day 27 – Back to Core
Day 28 – Relief
Day 29 – Speed & Agility
Day 30 – Fit Test

You’ll be working out most days. The workouts don’t last any longer than 1 hour each though, with some only about half an hour. Then you’ll get the occasional rest day – but don’t use this as an excuse to take a few days off. It’s important you stick to the schedule and push yourself or your body won’t respond the way it should. You want to get ripped, right?

Once you’ve completed Asylum, you may be ready to graduate to an Insanity workout and Asylum workout hybrid. I’ll be posting workout schedules of these before long. Work your way through Insanity Asylum for the first time and hopefully by the time you’re pumped and ready for the hybrid, I’ll have the schedules here for you!


  1. Thanks for emailing me on this.
    I am on the poor man’s p90x supreme 90.
    I have combined kicks and punches within the workouts and it closely resembles TapoutXT.
    Any opinion of s90?

    • I’ve not personally done the s90, but from what I hear, it’s still a great workout. s90 is shorter and has less plyo, but only you are the judge of what feels right and what’s working for you. Keep it up

  2. Do you have a calender that explains the workouts individually?

  3. Do you have the Insanity/Asylum hybrid schedule yet? 🙂

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