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Posted by on Mar 10, 2012 in Insanity | 143 comments

Insanity Nutrition Guide PDF – Your Free Elite Nutrition Preview

UPDATE October 2012:

There have been so many requests for the full meal plan that I’ve gone out to find it and I’m happy to say that you can view the full document just below:

Insanity Nutrition Guide (Download via – you may need an account there to download this to your computer)

Insanity Nutrition Guide

Insanity Nutrition Guide PDF Preview – Free Download

The Insanity workout is as much diet as it is sweating to Shaun T’s 60-day, 10-DVD workout marathon. Food is the natural fuel that your body needs. It provides your body with essential nutrients and energy. Having the right diet to maintain energy levels throughout the Insanity workout is crucial. That’s why there is an Insanity nutrition guide included when you buy Insanity from the official store (as we recommend here at

You may or may not already own your copy of Insanity. If you don’t, then you’ll be pleased to hear we have a preview version of the Elite Nutrition Guide to share with you. All you need to do is click the image to the left. The best option is to right click and ‘save as’ to your computer.

Of course, sometimes people lose their nutrition guides, or even worse, they buy a pirate copy of Insanity without realizing it and end up without any of the added bonuses. It’s not nice when we hear of this happening, so we do try to do all we can to help. Unfortunately, we are not allowed to sell the full copy of the Insanity workout nutrition guide, as Beachbody does not allow that. They don’t want to encourage the pirates or crack copies, which is fair.

Insanity Nutrition Plan – Your Insanity Nutrition Guide PDF

So in case you missed it, here is the link to our free preview of the Insanity nutrition guide pdf:

Or click the image below:

Insanity Nutrition Plan

Insanity Nutrition Plan PDF – Download Your Copy Here

My personal favorite recipe is the Berry Protein Smoothie. You can sample that recipe from this Insanity nutrition plan PDF.

In each recipe, it lets you know how many calories are involved, and exactly how much protein, carbohydrate, fat and fiber you’ll gain by eating it. There is also a great guide on how to plan out your diet and nutrition over the course of the 2 months you’ll be working out to Insanity.

It’ll teach you how to determine your daily caloric needs, which is very helpful. This makes use of the ‘Harris Benedict Equation’. Don’t worry – it’s not rocket science and won’t send you screaming back to high school when you were told you needed to learn calculus to survive in the real world (yeah, right). It’s just a simple formulation that will determine how much energy you need to maintain your weight.

It’s not necessary of course, but it’s great if you’re like me – I like to keep track of everything so I can know for sure where I stand. If you like, you can just incorporate the new meals into your diet, cut down on the fatty foods and take it from there. It also tells you why it’s important to eat meals every few hours (as opposed to the conventional 3 meals a day, spaced apart widely in time).

Make sure you work out roughly 1 hour after eating. If you work out too soon after eating, you may lack the energy required to get through the workout.


  1. Send Elite Nutrition Plan

    • I can only provide you with this preview version. You’ll need to purchase the Insanity workout to get the full copy. If you’ve lost it, contact the customer service at Beachbody. To download the preview version from this post, just right click on the image above. Hope that helps

      • mozte mi poslat provizornu verziu tej diety ?? uvidim ako sa mi bude pacit a podla toho sa zariadim 🙂

        • I used Google translate for this. I can only provide you with the preview of the nutrition guide, not the full thing, sorry.

          • theres a free copy online

    • Did you ever get the nutrition guide? If not, I can send it to you.

      • Hi Machelle, can you send it to me as well? I bought Insanity from a co-worker but the nutritional guide was missing.


        • Hey. Could you please send me that insanity meal plan. Much appreciated. Thanks. – andrew

        • May u send it to me to i would really really appreciate it:) thank you

        • Can you send me a copy of the nutritional diet please..on my third week and losing energy thourout the day need to no best meal options. Thanks

      • Hey Machelle is there anyway you can email me a copy of the nutrition guide as well? I would really appreciate it!!!

      • Hey Machelle! Would you please send me a copy of the nutrition guide as well? Thanks a million 🙂

      • Hi Machelle, I purchased from someone as well and it didn’t include the nutrition guide. Could you please send it to me as well? Thank you.

        • Hi karla, wer r from?

      • Hi Machelle.. I would greatly appreciate if you could send me a copy of the nutrition plan as well. I borrowed it from a friend and they lost it. Please and thank you soo much.!

          • snu not sun sorry again. Stupid autocorrect.

      • Please can u send d nutrional guide for me too. I bought mine in gumtree but no nutrional guide…please. Thanks so much

        • I just moved and havent started insanity yet and i miss placed my nutrition guide. Could u send me copy please thankyou..

        • Would you send a copy to me? I would be very thankful.

          • Would you send me a copy to?
            Thank you on advance

      • Hey i got it as a gift from a friend but he didnt have the nutrition guide can you send it to me please

        • hi Jennifer,
          would you send me a copy of the P90X nutrition guide. I am doing the insanity workout, but i really need to focus on my eating more to get better results. thank you so very much

          my email address is

      • Hi Machelle,
        will you send me a copy of the nutrition guide? thank you so much…

      • Hi machelle, can you send the guide to my email as well? thanks


      • my kids took a permaanent marker to mine and messed it up so bad is there any way you could email me one also i just purchased it and they want me to pay for another and i am wanting to get started asap is my email tia

      • I bought insanity from a relative but I did not get the nutritional guide. Can you please send it to me? Thank you so much.

      • Can you send the guide to me please? It would be greatly appreciated.

      • Can you send it to me

      • Hey Machelle – I would love a copy of the guide too! I’ve just moved and can’t find it anywhere?!?! Customer Service wasn’t very helpful on the other side of the world (Australia) 🙁

        Thanks a million! 🙂

      • Can you also please send me the nutrition guide. My email id is Really appreciate it.

        • Hi I love a copy of the nutrition guide….cheers xx

        • Can you please send send me a copy of the Insanity full version nutrition guide. Thanks in advance

      • Do you still have the nutrition plan?

      • brought the insanity workout from a friend didn’t have the nutrition guide. Would appreciate if you can send it to me Thanks!

      • IF you have the guide in your email, would you forward it to me? Thank you so much!

      • Will you please send me the elite nutrition guide? I ordered the insanity program yesterday but i would like to take a peak at the nutrition guide.

      • hi Machelle i would really appreciate it if you could provide me with a copy of the nutrition guide if that would still be at all possible. Many thanks Elliot.

      • could you send it to me please i bought the dvd’s second hand but their was no guide

  2. After you complete the 60 day workout what do you do next in order to stay toned and maintain your weight? I have heard programs like Insanity and P90X are good but after the time you lose all the results quickly.

    • Hey Jaime,
      What you do after Insanity really depends on your goals. If you want to stay toned and maintain weight as you say, you could try another round of Insanity, or move onto the Insanity Asylum/P90X2 to try something harder and get a bit more variety. You don’t want to pick and choose your favorite workouts unless they cover every area. However, as long as you are eating healthily and stick to at least moderate exercise, you can’t go too far wrong.

  3. what if we dont follow the diet plan??

    • It’s not necessary to follow the specific Insanity diet plan. Just be sure that you’re eating healthily and avoiding nasty processed foods if you can. Diet is an important aspect of your future health and daily fitness.

  4. is the diet plan for insanity like the one on p90x?or do you just have to eat healthy ?

    • The P90X is a bit different, where you progress up to an ‘athlete’s diet’ through the different phases. Insanity is more general, where you work out your caloric needs to keep pushing with each workout. In month 2, you’ll need more energy for the tougher workouts so you’ll need more calories. There’s a meal plan for each month but you can of course eat your own healthy food.

  5. Im week two into insanity and I guess I haven’t been eating just right, if I start eating right I know it’ll work. But my question, will insanity work for those people who don’t eat right at all?

    • In my opinion, diet + exercise are 2 sides of the same coin, 2 pieces of the same puzzle. You’ll have a hard time of it reaching your fitness goals if you don’t at least go some way to eating a healthy diet alongside Insanity. My tip is to make sure you eat within 30 minutes of waking, and try to eat at least 20-30 grams of protein with every meal. A breakfast of eggs instead of cereal will help a lot. Best of luck

      • are there Vegan/vegetarian options on this nutrition program?

        • There is a table with ideas on how you can substitute the proteins with veggie options. Breakfast has the most existing veggie options. There isn’t really a vegan plan, but there’s no harm in making substitutions of your own

          • thank you, as long as there is a substitution list will be good. Pity there is no vegan option – it is healthier.

          • I must disagree only to say that i dont think a strict vegan diet is the way to go for losing weight or gaining muscle. There are countless studies that definitively show that lean chicken for example can ve very beneficial for weight loss and for protein gains. I agree that eating lots of veggies and fruit more then meat is a staple. I.E. I use the paleo diet and had amazing results, again my personally opinion, but if the vegan works for you then more power to you! 😀

  6. Are there specific meal plans? Example: day 1 bfast- 3 egg whites, 1/2 cup blueberries, 1/2 cup asparagus.??

    • Yes, in the ‘Start Eating’ section, there are 5 separate meal lists. You pick one from each to make up 5 meals a day. There are 10 options for each list to keep some variety in your diet

  7. What is the results and recovery formula?

    • It’s an after-workout drink with precise nutrients, usually for P90X. You can find it on Amazon or Beachbody I believe

  8. Hello Joe,

    I just followed the Insanity formula to determine my calories 655+(4.35x155lbs)+(4.7x62inches)+(4.7x35yrs), which is the same as 655+(674.25)+(291.4)+(164.5)=1785.15. I then take 1785×1.7(very active)=3,034.5. I’m trying to lose weight, so I then take 3,035-500=2,535 calories per day. Broken down that’s about 500 calories per meal, 5 times a day. That seems like way too many calories for me to be consuming to lose weight?? I want to get the optimal results from this program, so if I need to consume this many calories I will. I’m so used to doing cardio alone 5 days a week w/ extreme dieting (5-6 meals a day/cutting out butter, oil, salt, sugar, dairy, & alcohol consuming about 1,400-1,500 calories per day) so this is a little hard for me to process. I understand that I’ll be building muscle with this program, so is that why I need the additional calories? Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

    • Hey Shannon, yes the reason you need more calories is due to building muscle and the fact you will be burning them off. Sometimes I find it’s easy to get swamped in the little details, calculating calories, weighing yourself etc. While you will be burning fat, measuring your weight doesn’t tell the whole story because of muscle growth. As for calories, it’s best to calculate which meals you can eat and then stick to them, and put the calories to the back of your mind. I try to avoid sugar, processed food and too many carbs as a rule of thumb. It can be hard to shift your mindset from one diet/exercise plan to another, I know. 2500 calories a day is a lot for women so if you find you’re struggling, just try a little less and see how it goes.

    • Reason why you are getting so many calories is because you are supposed to subtract the sum you get when calculating the years “(4.7 x 35yrs). You are supposed to add 655 + 674.25 + 291.4 – 164.5= 1456.15 x 1.7 = 2475.45 – 500 = 1975.45calories per day to lose weight.

  9. hey i bought the insanity workout from someone on craigslist and the meal planning and calender are missing can someone give me the link to customer service or send me copies of each of the missing items????? i want to start the program but cant without the correct information and regiment.

    • Look for the meal plan and calender on google thats where i found them 🙂

  10. Hey joe , ive been really stressed out latley because i havent really seen much results . I eat pretty healthy about 1,300 calories a day and i usualy burn 500 cals per workout ( just recenetly i found out about eating what you burn as well ) Tommorow is when i start month 2 . Will i see all of my results then ? or no Help me please i dont know what to do

    • It’s normal to have some doubts and concerns at points during the program. In month 2, things step up a gear and I have no doubt you will see improved results. I know it can be stressful at times. It helps to look at the long-term picture sometimes. Insanity is designed for 2 months so it’s important you see it through before judging it. Everyone is different. Let us know how it goes 🙂

  11. I try to eat healthy as much as i can. But lately ive been eating more than usual, rice and bread. Could that be the reason why ive been gaining weight? about half a pound a day

  12. Hey u can get the whole book by going to google put in insanity nutrition guide and go to the one that says page1 page2 page3. . . . . . Etc etc 🙂

  13. can someone please send me a copy of the guide thank very much

  14. im sorry email kimtaylor.d5@gmail

  15. What if you cant eat whole wheat pasta?

  16. hi machelle can u send me meal plan please

  17. It also looks like you added instead of subtracting the age component. That removes 164 calories. I did the same thing the first time I calculated my index.


  19. hi,i just boaght the insanity from a freind and the nutrition guide and workout calender r missing is their anyway i could get it ? thank you .

  20. hey pal I just bought insanity from craigs list. Go figure it didn’t have the calender nor the nutrition guide please forward it to me.


  21. i bought the insanity videos off of ebay used and it didnt have meal plan or workout sheets. can you please send me the full version. thanks

  22. Hi, I am still in high school so I can’t eat 5 meals per day.. If I still follow the plan for 3 meals a day, do you think I will not get good results?

  23. Hi can someone kindly email me a copy of the meal plans too please

  24. Can someone please send me a copy as well. I bought the program from a friend, minus the meal plan! Thanks in advance..

  25. Could you please send me a copy also. I would really appreciate it. My email is

  26. I also just purchased the DVDs from a coworker and the nutrition guide is missing. If anyone still has it, would you be so kind to email it to me?

    Thanks so much 🙂



  29. Do you still have the plan

    • I have embedded the nutrition plan at the top of this post, so you can come back and read it any time you want. Scribd have a copy to download (linked above the embedded version I’ve provided) but you need to pay a small fee to become a member. Otherwise you may have to do a Google search or ask a friend, as I don’t have a digital copy to give away. Hope that helps

  30. Hi! My roommate and I bought insanity from another friend but she lost the nutrition guide. Is it possible for anyone to send us a copy please? Thank you!

  31. Can i please have a copy of the eating plan just started the insanity

  32. I would like a copy as well sir. started insanity a week ago. Got the plan from a co-worker and she misplaced the guide. Thanks in advance.

  33. Hey would you mind sending me a copy of the insanity nutrition guide, my sister misplaced it and now I can’t seem to find it.
    Thank you on advance.

  34. need copy of nutrition plan please :~)

  35. need copy of nutrition plan please as my copy did not come with it (never buy off ebay) :~) .

  36. hey Machelle,

    pls send me the nutrition guide copy as well….. thanx a ton…:))

  37. Sorry to say, page 25 is missing….

    Mexican Style Eggs, Protein pancake, Warm Cereal Bowl, Egg Sandwich….

  38. Could someone please send me the nutrition guide iv lost mine an im wrkin hard jus need the guide. thanks guys

    • Could i get a copy of the elite nutrition guide sent to my email as well. Much Appreciated!

  39. Could i get a copy of the elite nutrition guide sent to my email as well. Much Appreciated!

  40. I actually just got the work out from my brother in law hi managed to lose his nutrition guide and I would be very appreciative if you would send me a copy!! Please and thank you!!!
    My email is

  41. I lost mine also and bought it from a friend could you send it to me as well

  42. Can someone please send me a copy of the nutrition guide. I’m borrowing insanity from a fried and they did not give it to me. My email is thank you!

  43. can someoone sent me them diet plan pelease ? :s

  44. Did anyone get the Nutrition plan, can someone forward it please.

  45. Hi. I purchased Insanity but I did not realize I bought the package with no meal plan. Can you send me one if you get a chance?

  46. hi, can somebody send me the nutrition guide please, I ready stared the program but I don’t have it, thanks a lo,t bye

  47. hi I have brought my husband the insanity workout off a friend but unfortunately the food guide is missing please if possible if anyone has it be so kind to email me it thankyou stacy my email is

    • Hi everyone I too got my insanity off eBay and no nutrition guide included. Could someone please email it too me I’m busting to get started. Thank u.

  48. i would greatly appreciate if someone could email me the nutrition guide please. thank you

    my email is

  49. hi machelle would you be able to send me the insanity nutrition guide as i gat 1 buh would not install onto my laptop or work on any dvd player i would be very thankful my emails are or or my fb sites are joe bloggs or berry lawd sure get back to me and i also need the work out sheet as i mislayed it thanks

  50. Hi I have a copy of the nutrition guide, the workout calander and the measurement chart

  51. Please send me a copy of the nutrition guide.


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