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Posted by on Apr 10, 2012 in Insanity | 0 comments

Take Insanity To The Next Level – Insanity The Asylum Workout

I agreed with them when they said that the Insanity workout was the most extreme home workout DVD ever created. 18 months later, and Shaun T has taken it to the next level with Insanity the Asylum workout.

Click For Insanity Asylum

What Is The Insanity Asylum Workout?

The new Insanity Asylum workout is a 30-day training program that cranks up the intensity with proven sports drills.

“A coach can only teach a lesson. Athletes can instill it within themselves.”

This quote from Shaun T sums up what the workout is all about. The Insanity Asylum is about pushing yourself to the absolute limit.

The Asylum

Click For The Asylum

It’s a highly intense program and is actually intended for Insanity graduates. If you have not experienced the regular Insanity program yet, I suggest you start there. Click through to read about the kind of Insanity workout results you can get.

As for Insanity Asylum results – well it’s all about taking you from average to an elite athlete. You’ll be using extreme cross-training methods that were designed for professional athletes to dig deep and build a ripped, lean body.

There are 6 DVD workouts included in the new Insanity Asylum:

  • Boost your Speed & Agility (45 mins)
  • Increase your Vertical – Jump Higher than ever before (40 mins)
  • The Relief – this DVD is all about stretching to increase flexibility (25 mins)
  • Build your Strength & Power with weights and resistance (50 mins)
  • Game Day – Putting your new sports skills to use in this cross-training workout (60 mins)
  • Core – build a rock solid core, glutes & hamstrings for the explosive strength of a professional athlete (45 mins)

As you can see, none of the workouts take longer than an hour. Everything is packed into 30 intense days.

You’ll start off with the fitness test to see what level you’re at. Then you’ll do one DVD per day, with a rest day on day 5. On day 10, you’ll do your first Relief DVD stretches. You won’t be doing the Game Day DVD until day 11, and the Back To Core DVD until day 12.

From that point on, you’ll be rotating between the different exercises. On the final day, you’ll do another fitness test to see how far you’ve come.

What’s Included With The Insanity Workout Asylum?

On top of the 6 DVDs, you’ll also be getting these sports inspired training tools:

  • Agility Ladder – a portable ladder you lay down flat on the ground. Sharpens your focus and agility.
  • Speed Rope – increase your foot speed, agility and endurance


Asylum Nutrition

Nutrition Guide – One of Many Bonuses

You’ll also receive these special bonuses (when you order through Beachbody):

Workout Calendar – check it out daily to track your progress like a professional athlete

Guide Book – A step-by-step guide to your 30-day transformation

Nutrition Plan – A crucial part of any athlete’s routine. Find out what Shaun T eats and get ready for game day.

Plus 2 Extra Bonuses:

Athletic Performance Assessment – Find out how you’ve improved fitness-wise with this performance measuring tool

Overtime – You can add 15 minutes to any Asylum workout to really crank up the intensity

>>Order Now From Beachbody To Claim These Free Bonuses<<

If you’re an Insanity graduate, this is the next step. For just 3 monthly payments of $39.95 (or a one-time payment of $119.85), plus FREE SHIPPING, you can take your performance to the next level within days.

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