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Posted by on Feb 4, 2012 in Insanity | 8 comments

How You Can Get The Insanity Workout Cheapest Price And Avoid The Scams

If you’re looking for the Insanity workout cheapest price, then bookmark this post and take some time to read through it – you should find everything you need to know right here.

Quick Snapshot of this Post:

Shaun TSection 1) The Best Places Online To Legitimately Buy Insanity Workout Cheap
**Unofficial Sites

Section 2) How To Avoid The Tricky Fake Dealers Selling Cheap Insanity Workout DVDs
**Example Of A Fake Site

READ THIS FIRST: Now I’m going to outline all the different ways you can buy Insanity workout for cheap online, and go over how to avoid fake websites that may compromise your security. These are important issues, and they are known to exist for deals on Insanity online, so pay attention especially to section 2.

Section 1) The Best Places Online To Legitimately Buy Insanity Workout Cheap

There are 3 main stores where you can purchase Insanity workout for cheap online. These are:

  • Authorized Independent Beachbody ‘Coach’ Dealers

Now I’m going to reveal to you how these stores stack up against each other, and the pros and cons of buying from each.

There is a fourth option, which would be to buy from the unofficial sites I’m going to talk about in section 2 – but as we’ll see, these are probably worth avoiding if at all possible. 

Shaun T BeachbodyWhat you have to watch out for are websites where the deal seems too good to be true. As you may know, Beachbody is the official site that sells Insanity. The Beachbody company also trains up independent coaches that are directly authorized to sell Beachbody products on their own websites.

The lowest price that Beachbody allows their coaches to sell Insanity for is $119.85, plus shipping and handling. This is why I say to watch out for deals that seem too good to be true. There are many websites out there, popping up all the time, that are set up by fly-by-the-night operators, usually from China or Korea, that have deals as low as $70, but are highly insecure. See the next section ‘How to Avoid The Tricky Fake Dealers’ below for more details on how to spot these and avoid them.

There are payment plans at You can pay either the full sum of $119.85 (+$24.95 shipping and handling for a total of $144.80), or in 3 monthly payments of $39.95 (+$24.95 one-time shipping payment). You still get the full kit with the 3-month payment plan option (including the 10 DVDs, free nutrition guide, calendar, fitness guide and online assistance). If you take the 3-month payment plan option, you will end up paying the same total of $144.80 including shipping. Both options may have extra sales taxes applied in the United States.

Keep in mind that they also offer a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee. This is 100% of the total you pay and is guaranteed. So you could pay the initial payment of $64.90 if you take the payment plan route, and you would have 30 days to decide if Insanity is right for you. That’s a great way to trial it out, in my opinion. The same applies if you pay the full $119.85 plus shipping from the start. The 3-month payment plan is my recommendation, and if you agree then you can grab your copy of Insanity from the official site at the link below:

>>>Grab The Official Insanity Workout Full Or Payment Plan Option (Starting At $64.90) With Money-Back Guarantee<<<

Insanity-AmazonOf course, Amazon is another great alternative, but the price is about $25 more to start off with here – however, often you can get free shipping and so it amounts to the same price of $144.80. Amazon is a well-established and trusted Internet retailer. I’d be surprised if anybody hadn’t heard of them by now.

Indeed, it’s possible you may find some used copies that are cheaper on the day. I’ve seen Insanity used for $119.99 (including shipping) from what seem to be some reputable sellers on the Amazon marketplace. What that boils down to is basically free shipping which will save you $25 – not bad. That could go towards some protein shakes!

It will depend when you look, but you could find a good deal here, so it’s worth checking out. Amazon merchants have their own unique guarantees, so you will have to look them up when browsing the used section.

>>Click Here For The Latest Deals For Insanity<<

Unofficial Sites

Now, when something seems too good to be true, there are almost always strings attached. Here at Honest Workout Reviews, I understand that you want to save money. I’m certainly not going to judge you on that – I’m always on the lookout for the best bargain myself. That’s why I’ve gone out of my way to find out everything there is to know about these fake websites and where you can be confident and sure you’re getting the Insanity workout cheapest price at an official vendor. Read on in section 2.


Section 2) How To Avoid The Tricky Fake Dealers Selling Cheap Insanity Workout DVDs

There are inherent dangers in buying from an unknown store based in a country like China. I have nothing against China the country, but it is an area of the world that is well-known at the moment for cloning products and identity thefts.

When you search Google or other search engines for places to buy Insanity, you may notice some sites offering the Insanity workout for cheap prices that seem too good to be true. You are right to question these prices.

What you may notice is that often these sites have the exact same ad copy (the text that entices you to click through to their site), but if you came back a few days later, the URL (website address) may have changed. This is because Google actively searches for these sites and shuts them down, or at least removes them from their search network. The people running these fake websites then just simply set up a new site with a different URL and come back to try and fool Google once again.

Example Of A Fake Site

I’m going to give you an example of such a site, but I refuse to link to it directly. The site is: You can visit the site if you wish and look around, assuming they are still in operation by the time you read this. They are selling Insanity for the ‘special’ price of $69.99. You are safe to browse as long as you don’t put in your bank account or credit card details.

Avoid these fake sitesWhat you’ll notice is that it actually looks fairly professionally made, so they’ve done a good job there. However, when you click through to the checkout, you may notice there is no ‘https’ in your address bar. Depending on your web browser, you would also normally see a security certificate, usually a green bar or green safety lock in the left-hand corner of your address bar (see the last picture on this page). This does not show up for this site, indicating that the owners of this site could not even be bothered to put up $60 or so for a security certificate. This should tell you all you need to know about their credentials for selling online.

The important thing you need to keep in mind is that with no security on these sites, these people are completely open to steal your identity and credit card details. The type of people that run these sites have no qualms with stealing this information, either. It is your money though, so if you feel that saving an extra $30 or $40 for a cheap Insanity workout is worth it, then you can try buying from one of those sites. If you run across any issues (assuming you receive the product), then good luck with customer support. If you see a charge on your Visa for $2,500 for a massage parlor in Thailand or something, then you’ll know why.

Low trust factorI’m not putting down this particular site only, it’s just an example of the type of site you might run across. I use Google Chrome as my browser, and I have an extension called ‘Ultimate Chrome Flag’. This displays geographic information for the site you are visiting. It says this site is based in Seoul, Korea. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that, but I wouldn’t necessarily advise giving your card details to an unknown quantity halfway across the world.

A trustworthy and secure site (like the Beachbody site shown) will look like this:


Hopefully I’ve given you a better picture of the dangers out there on the Internet, and where you can feel safer spending your money. I hate to see people ripped off, and things like identity theft really tick me off. So if this has helped you find Insanity workout for cheap, be sure to tell your friends and +1 or Facebook ‘like’ this page to help spread the word. Most importantly, if you feel you are ready for the Insanity challenge, go back to section 1 of this post and click on through to the official Beachbody site for the payment plan, or to Amazon for a potential bargain deal. Good luck!




  1. I’d also like to add that it is not normal for a site to ask you for your birthday when using your credit card. I noticed a site called and noticed there was no https: I acted like I was going to order just to see what their checkout looke dlike and it clearly asks for information that would not normally be needed like your birthday. Just be weary of who you give your personal information to.

  2. $25 for shipping? You could ship Tony Horton himself for less money.

  3. Thanks for the scam tip. Craigslist has multiple offers for bootleg copies that are scams.

  4. Anyone bought from eBay? I’ve found a deal, says sealed copy and looks legit. Based in London and I am buying from Scotland. Any tips?

  5. I was just about to order Insanity for 71.99, put in my Billing/Shipping address in and right before I put in my credit card information I Google the website for reviews and could not find the website. I am very glad I saw this and decided to read it. Thank you for saving me from a scam

  6. I’m interested in buying Insanity and I’d be fine getting it from BeachBody. However, I don’t feel comfortable using a credit card (and I don’t have one. I do have a debit card though.) I was trying to figure out if I could pay by check. Any suggestions?

  7. wow! 25 bucks for shipping? holy crap how big is the package? 10 bucks tops, usps

  8. I also was wondering if eBay is okay to order from. I saw the T25 package on there with a starting bid of $59.99.

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