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Posted by on Feb 23, 2012 in Insanity | 255 comments

Insanity Workout Review – My Honest Appraisal

Hi! If you’re looking for genuine, honest Insanity reviews, then you’re in luck. I know how some people put up these fake reviews online without having ever seen the inside of an Insanity box, and it drives me nuts. All I can say is, this is my real honest Insanity workout review after going through 60 days of pure INSANITY.

Insanity Workout Review Contents:

1) A Bit About Me
2) Shaun T
3) What Is The Insanity Workout? – A Brief Overview
4) What’s Included In the Insanity Workout Package? Do I Need To Buy Any Extras?
5) What Else Do You Get When You Buy Insanity Workout?
6) Insanity Workout Month 1
7) Insanity Workout Month 2
8 ) Diet
9) Positives/Negatives
10) Insanity Workout Review – Final Thoughts

A Bit About Me

My name is Joe. I live in England, but I mostly grew up in Maryland in the USA. It was great to see different parts of the world growing up as it really gives you a good perspective on life from an early age. From my time in America, I got really big into wrestling. I’ve recently taken up mixed martial arts (see my Rushfit review if you’re interested in a George St-Pierre workout).

Shaun T


I love keeping fit, and finding new ways to stay top of my game. I’m always looking for the latest and greatest home workout course, and naturally I came across Shaun T (the creator of the Insanity workout) because he’s very popular online, and I saw the infomercial for Insanity too. Shaun is cool because he’s just a normal guy. He’s from New Jersey and has become quite well known in his own right for his dancing and theater background. Not only that, but he has appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and on the hit TV show Six Feet Under.

One look at this guy and you know he trains hard to keep himself in that kind of shape. He has released a few different fitness programs, including Hip Hop Abs, which was his most popular workout course until Insanity. So, considering how stacked this guy is, just how insane was Insanity going to be? Before I started, I had some trepidation going into this. You can read about my journey further down the page, but for now let’s look at what’s included when you buy your own Insanity workout.

What Is The Insanity Workout? – A Brief Overview

The Insanity workout by Shaun T is a Beachbody product, and they are known to make quality home workouts. Insanity is packaged as 10 high-intensity workout DVDs, or you can get the ‘deluxe’ version with an extra couple to make 12 DVDs. I thoroughly recommend buying through the official Beachbody channel for peace of mind, and because you’ll get a bonus DVD thrown in (along with other bonuses).

>>Sounds Great! Click Here To Buy Insanity From Beachbody Now<<

You can get a total body transformation by going through the Insanity workout. In just 60 days, you can build muscle all over and trim body fat for an incredible change in appearance. It really can make the difference – whether you’re a man or a woman, people will be jealous of your new body and you’ll definitely get checked out more often. Normally, to get these kind of results you’d have to put in the hard work for 6 months or even a year, but now thanks to Maximum Interval Training, it can be done in just 2 short months.


Shaun T himself, along with the Beachbody team, came up with the Max Interval Training technique. Indeed you may have heard of interval training before. This is similar, but it flips the standard method on its head. In your normal interval training, you would typically work out in short, intense bursts. Then you would take a rest break or continue with moderate activity for a longer time.

As I said, this has been turned upside down in the Insanity workout. Shaun has you doing long bursts of intense workout, with a few short periods of rest in between. The purpose behind this is to have your body working at its maximum capacity for as long as possible. You get as many reps out as you can. It doesn’t matter what the absolute number is – you are training against yourself, not anybody else. By training to your maximum limit as long as you can, you are breaking down your muscle tissue in the most effective way.

Usually people don’t push themselves hard enough, and they end up ‘running to stand still’. They get a good cardio workout, but will never hone their physique the way Shaun can. Thankfully, Shaun provides all the motivation you’ll ever need. Seriously, this guy knows how to keep you going just when you start flagging. When you’re sweating hard and you need to push through that pain barrier, Shaun is on hand to help you through it.

What’s Included With Insanity? Do I Need To Invest in Any Extra Equipment?

My personal review of Insanity is coming up, but first let’s take a look at the 10 basic DVDs included in the workout, and whether you will need to invest in any extra equipment.

The 10 basic Insanity workout DVDs:

  1. Fitness Test + Dig Deeper. Establish what level you’re at to tailor the rest of the workout.
  2. Plyometric Cardio Circuit. Cardio to burn fat and work the lower body region.
  3. Cardio Power & Resistance. Upper body workout.
  4. Cardio & Max Recovery. End the week with a lower intensity workout.
  5. Pure Cardio & Abs. Ramp up the intensity!
  6. Cardio Abs. Explosive moves to build rock-hard abs.
  7. Core Cardio & Balance. End month 1 with balance and breathing exercises.
  8. Max Interval Circuit. Your introduction to the intensity of Max Interval Training.
  9. Max Interval Plyo. Here’s a quote: “Push your legs until they beg for mercy!”
  10. Max Cardio Conditioning & Abs. Max Interval cardio for the final basic workout.


The final 3 DVDs are focused on the maximum interval training techniques, and they will be like nothing you’ve ever experienced. If you want fast results though, you’ll do it.

Each workout takes between 20 minutes and 1 hour, depending on how intense it is meant to be. I recommend you just do as much as you can. Make sure to keep yourself hydrated. Water is fine, but sports drinks really make a difference.

So to answer the question, “Do I need to invest in any extra equipment for the Insanity workout?” The answer is a resounding NO. The only requirement really is the space to operate in at home (or wherever you choose to workout) and a DVD player. The resistance you need is provided by your own body, so there is absolutely no need to purchase extra gym equipment like barbells or kettlebells.

What Bonuses Can I Get with Insanity?

There are some fantastic bonuses included when you buy through Beachbody’s official store. All links on my site to Beachbody are 100% official and safe. I’ve written a detailed post titled “Insanity workout cheapest price” if you want to avoid scams online and find a good deal. Some sellers from countries like Russia and China offer deals that are simply too good to be true. I also recommend Amazon as an alternative there, although you may not get all the bonuses if you order it through a marketplace seller.

If you click through any Insanity links on this page, you will get these 4 fantastic bonuses:

  • Insanity-bonusesElite Nutrition Plan. The workout is half the battle. With the nutrition plan, you can craft your perfect diet.
  • Insanity Calendar. This allows you to see how far you’ve progressed and keep on top of your goals.
  • Fitness Guide. Your ultimate guide to the workouts.
  • Online Tools. This is seriously the best bonus of them all, for me. You get to interact with fitness experts at any time of day or night, and a group of like-minded peers to motivate you along the way. This means you are never alone, which is invaluable.

These bonuses are only included (for FREE) when you buy through Beachbody. Take advantage of this special offer before it’s gone:

>>Click Here To Get The Insanity Workout And 4 Free Bonuses Now<<

Still not convinced? You need to watch this video right now. It covers pretty much everything you need to know and will give you a great impression of what it’s actually like to take the Insanity workout for a spin:

Here is my own Insanity workout review:

So after seeing the infomercial, I decided to grab the Insanity workout because I thought it was something I could do. I wanted to lose a bit of weight and tone up.

What I discovered was that this really is the most intense workout system, at least that I’ve ever been through. The max interval training sessions really made me sweat, but at least I knew I was doing my body some good.

It started off as a bit of a struggle. I wouldn’t say I was in the greatest shape of my life when I started, so perhaps that’s why. However, at least you get to do a fitness test in the first DVD.

Insanity Workout Month 1:

The first 30 days were tough, as I’ve said. However, after the first week and a couple of days of rest, something changed in me. I felt like I had more energy just day-to-day, whereas before I could sometimes feel lethargic. I guess this is what regular exercise can do for you. It was very uplifting.

In the first 4 weeks, I went through the first half of the program (the first 5 DVDs):
-Fitness Test
-Cardio Power & Resistance
– Cardio + Abs
-Core Cardio & Balance

Of course at this stage I was still adjusting to it all, having not exercised regularly for some time. After the first week, things picked up. It was still tough going, but I started to find a rhythm. At first, I needed a bit longer in the rest periods than they suggested. It doesn’t matter if you can’t keep up with Shaun or the people he is tutoring on the DVDs – go at a pace you are comfortable with.

Insanity Workout Month 2:

Moving onto month 2 in my Insanity workout review was a bit of a shock. Just when I thought I had mastered this thing, Shaun really steps things up a gear.

In month 2, you basically go through all the maximum interval training DVDs, including cardio and abs, plyometrics, and the main circuit.

For some people, this may become too much. That’s fine. For me personally, I did struggle and didn’t always finish or make it on time. I didn’t let it bother me – I knew I was still making good progress.

What was My Diet Like?


I received the bonus diet plan for ordering through Beachbody. I went ahead and tried some of the meals and suggestions, although I didn’t follow it that rigidly (I gave in to temptations every now and then, like most people do). I won’t give away everything that you find within the nutrition plan, but I will say that it’s good advice. It includes meal ideas and suggestions on what you should eat depending on how much exercise you do. In general, of course it’s a good idea to not eat junk products and instead have several easy-to-make meals each day with plenty of proteins to build muscle and vegetables for nutritional value.

There are tons of great recipes that are designed to give you the energy you need to complete the workouts and keep you active throughout the day. I love the berry smoothies myself. I made them time and again because they’re so delicious!


While the Insanity workout has proven a great experience for me, I did want to balance things out a bit to make it one of the fair Insanity workout reviews.

What didn’t I like about it? Well, the step up in intensity in month 2 may be too much for some people. Sure, you can build muscle very fast if you can cope with the workouts, but for most people it won’t be possible in 60 days.

I can’t really complain about that, though. 2 months is a very short time to see those kinds of results.

The only other thing is that you need to eat a lot of protein if you really want to pack on the muscle. I don’t have a problem with this, as I love the eating 🙂 I do know some people that would struggle, especially people who are slow eaters.

Insanity Workout Review – Final Thoughts

I’ve reviewed a few workouts now, and the Insanity workout is shaping up to be my favorite. I hope you’ve taken something useful out of my Insanity workout review and I hope you try it out for yourself.

What were my results, you may be wondering? Well, I lost 15lbs in total over the course of the 60 days. I actually lost a bit more than that, but I found my weight started to come back up towards the end. It must have been new muscle tissue. I do feel I look more toned, and I’ve even had a few people comment on how fit I’m looking lately. Good times 🙂

Ready to take the Insanity journey yourself? Good news: you can test ride Insanity for 30 days to see if it suits you. You can also opt for the monthly payment plan option that Beachbody provides to help you afford it, and don’t forget that you get those 4 amazing bonuses I mentioned earlier. If for any reason you aren’t super satisfied with Insanity, there’s a 100% money back guarantee within the 30 days. You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose, so click the link below to try it out now:

>>Try Out The Insanity Workout For 30 Days + 100% Money-Back Guarantee<<

P.S. there are countless stories of Insanity transformations online. Here’s a short clip of one:

To your success,



  1. insanity is no joke i would say.i am doing p90x at the moment and it is world class.when i have p90x nailed i will take on the insanity realy could go to the gym for years and only get alright results.these programs are life changing

  2. In gym class we did insanity and it was INSANE!! The next day the whole 7th grade was soar and the next couple of days. We were sweating like CRAZY!!

  3. This workout is awesome!!!!!

  4. Insanity is tough for sure but that makes me want to do it more. Currently I am doing P90X/Insanity Hybrid and I have to say this is the perfect mix. I have done both programs before separately. This is my first time doing the Hybrid. I would agree with you about the max workouts. Those are really hard and I don’t really like how long they are. He does not only make the intervals longer, the whole program is longer and on top of that the exercises are harder.
    For me though so far Insanity is my kind of workout. It just keeps going and uses body weight exercises which is my style of training.

  5. I am also a gym teacher and bought insanity, the first day I conducted my 6th grade class in the workouts was a complete sucsess! 4 kids from my morning class literally vomited after only 15 min of workout. also 3 students from my afternoon class were put on temporary bed rest due to heat stroke and dehydration. let me tell you though! the result these 6th graders saw were unmacthable. I have 4 football player that are now getting over 10 sacks a game unreal!! insanity is awesome i suggest it for all ages. One key factor though be sure to not go out on the town boozing the night before you have a 6th-8th end of semester fitness test, i was demonstrating how to do some of the workouts properly and passed out from over consumption the night before, but either way 5 stars on the workout plan and diet plan!! two thumbs up

    • and your proud of making 6 graders sick? you need help

      • I would feel terribly sorry for your kids. Throwing up during a workout is normal for out of shape people. Billy’s doing the right thing as a gym teacher getting kids into shape (and he’s not even making them use weights). Unfortunately, kids are babied too much by their parents and THIS is the kind of attitude parents have. And THIS kind of weak attitude makes me sick.

        • There’s a difference between pushing kids and giving them heat stroke, I’ve had it before and it’s horrible, feels just like the flu for a few days and is a great way to insure a kid’s going to hate working out for the rest of his life.

          Any good gym teacher would know to make sure the kids stay hydrated with sports drinks, that they are in a cool enough area to work out, and that they rest before getting to the point of being sick, geez, even the dvd will tell you that.

          • I read the first comment and I’m 95% sure it is just someone pulling your leg. I laughed. What middle school gym teacher is going to talk about drinking binges in a public forum. Really.

        • Hey! thanks Maria, once we got passed the first week the kids started showing an immense amount of more endurance. Only a few get sick but that is my class right after lunch they seem to not be able to workout as hard on a full stomach. I am trying to push them harder, I recently brought in a couple Marine Recrutiers to make it more of a basic training aspect, while they do the plyometrics their also getting a mental stress from the Marines, (kind of a drill session). Only a few students have complained and I was talked to by the school counsler about maybe pushing them to hard but them but i convinced her that a little throwing up, some dehydration and mental stress will produce better young adults and even better students! I’ve started to mix in p90x also!

          • Ha ha ha if it aint pain your not insane…gooooooo gym teacher!!!

      • Thank you Vic! I was reading his response too and there were many instances where I thought WHAT?! Making children vomit, dehydration and heatstroke, boozing the night before and passing out infront of his students?…It sounds like this guy needs to work on his inner self, honestly.

      • i couldn’t agree more, Billy they should kick you out the school asap and burn your license!!!!! you are a disgrace!!

      • If you don’t feel sick then you’re not doing it right. The only thing you need to worry about is losing calories that you need for the rest afterwards.

      • I was thinking the same thing!

    • If my kid was in your class I would shove that dvd up your ass.

      • Ok, no more responses to this comment. Let’s keep it pleasant, thanks

        • If i want to gain some mass. Is insanity good in that case?

      • ok i had to roll on this comment, lol, but she was trying to get the kids moving, childhood obesity it at an all time high.

    • Don’t listen to the neg comments your doing the right thing, america is fat and kids need the confidence to succeed in life. Great job!

      • Yes, kids need to be in shape but if they are throwing up after a workout or passing out that is not good and dangerous.

        • I just noticed Shaun T does have an exercise program catered specifically for kids. This is the one the gym teachers should be using plus all the kids should have a note from doctors okaying them to do this workout, you never know if kids have health issues or even if they are getting enough protein at home to support a workout about normal pe activities.

    • Oh wow you should know that right after lunch is not a good idea to do any extreme workouts especially with that much plyometric/jumping

    • It has warning about seeing a doctor before starting. Luckily for you none of the kids had a heart defect or something.

    • When i was in high school my gym teacher gave us extreme workout drills and the first day she said when this semester ends you will be in the best shape of your lives and you will be thankful only being 15 years old i threw up the first day of just running around the track field and she said keep running the only way you will be able to stop is if you pass out. None of us actually pass out but she truly inspired me, at the end of the semester i was no longer the chubby girl i was in shape i looked healthy and had a great self esteem and all the other students where pleased as well. Comparing to other P.E classes where instructors don’t give a damn about you and just make you walk around the track field talking to your friends. So keep up the good work I am sure once students are fit, healthy and confident even their parents will thank you.You should of taken before and after pictures! 🙂 good job all gym teachers should be as dedicated as you, and I am sure the comment about drinking it was said for those who drink and not to do this work out after a drinking because you’re body is still recovering from the hang over thanks for the advice I’ll keep it in mind.

    • I too am a gym teacher and personally i like to make my kids run their miles outside on the warmest days in there sweat suits. Sure a couple pass out, but you have to break a few eggs to make an omelet right!?

      • Dude Josef Stalin called, he wants his GENOCIDAL MOTIVATIONAL SPEECHES back,

      • Hey awesome and do the insanity I am a twelve year old girl it aint hard

        • Hey me too! It was hard as im not in fantastic shape, but as long as you drink water and all that its not too extreme. Also i think that if you vomit you should definitely rest there is a fine line between pushing and shoving.

    • are you kidding me? you did this to children that are 11/12? I’d have pulled my kid from your class had he been put on bed rest because you pushed him through a workout designed for an adult… disgusting, be ashamed.

    • I wish you were my coach.

    • I so wish you were my gym teacher in high school and that more gym teachers were like you.

      Don’t pay attention to the idiots posting negative comments on here; these “concerned parents” are the reason America is fat and is increasingly churning out insecure losers and drug addicts with zero sense of discipline or motivation to do anything.

      • I realize the original post was from a couple years ago, but thought I’d add in my 2 cents. I’m not a gym teacher, but actually a chemistry teacher. In my school, I got together with our gym staff and we came up with our own hybrid program. The gym teachers have the kids do the workouts, and yes a few of them always pass out. (Fun for us, we always run a pool betting which will make it and which won’t.) In the chemistry lab we make smoothies and have the kids drink them in the afternoon. Usually some protein like steak or crickets or frogs from the bio lab blended together with a little sulfuric or hydrochloric acid (just a little) and some orange juice to make it taste better. The parents love it. They say their kids have been coming home beat tired and ready for bed around 8:00. They get a lot of alone time!!! (And by the way, we avoided the heat stroke by only having them run outside on days when the thermometer is below freezing. Burning so many calories we’ve suggested they avoid hats, gloves and jackets. Frostbite is better than heat stroke any day.)

        Anyway, thought I’d share.

  6. I got crazy results, I gained 265 pounds!!

    • Wait whut? Lol

    • those ARE crazy results…lol

    • You were supposed to watch the dvd’s and actually exercise along. Not eat them!!!!

      • Lol right and the recipe book it includes isnt a daily menu to be prepared and eaten daily. Lol

  7. I’ve tried a couple of these fitness programs and noticed that they all provide a good workout for the amount of time you have. This one seemed like the most intense, but I noticed results much faster. Be warned though, it does drain you at first, but you get used to it afterwards 🙂

  8. I am in my third week of Insanity – It’s tough stuff – I haven’t worked out in 2+ yrs since having my daughter and I can say – it’s kicking my ass. However – after just the first week of it… The wedding dress I bought a size too small – zipped up. It’s no joke.

  9. I am 52, does anyone think I am too old to do this work out? I am not over weight other than a little bit of a beer belly pudge. I am approx 5’8 and 162lbs. and have not done any regular workout programs. My intent is to go at a slow pace and I dont expect to do this in 60 days (not no way not no how)but what I have seen is that this does look like a workout that I can do just not as intense. Is this mostly for the younger crowd in their 30’s & younger?

    • Greg I am 50 and I have always liked exercises like this.I stopped working out and tried different methods.But nothing really worked.Look you have to go at your own pace,drink plenty of water, and follow the correct form .The more you do it the better shape you will get in.It never gets easy but you will be in better shape then you have ever been.It will be hard and you will be sore.One thing I did that helped me out was after I worked out I would go sit in my spa for 10 minutes.

      • Ok, i have recieved me Insanity package and am ready to get started. But, I plan to get started monday (like the calender shows) with an upcoming warrior dash race a few weeks down the road, which will break my routine. If i skip that day and do it the next day i wont get the (rest)day off. not sure how i am going to address this situation. I had thought about working out later in the day after my race. Anyone have any suggestions?

  10. I am 57, 5. 11 and 185 Lbs, and I just finished my 60 day program. It is not an easy workout as you have already guessed; scarifies 60 days of hard work for a better shape of you! You will sweat and you may need to buy a cheap heart monitor to keep watch of your activities and progress. Now I am still 57, 5.11, but 15lb lighter, and started to see a fraction of my six packs, And my heart beat is around 55 to 60 at the rest time, nice reward!
    PS watch out for the puddle of water because you will slip

  11. Everyone, I am 62; yes, that is right and I began this program on as a joke from my kids! I am doing this with 6 others that are in their 40’s to 50s. We are having a ball; yes it is very difficult and I am sore most of the time but I am down 7 pounds now, I am toned and can see all my verticule abs. I am starting week 6 now ( month 2) and wow, what a change up from the first month…. of course, I am not doing every excerise to completion but I am averaging about 85-90 percent of month one and only 50 percent of month two right now. I love this program and will start again when I finish this first round. I highly recommend this even if you only achieve parts of the workout…. stick with it and it will pay off each day! Thanks for listening to me, the old guy!

    • Great to know that a person that is your age is enduring that so called “insane” workout. I am 15 and I weigh around 118 lbs. I am about 5′ and 3/4 of an inch. I am not entirely overweight, but I do have what appears to be a belly pudge and I really want to lose it. I’ve lost a few pounds by just running and doing some ab workouts but your comment really motivated me, considering the age you are at! Will definitely order it in a few days.


  12. This sounds interesting. I have been looking for something to help me with cardio. I am 37 years old and
    6’2″ 266lbs and have trouble running. My feet and joints give me trouble. I can only assume it’s because of my weight. I have a lot of muscle mass but my body fat is about 25%. My question is: How hard is this program going to be on my joints. Im the kinda guy who will make myself do anything I set my mind to no matter how bad it hurts, I just dont want to injur myself.

    • Wearing knee and ankle braces help a lot while working out…. U can tell the differencr between muscle sores and joint issues. Start regularly working out to build ya strength then do the insanity work out will be a bit better for u.

    • I found that drinking Glucosamine (Joint Juice) helps with the joint pain. You can purchase it at any local grocery store or pharmacy and it tastes pretty good! Good Luck and pay attention to your body, even if you do only 50% of the workout you see some results!

    • Hi Hammer,
      I have not tried Insanity yet, but I am planning on it very soon. I want to share some information on a phenomenal line of 100% natural supplements I have been using. The product line is called dub nutrition. The signature product dub Youth is great for inflammation. Four years ago I went through radiation and chemo which really weakened my body. In addition I have arthritis, but taking the dub Youth has taken my pain away and now I at age 33 I am able to move around pain free and with energy like when I was 18! A friend of mine that was taking narcotics for his chronic back pain started taking the dub Youth and was able to get off the narcotics because of the success he has had with the Youth. dub Muscle is a product for lean muscle building and tissue support. It doesn’t bulk you up. It actually helps lessen muscle soreness from working out. There is also a fat burner, protein, and energy shot that are exceptionally good. These products might help you conquer the Insanity workouts. I became an independent distributor for dub after trying the products, as I was totally blown away by what they have done for me. You can read more of my testimonies on my Facebook page:

      I wish you much success in your cardio and overall health!

    • Hey Hammer.
      You’re not the only one with skeletal issues. Like yourself, my feet & ankles get exceptionally sore. I lost 30lbs, but didn’t help the problem.
      You really need to make sure your trainers are suitable for the job in hand & strap your feet & ankle joints up. Thats what I do & it seems to work for me.I also watch when doing things with a lot of directional changes. That seems to kill my feet for days!
      Hope this helps.

  13. Is my 12 year old daughter to young to do the Insanity workout?

    • no, you should at least let her try

    • I would talk to her doctor first before starting anything..

    • No, I do it with my mom and its not too bad, I just need to rest a lot lol

  14. Hi. I am 42, 22 years ago I had a Caesarean. Unfortunately, it was old school and I was cut hip to hip. I have tried everything it seems to build those muscles back up and nothing has worked. So I did what most people do, I have pretty much given up and accepted my fate that I will always have an ugly stomach. I saw the infomercial for this a few min ago and I am wondering, will this help me to get rid of this and give me my confidence back? I really would like an honest answer before I purchase this. I have been in the past and am again willing to do pretty much anything to get rid of this.

    • Hi Tammy was wondering if you actually bought the insane workouts? If you did, did it help with the c -section belly? I unfortunately have had 3 c-sections, and i definately know what you mean about accepting fate… i would like to know how you went before I commit to buying this product

    • I also have had c sections but mine were the ones belly button down .Will this workout help me finally lose my huge gut ? Tired of looking pregnant lol

  15. Quick question for anyone who has tried insanity, how many days a week is required to the workouts??

    • Six days a week, you get a rest day every 5.


    • Yes, you could do this work out, but depending on your current level of activity, I would highly suggest modifying the workouts, (ie; for push-ups start on your knees and do half of what the video is telling you…Instead of jumping, you could do squats). You may also want to consider the first week or two just doing a video every other day. Technically that would put you at a 74 day workout, but those 74 days are going to come anyway. A good Personal trainer is hard to find & they would cost a fortune for 2-3 months.

  17. I am female, 49 years old, and my 22 and 24 year old sons (already in fairly good shape-hehe, we’ll see!) keep begging me to buy the program. I know I won’t keep up with them physically. But the one thing that they can’t hang with me on is my resolve and discipline. I am currently on a 5 lb per week weight loss pace(last 3 weeks) and am more motivated than ever. My only question/concern is, how much space, including vertical, is required? My youngest is 6’7″ and has a wing-span of an albatross! So, can we do this? Are they asking too much?

  18. I want to gain some mass. Is insanity good in that case?

    • Paul, this will help you gain mass but only in conjunction with the correct diet. You need to do a bit of research on the right foods to eat, there is loads of stuff on the web although some of it contradictory so be careful.

      In regard to the program, I have only just started and I agree with everyone it is tough, I am 50 and consider myself relatively fit, I have a home gym which I use most days, I run and I cycle very regularly. Let me tell you after a couple of days of this I have aches in places I had forgotten existed which although perhaps a little perverse I am delighted about. Loving this insanity.

  19. I am 52 years old and the mother two college age children and I’m loving Insanity! Yes, it hurts and yes, everyday I ask my self why are you putting yourself through this but I look in the mirror and say Wow! I do have one question though…why am I gaining weight? I’ve packed on an extra 7 lbs! I follow the guide that came with the program and I even run at least two miles a day along with my Insanity workout. My thighs look Great but they are getting bigger I.e., more muscular, my abs look amazing! I can see a six pack coming, so with that said; should I be concerned about the weight gain?

    • Salena, it is normal for weight gain with proper diet and exercise. You are cutting out pounds of fat, but gaining muscle, and muscle weighs more then fat, this is why you are seeing weight gain. A person’s weight is not an accurate way to measure progress, unless you have a lot of fat to burn. Also please take into consideration your fluid and food intake that can alter your weight at the time of measurement by up to +/- 4 lbs. Good luck!

      • Actually a pound is a pound is a pound. A pound of muscle is a lot SMALLER than a pound of fat. So even though she is gaining muscle, her body is still getting leaner.

        • I hear that a lot – “a pound is a pound.” Yes it is, but a brick of fat will weigh less than a brick of muscle. So you can look the same, or even a bit smaller, and easily weigh more.

  20. I am a 25 yr old female I weigh 210 and im 5′ 7” I dnt really wanna gain muscle mass just burn fat . Quickly ! my goal is 160. is this the rite program for me ?

    • The ratio of losing fat to muscle gain is much much greater. Go for it.

  21. You call that a success?

  22. I am a mom of triplets who recently signed up for a half marathon with a lot of hills just to force myself to work out. I have guilt over not spending time with my kids since I have always had 3 to care for at the same time. I feel they don’t get as much of my attention as they should or would if they were singletons. So I am forcing myself to get in shape by the half marathon. I haven’t started running yet because I was on vacation two days after I signed up. However, I want to add to the running so when I do the half I am in good enough shape to finish the race and not be last, without killing myself. : ) I really want to lose weight, get in shape and still have time for my triplets. I have worked out hit and miss since they were born becaue of time constraints. Now that they will be in preschool a few times a week I want to get my pre triplet body back as much as is possible. So how do I incorporate the running and the insanity program together as I would like to start both. I have 14 weeks til the race. Hopefully I will be a more energetic mom too!

    • Hi Triplet Mom, please email me. I have some things that should help you.

  23. Hi, I’m 26 years old, 5”8 and 150lb, I’m been trying to gain weight for long time and I can’t due to high metabolism. Insanity program may help me to gain weight?

    • Cesar, I highly doubt you’d gain weight with Insanity. If you’re looking to gain weight, I’d suggest Body Beast. It’s a mass building program whereas Insanity is a mega fat burning, lean you out kind of program.

  24. Go for it! You will definitely lose the weight. I’m 48 and hadn’t worked out for YEARS. As everyone says… it hurts at first. Expect to go through a few days of mental exhaustion too but don’t stop… even if you can only do a quarter of each set. As long as you keep trying you’ll hit your goal. Of course if you quit… well, you’ll stay on the path you are following.

    One thing I did was simply watch YouTube reviews of real people that have been going through the program… VERY inspiring.

    So, I did two rounds of Insanity last year and lost 10 lbs. I’m 5′ 11″ and started out at 185 lbs (down to 175). While it may not sound like a lot to most, I seemed to gain quite a bit of muscle mass (not as much definition). More importantly, I lost most of that horrible inner tube around the midsection. Well worth the investment.

    Following those 120 days I had to take some time off and do some other types of workouts. Unfortunately, the workouts were not as “fruitful” as insanity and I put a lot of the weight back on. I restarted Insanity about a month and a half ago and I’ve shed 5 lbs so far. I expect to lose another 5 before it’s all over. I don’t want to lose much more…

    Follow the diet suggestions as best you can. Do the calculations to determine your recommended calorie intake and stick to it. It’s hard at first but you’ll look forward to those 5 meals throughout the day. I too noticed that you HAVE to get ALL of those calories. Maybe it’s my age but I found when I didn’t eat enough my workout/mind suffered horribly.

    Good Luck… now just go and do it 😉

  25. Hi,

    Im 22 years old girl 5ft 2 and 170lb.. i want to loose abit of wight and tone up, will Insainty be good for me?

    • Yes! But maybe you should start with a beginner program so you don’t get frustrated with Insanity and quit. I suggest you start with a program like Slim in 6 or Power 90.

  26. Im really skinny. I don’t know if I can do this. Whoever finished this what would you recommend? I don’t really know if you should do it of your skinny. Any insights?

    • Fro, maybe you should try one of Beachbody’s muscle building programs like ChaLEAN Extreme or they have a new one called Body Beast.

  27. is this an high impact workout? i want to give it a try but i am concerned how hard it is on the knees. As an ex-semi pro rugby player I am use to hard training, but now at 47 yrs old I haven’t trained to hard over the last 4 or 5 years. I had a knee op a couple of years back which included removing some floating cartlidge. this looks a great workout but will it further damage my knees?

  28. Hi Joe! Great job. I’m about to start Insanity soon. I just got it last week. I’ve done but not completed P90X and ChaLEAN Extreme. What do you know about the business?

  29. If anyone needs help with keeping accountable with these programs, I run an accountability group and can help you. Find me and friend me on Facebook under Kristan Farr.

    • Is it free to join?

  30. I am overweight and looking forward to the good results…or a heart attack anyway! Still, nothing ventured, nothing gained 😉

    • Go very slow during your practice if you have been inactive; not walking the neighborhood, mowing your lawn, bending and pulling weeds, or have not gone for a jog a while. My neighbor had a slight heart attack and he has stopped the plan. Yo may want to include extra activities alike walking or joggingtoo.
      The result will show at the end as you put some serious discipline in your efforts. You will be surprised.

  31. How can I find out my body fat percentage without a doctor?

    • You may buy an inexpensive scale from a local store, bath and beyond. This will calculate your body fat instantly.

  32. Umm well im 17 and I weight 243.6 lbs. I startediInsanity a week ago because im about to graduate hogh school and because I was tired of havin to shop in the plus size section of stores and wearing really lose clothes because I was scared that a tight shirt would show my belly and ive neverrr.worn a pair of shorts to school or shorts shirys because im ashamed of how I look and its no ones fault but mine so hopefully insanity will give me the confidence I need to wear a tight short sleeved shirt and some tight skinny jeans to school

    • Hi Jazzy,
      Good for you for taking this program on. It sounds like you think about your body a lot, and I know it’s hard to feel ashamed to wear certain clothes. It’s a really brave thing to start this workout. Know that you may feel discouraged at times – and out of breath a lot of the time! But take your rests and jump back in when you can. Know that you are not alone, and also know that skinny jeans are just what’s on the outside– what makes you amazing is what’s on the inside. Remember to honor yourself in this process– you are a warrior just for showing up! Good luck!!!!

  33. I am 41 years old, 5’11” and 130lbs and I just want to be well toned and not loose weight because I am slim already! Would this be a good exercise program for me?

  34. hi i’m coming up to 71 and keep reasonably fit. 6’2″ 182lbs, slim and feel that I want to increase my fitness. I don’t have joint problems any where on my body and do not take any kind of medication. Does any one think Insanity would be a step too far for me?

    • My husband is almost 73 and he began Insanity last summer to get into shape for an extreme hunting trip. I thought he was crazy. He only did the first 30 days with some modification…kept it low impact. Wow! His fitness level improved dramatically. We began the program together October 2012. I hate exercise and only agreed because I thought it would take less time than driving to a gym, doing an hour class of something that I would find somewhat fun, and then driving home again. After all, 35 to 40 minutes of exercise that I could do at home. No brainer! I am 65. In 45 days, I went from a size 16 to a size 6. I, obviously, took more breaks, did girl push-ups, didn’t jump, but I can now do plank push ups and I do jump. We have started Insanity again, after completing the max interval training…usually couldn’t finish it all and would jump ahead to the final stretching but we improved so much. Strength, flexibility, balance have increased dramatically. Blood pressure, resting pulse rate, cholestrol level improved so much that I feel like I am in my early 30’s. Beachbody should gives me a percentage of all the Insanity programs that have been purchased by friends, family members, my doctor’s staff, etc. They take one look at me and ask me what I have done. Insanity! Some order it the same day. So based on my age and my husbands…go for it. We have no history of heart problems so didn’t get checked by our doctor…should have, though, and I would recommend it before beginning Insanity. I have never worked so hard it my life but 35 minutes a day and I am done. One other thing, the high lasts all day, at least for me. Running use to do it for me but the high was just a fleeting thing but now all day??! Maybe it’s because I’m older but who cares. I love being healthy, looking great, the high, and Insanity!

      • I agree, the insanity high is something I haven’t gotten from any other workout program.

  35. I’m 39 and in fairly good shape (well, ok, about average, but not obese)… I still have a sixpack, but I think that is just my natural “form”… just dumb luck… however I have a damaged L5/S1 vertebral disc with loss of signal, which makes even normal workouts difficult, however I have looked at some areas of the infomercial, which do not involve jumping up and down which would crush the disc on my pelvis resulting in nervous psiatic pains and the like… I already do some form of exersize, but it involves light dumbells and not running and walking too much which exagerate my problem… however, I wonder if I couldn’t substitude extra areas of say punching exersizes or the floor crunches or the core-muscle pressups with leg lift typ[e exersizes in place of those that would make my back problem flare up? In fact I have even started to incorporate some of them into my usual routine… however on that note, just out of personal interest, to get some idea of the fitness and challenge involved, how long would the actual interval of any one exersize be between swapping exersize and/or resting type periods… I mean I can work up a sweat that will soak my t-shirt and soak my hair, t-shirt damp clinging to my back… yeah!!! it feels fantastic… I must be almost INSANE! Sweat dripping of my nose… but I just can’t incorporate too much twisting on my pelvis for extended periods… I suppose I could do some lighter twisting, I know that defeats the spirit to some extent… but nervous syatic pains are no joking matter either (sigh)… I found one sort of substitute was using two objects at over waste height, say a banister rail and barrier or two arms of some parrellel bar style construction can be used… lifting the legs up to the horizontal until my guts feel tight and my shoulders tremble… that doesn’t crush the disc so much, but is pretty good for the abs. So again, how long is any ONE exersize group expected to last, before changing exersize or resting? can anyone tell me, or is that part of the “secret”?

  36. Well, looking at the figures and using a bit of basic guesswork… erm.. 1st month 2intervals of rest/gentle and 3 intervals of intense… so 2x+3y = 30 mins… hmmm, well, the 3y has to be divisible by 3, after 2x has been subtracted from 30, so hmm, 9 mins intense, 1.5 mins rest, 9 mins hard work, 1.5 mins rest, 9 mins hard work… would be a roughish guess?

    Hmm, well I shall try to manage that… but is that 9 mins of hard work, 9 mins of the same exersize or say 3mins of 3 different hard exersizes? That way, the hardwork on one area is cleverly outweighed and allowed a working recuperation by 3 minutes of working elsewhere, but meanwhile the heart and lungs etc are still going full out?

    Dunno. Think its something like that, the bloke certainly seems to know how to get results though… I certainly wouldn’t dismiss it for anyone without too great a physical injury who wanted to really push themselves… and lets face it even 30 mins of that, is like running what a 6 minute mile for 30 mins, not the average gentle 8 minute mile jog or anything, that’s energy equivalent to REALLY running about 5 miles… man! that is intense… for a first month… by the second month its over 7 and a half mile… RUN!

  37. I started insanity about 3 weeks ago and wow! I wasn’t in the greatest shape, even the warm-ups were tough at first. After the first full week once I ran through each workout, I noticed each workout was not as tough as the first attempt (still very hard though). I stick to the diet pretty well, except on Sunday (your off day), I do cheat a little but I try not to go overboard. Anyway, so far I have noticed pretty good results but I am only 3 weeks in. The second phase is, from what I have heard, where things really get fun and you start to really see the extra tone in your body. Looking forward to it, but all in all, this is a great workout!

    • I an Carter – Well I am 27 and the workout is, like I said in my previous comment, very tough. The one nice thing I did notice about the workout is Shaun T really “persuades” you to push push push, but he also will say it’s ok to take a break when you need to. It’s good that he pushes you, but of course you need to push within reason. Realistically, I would recommend this to anyone regardless of age and/or fitness level, just know your limits, and wear a heart rate monitor like Shaun T Recommmends. Hope this helps.

  38. I’m 20 years old and ive been doing the insanity workout with my girlfriend everyday besides Sunday’s, , is it bad that workout at the gym too?? I eat healthy but I take testorone boosters, creatine, protein, I’m just not sure if that’s bad to do, lifting weights and doing this workout too??

    • The biggest thing to remember is your muscles onyl grow while you are resting. If you are overworking yourself, you will either be sore all the time, or you will not get any stronger, or even get weaker. If you are still able to progress, then chances are you are okay. I am only 26 myself so i am also young and can push myself before my body lets me know. Insanity is pretty crazy so just make sure you are not overworking your body.

  39. Hi I’m 22, 6ft 1. And weigh about 15st 4. Just looking to get ripped and lose body fat, I’m not worried about putting on muscle size as I’m a fairly bit set anyway. Just need something to burn body fat!!

    Is this the DVD for me??help!!!


  40. I’m 23 and just had a baby 6 weeks ago. I gained 75 pounds during my pregnancy and lost about 20 since breastfeeding. I weigh about 200 pounds now and 5’7. I use to work out a lot before I got pregnant but gained so much during pregnancy. I want to do insanity, is this right for me? I want really fast results and I want a strong metabolism

  41. Hello! I’m 27 and weigh about 195. I currently started the 2nd month of cds a few days ago. I was on weight watchers before starting insanity and have continued it up until now. I have lost 10 lbs since starting insanity, but I honestly have not seen the results I want/or even expected. (guess I had/have high expectations) I know my 60 days aren’t up yet. My concern is that with weight watchers, am i getting enough food in order to see the results or would I be better off counting calories like the “diet plan” suggests?

    Thanks! 🙂

  42. I am on day 21 and have missed 6 days all together due to being in hospital. And Shaun T has my 1000 percent back, my ass is looking like a bag of money my stomach is not as big my waist has lost 4inches i went from a 36 to 32.Some of the stiff I can not do but I do with support from table and still getting same results.The only thing is I hate my legs seem to be getting to much musles and that is where i hold weight and wanted it to go away.I have not changed my diet to much being I love to eat oatmeal and tuna all the time.I have even stop smoking as much since I STARTED THIS PROGRAM.I may have to do 90 days to get the results i need.With all that is wrong with me medically I was able to do this my kids started with me but quit i was at a point of I could not get up the steps and was only able to wear strech pants.To many people I did not look big but my heath told me lose or die at 50 as my mom and her parents,I have to do this if I cannt I dont know.See what look thick is untamed fat I could not even get out the car I was sweating all day and night all from weight.My rings are falling off my fignures and have to be refit, I have room in my shoes.Now if my thights go down I can stop this fire and save the inside of my pants but it dont seem to be working they just getting thicker and thicker. If I lose another 25lbs I can fit back in my clothes that I love because I refuse to buy any clothes and cannt afford to so its cheaper to lose and get back in my old clothes.

  43. My 12 year old son and I are doing insanity. It’s tough but we have a common goal… To spend time together and motivate each other in a tough situation. Lol. I’m a single parent of one and we are making time to do this. We are on week one and we are so sore but have been hydrating well and adding vitamins and veggies. He has agreed to try different foods also that are healthier. The catch? 200 dollars at the end if he sticks to it! Nothing wrong with a little motivation?

  44. I’m 22 and I weigh 276 should I get the insanity work out or am I too big. I don’t want to hurt myself?

    • You have to start somewhere, and while Insanity is tough, you can always tailor it to your needs. It won’t make a big difference what your starting weight is. Just remember to keep track of your results so you can see how far you’ve come. Don’t believe anyone who tells you that you can’t do it – as long as you follow the proper form as shown in the videos, you won’t injure yourself.

  45. i hav a big belly n wanna loose all those fat. is this da programme for me cos i wanna see ma abs

    • Insanity should be perfect for you 🙂

  46. Is this ok for people who are heavier about 14 stone could u do this for 60 days to get weight off and then do it for another 60 to get muscle

    • You’ll always build muscle and burn fat each time you go through the course. So if you haven’t met your fitness goals the first time through, you can absolutely take it for another spin. You may be surprised by your initial results though!

  47. Hey Joe, thank you so much for your review, but I has a question that really has not been answered.I am 5’5 and I weight 220lbs,I am out of shape, would this be something I could do,I know I can push myself I’ve done it this to hard for very out of shape or is it possible if you or sure you can push hard.

    • Insanity is tough so a lot of it is in the mind. It doesn’t matter a great deal what your starting weight and height is – to me, it sounds like you’re in the right mind-frame so I believe you can do it. Insanity involves a lot of cardio so you can prepare by doing some running first. Let me know how it goes!

      • Don’t ever try sell your copy on ebay they report you for copyright and get you suspended for 7 days

  48. i am 283 lbs at the age of 27 and out of shape badly i am in my first week
    of insanity workout i will make it threw the first sixty days i think have to do again sixty days to loss this weight

    • Go Stephen!!!

      The hardest part of anything new is actually starting it….Well done!!!

  49. Who ever thinks its a good idea for a gym teacher to put kids through an intense work out like insanity are totally sick in the head! In the UK this would be classed as child abuse! They’re bones haven’t developed properly, and kids are naturally energetic enough! Don’t your schools have keystage requirements?? Policies you have to follow?? This is absolutely disgusting and shocking! These are not negative comments they are facts! The reason kids are fat in America is because the stupid parents give them pancakes for breakfast and “peanut butter and jelly sandwiches”! Plus your mcdonalds portions are 10 x bigger than ours! Adults need to take responsibility of what their kids are eating, not let their kids eat whatever they want and then torture them with a with an intense workout regime designed for adults! For Gods sake, you would think that a country that has no NHS system and has to pay for health insurance would have more common sense to take care of themselves and their kids!

    • Well said! Agreed. Here in Canada we’d never allow that, and yes the food is horrible in North America. The cereal isle alone should be called a candy isle. Refined sugar is often the second ingredient, after corn! Lazy or overworked parents don’t do many physical activities with their kids, or ever get them to do active chores anymorw…and everyone is on Facebook now to boot! These kids need to take some leaves, shovel snow, walk the dog and take out the trash!! Looking forward to trying Insanity myself next week though. Winter can be a real down time for fitness in the suburbs.

  50. I am 21, My workouts before consisted of running, but after my knees gave me troubles I decided to try insanity because I know others that had great results, and it was cheaper than joining the gym. I slapped on a couple knee braces and this workout has both kicked my ass and made it rock solid in just 2 weeks. It is usually 40 minutes but that time flies, plus you are constantly stretching and getting small breaks so you minimize your soreness. If you feel like you’re getting wiped after the first couple days, just hang on because you honestly gain so much power and it is such a motivator. I have never had a workout that I am dripping sweat but feeling good. Shaun T is also the most awesome motivator.

  51. I am 38 yrs old I have had back surgery last year and that part is totally fixed. I have gained about 15-20 lbs in the mid section and thighs. I want to do exercise, I am having some pain due to a herniated disc, but take meds o control pain. Do you think this could be something I can try?

    • I’m not a medical professional so I can’t really give advice on that. Always ask your doctor, and tell him or her about Insanity and how it works (they might already know about it) to see what they say before trying a full 90-day course out.


  53. I had the same question….I am a heavy female and didn’t want to be
    A failure in my husbands eyes. I want to get fit, but afraid he’d think less of me
    I couldn’t do a pushup and a full situp.

    • I believe you have to take little steps to reach long-term goals. Nobody is a failure if they try their best. Insanity is a great way to prove to your husband, and to yourself, that you can do it.

  54. Hi I am 22 years old my weight is 235 lbs my height is 5’8 1/2. So I am considered obese. Do you think this program can help me? I am truly considering it, but if you think it’s too much let me know thanks!

    • Insanity is tough no matter what your starting point. If you are dedicated to achieving your fitness goals, then it will not be too much. Try out the workouts, and anything you can’t finish the first time, you can improve on the next time. Insanity is quite flexible, so you can modify the workouts to suit your needs. I say go for it! It has changed lives before, it’s up to you if you want to change yours.

  55. Hi once I complete the challenge do i need to start all over again

    • That’s entirely optional but it’s certainly a great idea! At this point you could pick your favorite workouts and stick to doing them every week, or you could try a new workout (see my other reviews, e.g. P90X, Les Mills Pump, Rushfit). Many people enjoy Insanity so much that they make it a part of their lives and keep repeating the 90-day cycle. It’s up to you 🙂

      • Hey Joe,

        I’m 30 and in ok shape. About the only exercise I do now is run 2-3 times per week and play rec sports. I really would like to drop about 10-15 pounds and tone up especially in the stomach area. Of the workout that you’ve done would you recommend Insanity over the other workouts that you’ve done?


  56. Hi I’m 26 and been going to the gym for about a year and a half now.
    Main goal to tone up and gain a bit of mass, I weigh 11. 7 stone and I’m just not totally happy with the results.
    If I did this workout would I loose the little results I have already or would it make me more toned, put on muscle and loose the love handles

    • You will build muscle and put on mass if you commit to Insanity. That said, I recommend P90X over Insanity because it focuses more on weight training. It sounds like you know what your goals are and you will keep pushing until you reach them, which is fantastic. Try Insanity if you like what you’ve heard about it so far – you won’t lose the progress you’ve made so far in the gym, you’ll enhance it.

  57. Ok I am 20 about 6’3″ and I just recently purchased the Insanity workout and I weigh about 280. I just get tired of looking at myself in the mirror. So do you think Insanity is right for me?

    • Absolutely. Great to hear you’ve gone for Insanity, one of my favourites. As you’ve just purchased your copy, my best advice to you is to stick with it. It’s designed to show the greatest results towards the latter end of the program, as it picks up in intensity later on, believe me. Remember it’s not just about losing weight – you are transforming your body, dropping the fat and building muscle. Also, I suggest doing tracking the right way – measure your inches as well as your weight. You might notice your weight remains fairly stable (or even gain a pound or 2) at the start, but your body will be going through an amazing transformation.

      • Thanks Joe I am starting it next Monday. I am pretty excited for it because i have done a lot of workouts since I finished high school.and I seen results but we had to quit the workouts. Have you done both the P90X and Insanity? If you have which one is better in your opinion?

        • They’re definitely 2 of my favorite workouts. They’re quite different in a number ways really. I like the flexibility of P90X, the fact that you can choose which version to do (effectively different difficulty levels) and that it combines resistance workouts with cardio workouts. Insanity is also great because the workouts are a bit shorter, require no equipment (great for travelling) and I love how Shaun T motivates you.

          Overall, P90X is better if you want to bulk up. Insanity is great to really push yourself with a cardio workout. I can’t really choose between them because they’re like apples and oranges 🙂

          • Yeah i was thinking about doing P90X after I get done with Insanity. I get finished with my second week of Insanity tomorrow. And you don’t see a lot of results until the second month of Insanity right?

          • Second month is where it really gets going. The workouts are harder but you start to see real changes in your body. Keep going 🙂

  58. I just started Insanity 2 days ago and am so sore but love it! I did P90X for a while and liked it too but this one seems to kick my butt more! I am 5’6″ and weight 154 so I’ve got 25 pounds to lose to get back to the weight I was was when I met my hubs 6 years agon and before I had my son. I can and will do it with Insanity. Everyone I know who does it is seeing great results.

  59. Hi I already go to the gym 3 times a week to do weights (Monday Tuesday and Thursday) and 3 days cardio (football Sunday and Thursday with practice Tuesdays) but still have a lot of fat I want to shift will insanity be too much on top of what I do? Thanks for the help in advance guys

    • In my opinion, it’s good to add cardio bit by bit in order not to strain your muscles. Insanity is mainly a cardio workout, so it shouldn’t clash with your weight training. If you can find 40-50 minutes each day to dedicate to further cardio training with Insanity, then I think you can make it work. Have you tried working out in the mornings? I know some people dread it but it does get you going for the day 🙂

      • Yeah currently I do
        Monday – chest and triceps – 9pm
        Tuesday – back and biceps – 10am. Football practice – 7pm
        Wednesday rest
        Thursday – shoulders and forearms am then football at 9pm
        Friday rest
        Saturday – spinning class 9am
        Sunday – football pm
        But football on Tuesdays and Sundays isn’t guaranteed every week. Just don’t want to spend all the money and realise its all a bit too much do you reckon I’d still get good results if I did 4 or 5 days a week?

        • Hey again Harry, yeah I think you’ll still get great benefit from doing Insanity 4 or 5 days a week. If you want, you could cut out the recovery workouts and just do the harder ones. You seem like quite an active person as it is, so you’ll recover fine. You can still take a rest day if you wish too. I like how you seem quite organised too. You’ll be able to handle it no problem! Good luck mate

  60. I am a 19 year old female who’s in pretty good shape but would love to just tone everything up. I’m just under 5’5 and 107 lbs. I’m not interested in losing any weight as I am very slim, I just want to build muscle and tone. Would this program be a good idea for me?

    • I would actually suggest P90X if you want to build muscle and tone up, over Insanity. Insanity is very cardio intense and is designed for fat loss. Many women I speak to are afraid of ‘bulking up’ from programs like P90X, and what that will do to their looks, but it’s really nothing to be worried about.

  61. hey im 15, i do 2 or more hours of sport everyday and i am fit but im quite chubby will this help me lose weight???

  62. Hi,
    I just wanted to find out a little more info. I regularly play soccer and lacrosse so am usually training/playing 3-4 days a week. The extra gym sessions I try and fit in between are slow progress and would obviously like to give insanity a go to maximise my potential, increase muscle quicker and be as fit as I can be.
    I do not expect to be able to keep up throughout the 60 days but wanted to know if this would be the right program for me as I wouldn’t want it to affect my other sports and game days in a negative way, such as fatigue.
    I look forward to hearing any thoughts.

  63. This is wierd! I weighed 305lbs. I went on weight watchers and dropped to 275 in two 1/2 months. Started the insanity work out and was in the 2nd month 2nd week and had not dropped a pound the whole way, all the while still doing weight watchers( same calorie intake as the insanity). Got frustrated and stopped insanity but stayed with weight watchers. It has been 2 month since I stopped insanity but stuck with weight watchers and I am down another 22lbs.So I started insanity again and have gained weight! I know muscle weighs more than fat but how do you gain 10lbs in 3 weeks from a diet plan that obviously works plus added excersise? HELP!

    • I had a question before on Weight Watchers and Insanity. I recommend that you definitely get in the calories required by the Insanity program for your activity points if you can. Also remember to measure your inches, not just your weight. You might be losing body fat % while your weight fluctuates, and losing body fat is the real goal here.

  64. Has anyone who had a c-section tried the insanity.

    • yes, I had 3 c-section, Just let me say that it’s kicked my ass. I’m on my 4day , it’s hard but, I feel so much better. 4day and I can do 50 push-up. I love it……

  65. I’m real short real thin just started working out a month ago. Just wondering if its worth my time to give this a shot?. I’m not into burning fat, I have none to burn and I don’t need a diet plan. Also, I’m assuming a large space is required for this workout, no?

    • Tally-o
      I do not have a large area.My space is about 10 x10. Some of the exercises look like you move a big distance. You can actually 1/2 step them. So a lot of space is not needed. The only problem I have is a low ceiling in my space so I do not jump as high as I should or could.

  66. Hey guys,

    I need your feedback. I am about to begin the Insanity Challenge but am unable to buy the Results & Recovery Formula and the Shakeology – because these are not shipped outside United States & Canada. My question is, do i really need these? And since i cant get them what brand can i substitute these with for maximum results during these 60 days.


  67. I am 44 years old, 5’7, and weigh 182lbs. My belly is 44 inches. YIKES!!! I have survived breast cancer this year and now my belly is bigger than my new bionic boobs. I had a bilateral mastectomy in February and a tissue expander exchange in June. I have GOT to get my body looking better so I can continue to heal from this whole experience. I don’t like to work out but am feeling quite motivated to do something – no gyms though. I’ve started a folder of pictures of bodies I would like to look like. Do you think I should try this Insanity program? Any helpful suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hey Christine,
      That’s amazing that you’ve come through and survived your breast cancer. I know experiences like that can really change the way you think about your health and how you treat your body.

      So even if you haven’t been big on working out until now, there’s no time like the present 🙂 you may find you enjoy it once you get started. Insanity is a fun workout even if you are just beginning. I do recommend it over P90X or some of the others because it requires less equipment. It’s also well structured and easy to follow, which may be something that helps motivate you to actually continue working out in the long-term. Don’t be afraid of not completing the workouts – just do what you can do and you’ll improve over time. Set short-term weight loss goals and track your progress. Good luck! (I’m no fan of the gym either by the way)

  68. Ok so I am only 20 years old. I’m 6’1 and I guess I weigh about 185. So I’m not really overweight I just have like small gut that I can’t stand to look at. Will insanity help me get rid of that belly fat if I follow the meal plan to the t? I’d also like to get a little more toned too, all over my body like legs and arms and chest. I’m just concern about the possibility of me getting a heart attack from doing this program lol

    • Absolutely, it’s great to tone up those abs and reduce belly fat. Remember that when you work out, you lose fat from all over your body, not just in specific areas. It’s tough of course but that’s what it takes to annihilate the fat 🙂

  69. I’m 23, I’ve got good muscular arms and chest but when it gets to my core it’s just pudgy (not overweight) I want to tone it up, will this work? ater the 60days do I just continue wit the 2nd month DvD’s? I would hate to get great results and lose them because there is no constant regime after 2 months

    • You have a few choices after finishing. Continuing on with just month 2 is quite common and will definitely maintain your physique. It’s up to you and what you enjoy really. The other Beachbody workouts are great as well if you’re up for a new challenge.

  70. Hello I am 21 years old weight 185 lbs and just ordered insanity. I am pretty worried about how the program works considering my asthma is pretty bad, but am willing to go for it because I am willing to do this challenge to transform myself to the body I have dreamt of. I was in pretty good shape before my car accident and since then have went down hill. This workout program could make me finally be confident in the way I look. Do you think this is the right program for me?

    • I don’t have experience with asthma myself. I can only recommend you ask your doctor specifically about using Insanity and what safety measures you can take. I would at least suggest working out with a friend so you have someone with you. If you can cope with the levels of cardio then the workout will work as normal of course, and will be great to get you in good shape.

  71. Hello I am just giving feedback. I have done the insanity challenge 3x now. From start to finish and I would tell anyone that this really DOES work! After doing countless hours of research on how to tone your body and being lean EVERY workout system that I found that seemed to work and have scientific proof behind it did the SAME workouts as Shaun T does. This program is not for the weak. I wanted to find a program that pushed me because unlike some stories I’ve heard; I cannot just walk daily and lose any weight. I need high intensity since I come from dance/gymnast/karate background. I always figured my body “needed” High intensity because of my past and being athletic. Wrong!! If you really want to burn the fat (which lies over all your muscles) then you must do high intensity workouts that don’t last for hours because its the after burn that matters the most No MATTER what your background is. This program is awesome and although it may feel like your dying when u first start do NOT give up! I’ve talked to so many people who get the program (spend the $$$) and do the first 2 days and quit. It’s not for the faint at heart but that is called drive and determination. You can do it and it does become easier. I used to think it was all about muscle confusion like p90x but neither is about that, it’s about the intensity of the burn. That being said beachbody has done amazing with all that they offer!! Insanity. P90x. And Chalean extreme. Hope this review helps those out there wondering if they should start. Get to it and don’t give up, no matter how much you want to!

  72. Sick workout, I just ordered the workout and I love it. I will reciev the workout DVD box tomorrow and i can not wait. Im reading review all over the place now can’t wait. DO IT!

  73. hi just got my insanity pack through the door. have bought cheap keep an eye on my heart rate. not sure what my resting rate is
    but mainly what percentage i should work it to for max results. say my resting rate is 75 what should i work to? iam 53 yrs old 200lbs dont do any cardio but have done full yr of bodybuilding so need the cardio for my gut height 5.11

    • I believe the maximum heart rate you should work to will depend on your history of exercising. There’s an old rule that you take 220 and subtract your age. However, if you are generally quite fit and work out a lot, it’s more like 205 (or 210 for women), and divide your age by 2. So as you are 53, if you think you’re quite fit, try this: 205 – (53/2) = 178.5. Hope that helps

      • thanks for that joe,i wonder if i could be so cheeky to ask what my calorie intake should be for each meal divided into five as worked out by the method in the nutrional book. (ie. hight weight and age as above) As i have worked this out at 600 calories per meal surley this is too much please advise.Cheers in advance colin

      • I considered myself quite fit as I finished P90X the day before starting Insanity.

        I have seen over 200 on the heart rate monitor.

        I am 50 btw.

  74. I am what is considered a healthy weight (58kg and 172cm) however I really feel that I have to much weight still on my ass and thighs that I would like gone and then of course tone everywhere. Would this work for me?

    • Certainly, it will help lose weight all over your body. There’s not much you can do to focus on one area but Insanity is a great overall program and should work in your case.

  75. My wife and I have been doing P90X for a year now and are about to start our Insanity journey. We’re in our mid 50’s and have gotten into pretty good shape over the past year but know Insanity will be a challenge. Wish us luck!

    • Good luck!

  76. I’m 5’9 and weigh only 120 pounds. I am one of these people that doesn’t gain weight. Most people laugh when I say that, but it’s no joke. As a male I want to be a bit bigger and also to not freeze during winter! Will this help with building muscle? I’m self-conscious and the idea of going to a gym with all the muscly people around turns me off. I eat but just can’t put on weight. People ask me: “do you eat?”. Of course I eat, I just can’t explain it. I have been checked for different things like diabetes and I am fine, so it’s a complete mystery.

    • I’m not a big fan of the gym myself. It’s fine for people who enjoy it, but some people just don’t. As for gaining weight – all you can do is test new things to see what works for you. I would suggest you go with Insanity as your exercise (it’s good to have a program to follow), and track exactly how much protein you eat each DAY. Don’t look at it per meal, but per day. Try to eat 20-30 grams of protein at breakfast, soon after waking up. This has a big effect on the body. If you aren’t gaining weight, look at your protein levels and increase them. Keep track of it over time and see if you can get the results you’re after.

      I’d love to hear if you manage to achieve your weight gain goals, so be sure to check back and let me know!

      • Thank you so much for replying. I am seriously over being underweight and I intend to try and make a change. I will check back with my progress from time to time.

    • If you are not doing this already: Eat more at more times. 2 big meals a day isnt going to cut it. Try to aim for 5 different meals a day. This wil increase your apetite becouse of your increased methabolism and you will also increase the amount if calories you take. Aim for over 3000 kcal and you will most likely put on weight.

      • Yes I agree on all this, great points

  77. OMG! I just did the second dvd- This is serious. I had to stop once to prevent vomitting. I had to alter the workout to my ability for some of the exercises. This is really tough. I think you will have to eat right and stay hydrated daily while doing this work out! I am 5’1 and 116 lbs. and this is the biggest physical challenge ever! I hope to finish it- maybe with some breaks! Good luck yall!!!

  78. Hi
    Great review!
    I have just done week 1 of INSANITY and am finding it really good! It is a hard workout but you feel so good after completing it.
    I am dreading month 2 after reading so many comments about the change!
    I am 29, 6’2 and 226 lbs
    I am struggling to eat so much food – 5 meals a day is fine but I reckon my calorie intake is only around 1400 per day … is this too low? I am worried about my body going into starvation mode but I can’t eat 3000 cals daily

    • Hey Tom. Always great to hear another Insanity newbie getting started. You should look forward to month 2, that’s when you really feel it 🙂 First of all I’ll say that I doubt your body is going anywhere near starvation mode, unless you’re really not eating much at all. 1400 calories a day is ample to keep that away. I’ll recommend you check out this link as well (I just posted it to somebody else asking about calories):

  79. Thanks Joe
    Thanks for taking the time to reply – I’ll stick to the 1400

  80. I tried Insanity a few months ago and it kicked my ass. I felt great during that month (aside from my whole body being sore during the first week) but then my knee started to act up. My doctor told me to stop, so sadly, I never got to finish the program. Assuming you don’t have bad knees/joints, I’d say it’s definitely worth doing. I went along with the nutrition plan except for Saturdays (I had to have my cheat days) throughout that entire time, and I saw results, even from just one month. I never kept track of my weight but I could tell that my entire body was toning up. Last night I tried a shorter version of an Insanity workout (from when Shaun T was on Dr. Oz) and it kicked my butt…and made my knee act up again. 🙁 No more Insanity for me…or at least not until I work up the strength in my knees to handle it. Great review though and pretty accurate from my experience.

  81. I want to thank you for your informative review. I committed to doing Insanity with my husband. I would consider myself a full figured woman. I have lost over 60 pounds working out with a personal trainer, but still have the pudgy stomach and cottage cheese legs. I figured that after the boxing classes and working out with a trainer, that I will be able to “easily” do Insanity. WOW…was I wrong. At first, I was disappointed in myself for not being able to make it through the workouts. Thanks to Shaun T’s motivation, I realized that as long as I go at my own pace and keep pushing myself, I am doing great. Well…this is week three for me. I am slowly starting to see changes in my body. I did the fit test again today, and boy have I improved. I could barely do 1 pushup (unless it was modified), but now, I’m able to do it!!!! That is a victory for me. I am not eating much better now too. My goal is to finish this workout with my husband. Of course, since I made this commitment with him, he has agreed to to Hip Hop Abs with me. This workout is hard as “fill in the blank”, but I feel so much better now and my nutrition is much better. I would consider this not just a 60 day change, but a life change.

    • Thanks for sharing this with us, Sherry. Inspiring and very true.

  82. I just started this workout yesterday but I started on day 2. I am 21 yrs old. 5’4 and 152 lbs and I barely get any activity in during the day because of my desk job. I didn’t even make it through the first 10 minutes before I had to stop because I was getting dizzy headed. haha.
    My question is though, is it normal to not be able to finish the workout in the beginning? Also, will I still see results if I can’t finish some of the vids, but still just push as far as I can possibly go? This workout is seriously brutal.

  83. Hello,
    I’m 15 years old. This is my first week of insanity and I have not gotten any results.

    • Keep at it! Are you measuring your inches as well as your weight? Also, remember the diet is half the battle. If your goal is to bulk up, keep track of your proteins. You can increase them if you aren’t reaching your goals.

  84. So two questions 1. How long is the work out each day? 2. I’m 30 and in somewhat good shape and want to get rid of the “spare time” around my stomach. My goal is to loose about 10 lbs but more importantly get rid of the belly fat. What are realistic expectations that I should have for this?


    • Hey Chad – if you stick to the plan, you can expect to achieve that goal and probably more if you want to. The workouts vary in length, and change between months. So the average is maybe 40 minutes for month 1, and 55 minutes for month 2 when you really are pushing yourself.

  85. Hi I just seen the infomercial & I’ve heard about people on Facebook using Insanity. I’ll be 19 in march, im 5’1 & I weigh 110 lbs. I just had a baby, I’m dwn to my pre pregnancy weight but I want to tone up!! I want to gain muscle in my legs my arms everywhere while shaping my body. Do you think insanity would do that for me, or should I keep looking for a workout that will?? Thanks..

  86. Hi I just seen the infomercial & I’ve heard about people on Facebook using Insanity. I’ll be 19 in march, im 5’1 & I weigh 110 lbs. I just had a baby, I’m dwn to my pre pregnancy weight but I want to tone up!! I want to gain muscle in my legs my arms everywhere while shaping my body..I have love handles & a little extra weight on my back. I’ve always struggled with it. & struggled with being skinny everywhere else :/ Do you think insanity would be for me? If not, what would you recommend?

    • Hi Lindsay, Insanity is a very popular program, and there’s a good reason for that. So many people get great results from it. What most people need is motivation to keep them consistent, and that’s what Shaun T gives you. If you follow a good diet (you can follow the nutrition guide in the program if you like, or adapt your own) and keep at it throughout the 2 months, you will definitely bulk up where you want to. It helps you lose body fat while increasing muscle mass, which is perfect 🙂 I’d say give it a go!

      • Just ordered it, thanks!!

  87. Great review, and I echo a lot of the sentiments above.
    I’m three days off completing Insanity for the second time. It has changed my life! I lost more than six inches off my stomach and well over a stone in weight (although I prefer to focus on the inches rather than the pounds).
    I am thinking of carrying on with it, mainly because my abs are not quite there yet (my husband says I have a two pack). I think the author is correct when he says that the second month is a big step up from the first and not many people will reap the full benefits from it. Second time around I am taking whey protein and have definitely noticed a difference in my toning. I have bags of energy and am fitting in clothes I’ve not worn in years.
    There’s a few pics on my Instagram feed if anyone is interested in seeing them. Good luck if you are just starting out, one bit of advice is learn to tighten your core and the rest will come (Shaun T advises making a HA sound and squeezing, though there’s not much to laugh at really!)
    First four days were hell (I was so unfit and had recently packed in the smokes) and I could barely walk up or downstairs. Don’t let it put you off, it doesn’t get easier but you DO get better!

  88. I have been watching the Insanity fitness test and the female in this is a liar.. She cheats and does not do the exercise in its correct way and does not know how to count.

  89. I’m in my teens, I’m 5’8 and 230. Me and my friends are trying this program to lose a significant amount of weight. Could we do this, I mean, would we be able to lose the weight we want to? And would it benefit doing it twice?

    • Absolutely – and some people repeat it many times. Don’t forget good nutrition!

  90. Hi, I am doing Insanity and currently on week 2 day 2. Since I started, I seem to notice that my butt seemed to have gotten a bit bigger. I am a male, 5’8, 160 lbs. I know that insanity involves lots of glute exercises but this is really starting to bother me. I will stick to it though and be patient but I just wanted to hear your opinion on this. Thank you for your time.

  91. I am a girl. Im 5’3.. 130 pounds & 18 years old. Today i am starting the Insanity work out but i dont really plan on following the food guide.. but i am going to eat healthy & stay within my allowed calorie intake. Will i still see good results?

  92. Hi there! I would like to get in good shape I am 5’7″ and 150 lbs. I want to try insanity but I have pain on my right shoulder due to an tendon inflamation, so I don’t know if insanity would be good for me. Any advice?

    • I’d have to recommend asking your doctor before trying out the program in this case. Tell him about Insanity and what it’s like. That said, there will be some exercises that don’t put too much load on the shoulders. So you could potentially just avoid the exercises that would affect you. Good luck!

  93. I absolutely love Insanity! I like doing it first thing in the morning and after I feel so energetic for the day. I am a workout enthusiast and find insanity pushes you to the next level. I was never able to do push ups before insanity but now I can. It’s really amazing to see what your body is capable of. The first week I could only do 1 or 2 push ups then 3 or 4 the next week and now I can keep up with the video. I feel great after doing insanity, it gives you a real sense of accomplishment. I would recommend it to anyone who is in relatively good shape. The only thing for me is the Max interval, it’s much more intense and I’m finding it hard to get through the workouts. Any advice? Cheers everyone and keep up the great work!

  94. I’m 5’4” and about 105 lbs.. I have really skinny legs but I have sort of a big gut. I want to lose weight on my stomach & and gain muscles on my legs.. do you think insanity would be good for this?

    • Absolutely, I think Insanity is perfect for your situation Olivia! If you haven’t already started, then I recommend you grab Insanity and stick closely to the workout schedule – you should see good results.

  95. My boyfriend and I did the insanity workout. Both of us got pretty great results considering we just had a little bit to tone up and lose. He lost about 20 lbs and a pant size and I lost a pant size and significant inches it seemed in photos, didn’t lose any weight though.

    The only thing he and I didn’t care for was the fact that we both contracted jumpers knee/tendinitis in our knees and even started having hip trouble. We watched our form and made sure to take necessary breaks when our bodies just couldn’t go anymore. This is a tough tough workout and it’s good, just be aware of your body and make sure to listen.

    To me it’s a bit too rough on the joints for someone of the average type like us, we aren’t and never have been, star athletes or marathoners where our bodies are used to this type of plyometric abuse. Of course seeing that burn on our HRM’s was extremely motivating. Currently we have moved on to a more muscle building centric workout and I am training for a 1/2 marathon. So, we may incorporate some of the DVD’s now and then but I can’t see us doing the program in its entirety again or at least not for a long time.

  96. I am currently on week 3 day 2 of month 1 of Insanity. Monday I did the 2nd fit test and I’ve improved my reps on all exercises. I know I have a long way to go as I had to stop to rest before the time expired.

    The 1st week to me was the hardest because your muscles are so sore. But near the end of week 1, it goes away and you begin to get excited for each workout.

    Last week I at the beginning of the warmup I felt my ankles were not feeling good, so to avoid injury I did other exercises instead of any jumping ones. I still got an incredible cardio workout. The next day and subsequent days my ankles feel fine.

    The lesson I learned it to listen to your body. Muscle soreness is good but joint pain is obviously bad. Good form is definitely important and like someone else commented, keep your core tight. This alone will prevent bad form and injury.

    I’m starting to see results but an really excited to push through to finish my first 60 day Insanity program.

  97. I am 48 in reasonable shape. I am a former dancer (years ago now) and I am sporadic about working out. I am heavier in my legs and butt and I’ve read a few reviews about seeming to bulk up in those areas, and that is where I want to get leaner in addition to toning everywhere else… this workout right for me???

    • Hi Kelly – I’ve seen some people reporting a ‘bulking up’ in the legs, but that hasn’t been my experience. At least I feel like I became leaner and my legs looked the way I wanted them to when I completed the workout. If you follow a good nutrition plan and stick to the program, your whole body should become leaner as you lose body fat all over. It’s your call but I say give it a go, because it can really change your life to have this focus.

  98. How does Insanity work for people with sports injuries? I’ve had torn ACL and 3 surgeries to try and fix it. I’m sure there are exercises that I will not be able to do because of my injury. To be honest, my knee is not stable and will never feel the same.

    Would Insanity workout still be beneficial to me even if I can’t do everything?


    • I can’t advise directly about injuries – only to say to see your doctor first. However, there is enough of a variety in Insanity that I reckon some of the exercises won’t be affected by your injuries, and it would still be worthwhile.

  99. Should I talk to a doctor before starting? I’m 5’6″ and 160lbs should I start beginner as well or can I just start?

    • It’s always beneficial to talk to your doctor first before undertaking such a highly intense program. Usually there’s no issue if you’re young and have no existing health issues, but you never know.

  100. Hi! i’m 21 and currently 5’6 124lb. I gained some weight my freshman year of college but then lost that plus additional weight, totaling around 20 pounds. I am pretty strict now on watching what I eat but always try to eat a well balanced meal. I find that I am really hungry at night and sometimes its hard to prevent snacking. I started insanity last week and love it but I was wondering what the proper caloric intake for me would be. I would say I’m pretty thin but my belly has always been a problem area for me and Im extremely self-conscious about it and I’m hoping that insanity is the right program for me. Thoughts?

  101. Hi, I’m 24 standing at 5’3″ and weighing 170lbs. This is my heaviest and very frustrating. The lowest weight was 10 years ago at 143lbs. As I’ve aged I’ve noticed my body changing and where I gain weight has shifted to my hips and butt. I run 2 miles 3-4 times a week, abs routine, and about 30 min on an arc trainer 3-4 times a week. Still, I’m not losing any weight. I’m graduating with my master’s at the end of May and want to lose some weight for my grand walk across the stage. Is Insanity for me?

  102. Hi, ive just started the insanity work out, and my muscles are really sore, it hurts to move the next day. is it safe to keep exercising with insanity if you hurt to move? im just concerned i will cause some muscle damage, it also stops me from putting my ‘all’ into it. is this normal to begin with?

    • Soreness is quite common at the beginning, especially if you have been out of the exercise ‘game’ for a long time. Maybe the first time round you could give an extra day to let your muscles recover or else you’ll go into burnout. By the second time you go through Insanity, hopefully you’ll have improved quite a bit.

  103. hello …
    am 25 yrs ,& got my baby 1 year back,since then gained weight etc… my life is hell like as i cannot dress as i want.. and really wanted to buy this fitness program but its only shipping method is for canada and us and i am from mauritius.. so as u live in england ,how u managed to buy it? i fear to get duped on ebay.. hope to av a rapid response

    • Hi, I actually have family in the USA and I got my copy from over there. However, I do know that in the UK you can buy it from or from I can’t give specific advice for Mauritius as I don’t really know I’m afraid. Try some European Amazon sites out I guess?

  104. Hi Joe, I am looking at doing this program but i have a harmless heart murmur. Do you think it will be ok to do this program?

    • If the doctor says it’s harmless then it should be ok – but Insanity is a high intensity program and your heart will be working hard to pump blood throughout your system. Always best to make sure with your doctor first!

  105. What does everyone do after the 60 days are over?

    • moar!!

      again, then reduced. Run and sport.


  106. I am 18 years old, female, 5’2″ and about 107 pounds I really just want to tone my whole body up.Im kind of a busy girl, but I really need this confidence boost. Is the diet plan really difficult?and is this a good workout for me?

    • In my opinion, Insanity does a great job if you’re looking to tone up all over. I also find that busy people manage their time better and will stick to a plan that’s laid out well. Insanity will take perhaps an hour of your day and the results will be there for all to see. Go for it 🙂 The diet plan isn’t strictly necessary, as long as you are following a healthy diet. Just remember to track your progress and results.

      • Ok thanks im excited to start it up 🙂

  107. Hi I’m 26 yrs old 6’2 weigh 276 I started doing 2 to 3 miles of cardio 6 days a week and eating a lot healthier I decided I needed to get in shape. I have put on about 50 lbs since I met my wife 5 yrs ago. I used to work out 5 days a week before I met my wife so I know how to push myself . But I don’t want to go to the gym because when I hit the weights I can’t do near as much as I used to so I get discouraged. My main goal was to get to under 260 by the end of may . I’m the best man for a buddies wedding and I want to look good. I’ve never had abs or been ripped I just bulked up from hitting the weights and supplements. I wanted to know if I even stand a chance at completing this workout and what type of results I could expect. I’ve lost 25 lbs in the last months running and eating right and my cardio is starting to come back I can now run a mile in just under 10 minutes but I’ve noticed I have a knee starting to Hurt when I run. How hard is this on a guys knees. Also my ultimate goal is to get down to around 215 or so I’ve always been a big athletic guy so I don’t see myself getting much smaller. Is this realistic with this program

  108. Hey everyone! I am 7 months post-partum, and have got to get rid of this extra weight. I’m at 5’6″, 200lbs. I am currently a nursing assistant, so I’m on my feet walking, for 8 hours a day, plus the pulling, pushing, lifting, etc., of residents. Will thus exercise be good for blasting cellulite? I, thankfully did not get one single stretch mark, but i gained 65lbs during pregnancy, and have already lost 35. Unfortunately, i got a super flabby body. What do you guys think? Also, what kind of diet shouldi do?

  109. started insanity weighing 209 (5’7″)…was in awful shape. I lost 20 lbs after the first month and my fintess improved 3 fold. I just started doing insanity for the second round. It is the best thing i ever did. Thanks Shawn T.

  110. I am a 41 year old female, 5’6″ and 250lbs. i have back,knee and ankle issues and a number of other health issues. never been this big before, so starting from scratch and it scares me. is this a safe workout where with the modified moves i will see results and continue to improve as i repeat the 60 day cycle? i heard that losing weight fast is not always a good thing. On, and the nutrition guide, is that realistic for someone who has a busy life and cant always get the meals in? and are the foods indicated in them expensive and not really pallatable?

  111. I agree with all the people out there that agree that most parents here in the USA baby their rotten kids way to much, its disgusting to see so weak fat children just playing video games eating chips or simply on their smart phones doing nothing. Make these little bastards do some house chores so they can gain some respect and a sense of responsibility..

  112. This is a great review I can’t wait to start the Insanity WorkOut.

  113. Can you answer the question about those meals? i want to lose weight, not gain, i need to be thinner and more toned, but i dont eat that much…..just about to end the first week, and i love it! and after reading some of these comments, i dont feel so bad about modifiying the ones i cant do. I am 5’3 200lbs, and its hard, but im sweating! trying to remember to use my core, is that sucking in my stomach?

    • not so much sucking in your stomach but tightening it, contracting it. Most of the movements you do in insanity require you to tighten your core to effectively do the techniques. quality form over quantity moves is what your looking for! good luck and keep with it. trust me it will be the best decision you’ve ever made

  114. Thanks for a great review. I am a few weeks into the program myself and loving the intensity.

  115. I have been doing insanity for the better part of 2 months now (this cycle atleast) and have not once regretted it or thought that the exercise was not giving me the results I wanted. While yes the 1st months difficulty pales in comparison to that of the second month, altogether insanity makes you more agile, flexible, stronger, more conditioned and overall gives you a better outlook on life. me and a roommate of mine are on a 90 day challenge in which today is day 46 and I feel 1000% better than I did 2 weeks before the challenge when I originally started insanity. Ive done insanity numerous times but never kept up with it. this time with my group there is a certain level of accountability that keeps me going. best decision ever. Eat right! watch your macros and purchase a lot of fish!!!!!

  116. I knew that after the first 10 minute warm up session that I had found the right program for me. For the first week of Insanity every time I completed the warm up I felt as though I had just been shot out of a cannon.
    I was never that overweight, I was just a skinny guy in terrible condition. Now that I completed Insanity I feel great and just ran my first 5K as a dare from my wife.
    Not bad for someone in his 40’s who couldn’t run a mile if his life depended on it 3 months ago. Shawn T, you are the man!

  117. Hi Everyone,

    I was just reviewing some of the comment on people’s feedback on Insanity. For myself, i am a little bit worried about whether insanity is the right program for me or not.
    The summary is that i am 20 years old weighting 128 Kg and of 189 cm tall. My aim is that i am looking to lose fat and to come up with a healthy, strong body. So would insanity be suitable to my aims. Besides, i am suffering from a lower back pain that keeps coming whenever i bend my back for an angle of more than 30 degrees while handling weights. So i guess since i don’t use weights as in bodybuilding programs that wouldn’t be a problem. So, can someone help me with whether or not i should go for insanity program?


  118. Firstly i want to say I am not a indoors dvd workout person BUT This workout dvd is the BEST EVER you feel part of the team when your all sweating together and Shaun T is so motivating and also funny. I was seeing changes within a month I loved it soo much. HOWEVER for me and this may not be the case for others because of the intensity of the workout it caused my menstrual cycle to stop which worried me at first, but despite that I loved it 10/10 I would recommend anyone wanting to lose weight to get this DVD

  119. Could be so much better. But the bottom line is that it does make you work hard.
    – Fast moving
    – You really bust your butt
    – Extremely boring!
    – Each DVD basically has the same moves. It just repeats too much.
    Wish they would have developed more moves to make it more interesting.
    It gets the job done, but it is very boring.
    And, like Tony, I wish Shaun explained more about why each move is important. They just say it is good for you without providing evidence or physiology.

  120. I’m just curious as to what school allows a jack-ass to bring insanity to school and teach it without approval from parents and the school. I sure Shaun-T would love to know.

  121. I’m 47 and gave up smoking a month ago after 25years.
    I have a very physical job so am active every day but have not done any form of exercise outside of that for years.
    I had an operation on both knees about 8 years ago (lots of rugby when I was younger)so they are a weak point.
    Would this program be a step too far to take on as the first stage of getting fitter, thinner and healthier?

    • Hi Andy, congrats on giving up smoking, I know that’s not easy after so long. It sounds like you’re taking great steps in a positive direction for fitness. Now I would be cautious with Insanity if you have had knee issues in the past, as it is quite a high impact workout system. There is a lot of jumping involved. Insanity in general is fantastic as a first step in getting fitter, thinner and healthier if those are your goals. Perhaps consult your doctor, or at least ‘listen’ to your body and take it easy on any workouts that impact your knees heavily. Good luck!

  122. My biggest mistake after one year of break from qym decided to try Insanity workout. The toughest home workout i ever saw, could not keep up. I would really recommend to start slowly, Insanity needs some preparation for you body, hit the gym before to remind your muscles that is time for work.

  123. Can i do the workout without the diet plan and still lose weight and tone up,im in Ghana n usually,most of the foods wont be available for me

    • Yes it is possible, certainly. I understand that some people won’t have access to the same types of food in other countries. If you can aim for similar levels of protein/fats/carbs, then that may help. Keep track of what you’re eating and see what kind of results you get. I always record my results and as many factors as I can, so I can make changes if necessary. Good luck!

  124. Insanity workout is awesome! I just bought it yesterday to boost my health condition.

  125. Man oh man insanity was hard however I got a ton of definition and improved my stamina I can now run 15 miles xD and lost 31lbs but if your looking to build a ton of muscle this is not for you cause all you will get is definition and stamina I recommend athlean-X ITs great for building muscle better than p90x but this is the ultimate definition workout.

  126. Got great motivation from all of you guys, I’m in my first week and I thought I was gonna see a bunch of bad comments about insanity but I’m so excited that its gonna but I have question, what you do to keep up after 60 days when you finish insanity??

  127. what are you suppose to do after the 60 days when u finish insanity?

  128. I finally completed Insanity! I have had 2 kids and decided after my second it was time to get my life back on track. It was definitely one of the hardest programs I have ever done, but completely worth it. I found this insanity reviews page helpful as well to decide if the workout was going to be a good fit for me or not:


    As the DVD title states it is the ultimate cardio workout, and to be honest when you complete 2 months of this workout, it’s hard to disagree with that. However, Shaun T and few others on TV do like to embellish the benefits of this program. After I completed month 1 I expected to see some results, I did lose weight, in fact I drop 3kg, which is good, However, I fairly fit so my goal wasn’t really to lose weight but to tone and build muscle and be RIPPED! so I supplemented my workout with a muscle recovery shake (cardio and protein)

    this exercise on its own will not make you ripped….

    Granted I didn’t follow his dietary regime, however my diet is very good. I don’t eat any junk food, 3 square meals a day, with protein carb and dairy and no snacking. Diets are made to be broken so I don’t’ believe in them. Eat proper food and you will be healthy! or eat cr@p if you want to look like cr@p is the way I think.

    I’m fairly fit guy who plays regular tennis. I believe this program is more beneficial for an over-weight person, or someone with the goal to trimming fat. Guaranteed – Insanity will elevate your heart rate to the max therefore causing you to sweat in excess making you lose weight if repeated over the 2 month period. In fact, the day I get fat I will jump straight on this program as it like putting a chicken in the oven watching the fat render out!

    However, his excersizes are not great if you’re looking to build muscle or be ripped. Of course, if you have fat on your body, then in order to get ripped abs you need to lose it. However, the Pex work is not sufficient for a big chest. As it’s high interval intensity training you don’t have the time to tear your muscle for it to rebuild. In fact quick muscle reaction doesn’t build muscle. The exercise also involved a lot of jumping which put strain on my knees in month 2.

    By the end of the 2 month period, I lost a lot of weight on my legs (calves and Thighs) and my face. My abs were showing more and my muscles were slightly more defined.

    In conclusion, expect to see a slight increase in muscle definition. Expect to lose weight and tone. Expect to improve your endurance and mental strength. Do not expect ripped abbs, or great muscle build – you will need to supplement with weight training for this.

    The insanity is a great program to get fit, keep your heart healthy, and lose the fat ass. It is one I will probably continue to use as I get older. It teaches you to be tough on your body and develop mental endurance.

  130. I think Insanity is great. I’m in my late forties but enjoyed doing Insanity for a couple of weeks as I could start to see positive results even without following the diet plan. However, a combination of an injury and moving to a smaller house has put a temporary halt to my workouts until I can rearrange the furniture properly. Fantastic workout.


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