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Posted by on Apr 30, 2012 in Les Mills | 2 comments

Les Mills Body Pump – 5 Common Fitness Myths Busted

The Les Mills Body Pump, aka the Les Mills Pump, is a home fitness DVD course based on the worldwide popularity of the Bodypump series of classes.

The secret behind the Les Mills Bodypump DVD is the REP EFFECT – in which you will be using lighter weights at higher repetitions to burn up to 1,000 calories per workout! This allows you to get a leaner body, faster.


In fact, I first wanted to lay out some fitness myths that worry some people. The reason I want to do this is because myths can sometimes be harmless, but sometimes you can be following the wrong advice for months or years. You could even directly avoid what’s good for you because of misinformation. You won’t need to worry about the following myths with the Les Mills Pump:

5 Common Les Mills Body Pump Myths

Myth #1: That women ‘bulk up’ when they do weight lifting of any kind.
-Fact: This is not true for all workouts. With the Les Mills Pump, you’ll be performing high reps on LOW weights to maximize strength without overbuilding your muscles

Myth #2: That men and women alike need to diet and do a lot of aerobic exercise in order to lose weight fast .
-Fact: Not true again! Aerobic exercise does help trim the fat, but if you combine it with weight training, you shed fat and develop lean muscles at the same time, so you shape and tone faster.


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Now I’ve rounded up a few general myths that also apply to you if you plan on using the Les Mills Pump. (See my Les Mills Pump review for more information).

Personal trainer and professional triathlete Eric Harr, author of Portable Personal Trainer has kindly provided the information on these myths. He says that the reason some myths persist is that we all react to exercise differently. That’s why you should always find your own exercise ‘truths’. However, some things are just plain false.

Myth #3:  Aerobic workouts will significantly boost your metabolism for hours after you stop training.
-Fact: In this case, the principle is actually true. Aerobic workouts do make your metabolism continue burning at a slightly higher rate, but the amount is not significant at all. You can’t really count this towards your caloric burn, if you enjoy calculating it.

Myth #4: If you aren’t working up a sweat, you are not working out hard enough.
-Fact: This is a simple myth to debunk. Many people measure their workouts based on the sweat they produce! Sweat is actually just an indicator that your body needs cooling down. “Sweat is not necessarily an indicator of exertion. Sweating is your body’s way of cooling itself,” says Eric Harr.

You can actually burn off significant calories without even breaking a sweat. Again, everybody is different and you need to find out how your own body reacts. With higher reps and lower weight loads, you may not break a sweat with the Les Mills Body Pump, but some people will sweat straight away.

Myth #5: If you aren’t feeling the pain, you aren’t getting the benefits.
-Fact: This is one of the more potentially harmful myths out there. People get confused about when they should feel sore. It’s natural to feel the burn a day or 2 after the workout, but it is not necessary during the workout.If a fitness activity hurts while you are doing it, then you are probably performing it wrongly or already have an injury. It is not advisable to work out through the pain. If it hurts, take a break and see if the pain goes away. If the pain returns later, then see a doctor right away.

Les Mills Body Pump DVD Bonuses

The Les Mills Pump DVD series is a perfect home exercise routine for people of any ability or level of fitness.

When you order through Beachbody (our recommendation), you’ll receive the following BONUSES:

-Les Mills Flow DVD: Stretches to increase flexibility
-Hard Core Abs DVD: Carve out your core and define your back


  1. Lean, Strong & Unstoppable Fitness Guide – Map out your 90 days with a training calendar, guidelines and a step-by-step guide
  2. Get Lean Nutrition Guide – In 3 phases, you’ll be firing up your metabolism. 50 recipes and meal plans to customize.
  3. Tape Measure + Measurement Tracker – Tracking your results is crucial to your motivation and success. Watch the inches melt away.
  4. Free online support – You’ll have access to with access to fitness experts and an incredible peer network
  5. The 2 bonus DVDs – ‘Les Mills Flow’ and ‘Hard Core Abs’

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The Les Mills Body Pump DVD set is a great weight training program to incorporate into your weekly exercise schedule if you’re looking to lose weight, and you can do it at your own pace. Click the link above to get started.


  1. If you are overweight, can you do Les Mills Pump?

    • Hi Vilmarie – absolutely, I’ve found Les Mills Pump to be a great way to burn off some fat and get back into shape.

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