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Posted by on Apr 2, 2012 in Les Mills | 0 comments

Get Lean, Sexy Muscles With the Brand New Les Mills Pump


Les Mills Pump with the Rep Effect

Time for something new this week.

The latest Beachbody sensation that everyone is talking about is the Les Mills Pump. It’s a fantastic workout no matter what fitness level you’re at. Are you looking for leaner, sexier muscles? That’s what this program is all about.

I’ve been trying it out lately and I’ll have my review up before long. For now, I’ll tell you all you need to know.

What is the Les Mills Pump?

Based on the extremely popular Bodypump series, Les Mills Pump brings these fitness classes to your own home.

The original Bodypump classes are still being held in over 14,000 gyms in over 80 countries worldwide, with a staggering 3 million people taking part each week.

To bring this success into your own home, the Beachbody team has assembled some of the world’s best pump trainers to guide you through 7 DVDs of awesome workouts.

Here’s a sneak peek of what it looks like:

How Does It Work?

The Les Mills Pump is based on a breakthrough new training technique known as The Rep Effect.

In some workouts, you’ll be doing as much as 800 repetitions (70-100 per body part), but the only thing you’ll notice is that you’ll be burning up to 1,000 calories per hour.

The Rep Effect is all about high rep, high intensity training. You’ll be using lighter weights with a barbell to transform your body and your life and get that sexy, sculptured look you’re after.

What’s Included?

You’ll receive all 7 DVDs, 2 sets of weights, and the barbell with safety clips.

On top of that, you’ll get the bonus fitness guide and nutrition guide so you won’t miss out on a thing.

Here’s a great quick review by a girl called Rachel who found it tough but is absolutely loving the rep effect and the Les Mills Body Pump:

Rachel even says it’s her favorite program from Beachbody (over Insanity, P90X and all the others). I haven’t made my mind up on that one yet, but where I do agree with her is that the DVDs are extremely motivating.

I love to work out to music, and the combination of the trainers and the fast beat of the ever-changing Les Mills Pump soundtrack means you’ll never be short on motivation.

It’s a tough workout, but it’s adjustable. If you’re just starting out, then that’s great. You can lower the weight size down to 5 lbs either side if you feel you need to. It’s all about focusing on your own goals and improving on your own results – never compare yourself to other people. That’s always my advice no matter what fitness program you’re using.

Where to Buy Les Mills Pump DVDs

Right now, there is a special offer on the Les Mills Pump as it is new to the market.

You can trial out the entire system for just $14.95 (plus shipping) for 30 days. That’s a whole month, by which time you’ll know doubt feel how effective the Les Mills Pump really is. If you decide to keep it, then your card will be conveniently charged 3 easy payments of $59.95 each 30 days.

There is a special offer of FREE shipping (only in the US – excluding Alaska, Hawaii and U.S. territories). I don’t know how long this offer will last, but I’m sure they’ll remove it and bring back normal service before long.

Click the following link to grab your copy of Les Mills Pump from Beachbody:

Yes! – I Want The $14.95 Trial With Free Shipping + Bonus Guides From Beachbody

Don’t forget that when you buy through Beachbody, you’ll get the bonus fitness guide and nutrition guide. You won’t get the $14.95 trial anywhere else, either.



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