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Posted by on Apr 5, 2012 in Les Mills | 37 comments

My Honest Les Mills Pump Review – 90 Tough Days


Les Mills Pump – Featuring ‘The Rep Effect’

That’s right – I’ve been through the full 90 days of a new home fitness course – this is my Les Mills Pump review.


1) Overview of the Les Mills Pump
-The Rep Effect
-What Comes In The Package
2) My Les Mills Pump Review
-Caters To All Levels
-My Verdict

Overview of the Les Mills Pump

In case you missed my previous post on the Les Mills Pump DVD series, here’s a quick overview.

The Les Mills Pump is a new home fitness DVD training series. It is based on the Les Mills Bodypump classes – these are real classes held in over 14,000 gyms across 80 countries worldwide. They are so popular that over 3 million people attend each and every week. So that gives you an idea of how popular and how well this system works – and now you can have it in your own home.

The Rep Effect

So what is Bodypump, anyway? It’s a system based on using barbells with high repetitions to build sexy, lean muscle faster than ever before. This is what’s known as the Rep Effect in the new Les Mills Pump DVD series.


You don’t have to be like this guy…

You’ll be working out 3 times a week over a 90-day period. Be prepared for some tough workouts though – you’ll need those days off.

You can set the weight you’re comfortable with – but this system is based on high reps and relatively lower weights compared to other home fitness courses. With up to 100 reps per body part, in some workouts you’ll reach 800 reps in one sitting. All that matters here though is that you’ll know that you’ll be burning up to 1,000 calories per hour, which is incredible.

The Rep Effect truly means this workout is one of the very fastest at burning fat, losing weight and building sexy muscles.

The video above shows you what the rep effect is all about. It’s worth a look to see what the program is like if you haven’t already seen it.

What Comes In The Package


Les Mills Pump is the complete package.

So let’s get down to the basics. You’ll receive 7 workouts over 8 DVDs:

  • Les Mills Pump Basics – Learn how to assemble your weights and the proper stance techniques
  • Pump Challenge – Fundamental resistance exercises
  • Pump And Burn – Compound moves that work several muscles at once to scorch the calories
  • Les Mills Pump And Shred – Build endurance with The Rep Effect
  • Les Mills Pump Revolution – Fast tempos and powerful moves to really build lean muscle
  • Pump Extreme – High intensity, targeted muscle training
  • BONUS: Les Mills Flow – Stretches to increase flexibility
  • BONUS: Hard Core Abs – Carve out your core and define your back

That’s not all. Barbells, weights and safety clips are included in the package as they are a necessity.

Of course, if you order through Beachbody, you’ll get some great bonuses:

  1. Lean, Strong & Unstoppable Fitness Guide – Map out your 90 days with a training calendar, guidelines and a step-by-step guide
  2. Get Lean Nutrition Guide – In 3 phases, you’ll be firing up your metabolism. 50 recipes and meal plans to customize.
  3. Tape Measure + Measurement Tracker – Tracking your results is crucial to your motivation and success. Watch the inches melt away.
  4. Free online support – You’ll have access to with access to fitness experts and an incredible peer network
  5. The 2 bonus DVDs – ‘Les Mills Flow’ and ‘Hard Core Abs’

That’s a lot of bonuses, even for Beachbody.

>>Click Here To Claim Your Les Mills Pump Bonuses From Beachbody<<

I don’t know how long they will keep them all there. Right now, you can trial the entire system for just $14.95, with shipping FREE. That’s an unbeatable offer.

My Les Mills Pump Review

Some of the best pump trainers were brought in to help create this DVD series, and it really shows. When you’re really pushing with the Rep Effect in full force, the motivation the trainers and the music tracks give you is crucial. Not all of the songs are to my taste, but then again nothing will cater for everybody. I just put on some of my own music whenever I felt like it, because the power of rhythm in music always helps me work out better.

While it’s only 3 days a week, it is still hardcore! In the first few weeks, my legs were shaking after each workout. You can feel it working several different muscle groups, especially in the compound workouts in the Pump And Burn DVD.

The Les Mills Pump Flow DVD makes for a nice change with some stretches. You can do this on a day off if you like, maybe on a Sunday. That’s how I usually do my workouts (I’m a big fan of Beachbody and how they structure their workout programs).


Caters To All Levels

I wouldn’t call myself a beginner anymore when it comes to fitness. I coped fairly well with the 90 days, although it was tough-going in parts.

That said, I wanted to convey in this Les Mills Pump review that it doesn’t matter what level you are currently at. You can adjust the weights as low as you need them. They’ll teach you how to properly set up and care for your barbells and weights, so no need to worry on that front.

My Verdict


The fastest way to lean muscles?

I trimmed my body fat by 2% using this program, which for me is a pretty good improvement as I like to keep it as low as possible. Currently I’m at 7% after using the Les Mills Pump. That’s how I tend to rate my progress. Of course, your goals are unique – you may be looking to lose some weight, cut down on belly fat, build some lean muscle or just get a healthier, sexier look.

In any case, I think you can achieve your goals with the Les Mills Pump. It’s another fantastic offering from Beachbody and it’s already taking off big time. Experts are saying that it’s one of the fastest ways to get lean muscles ever, and I have to agree.

I don’t want to give a mark out of 10 or anything, I just want to give my whole-hearted recommendation to you for this program. You can probably afford to take the trial offer of $14.95 up no matter what your circumstances, so why not give it a shot? You have 30 days to try it out, and you can cancel at any time (but you won’t want to). Click through now to see what all the fuss is about:

Click Here To Try Out The Les Mills Pump From Beachbody + All Bonuses Included

Good luck on your Les Mills Pump 90-day journey!


  1. Finally, they have a home workout!

  2. Hi, I read your review over this program,Les Mills and I’m still thinking if its really worth it. Its kind of expensive and looking at the clips it looks like they keep doing the same movements(deadlifts, squats, etc.) I’m looking to tighten up, not really lose any weight it surprises me that you only lost 2% body fat! I guess you should of added some HIIT workouts or sprinting on the walk days. Which body part do you think you had a significant change(legs, butt, arms,??) thanks so much for your reply

    • He lost 2% body fat to put him at 7% body fat. How much body fat do you want him to lose. In all reality he probably shouldn’t be down that low.

  3. The calorie burn is exaggerated by a ton. I use my HR monitor and burn around 270 calories in the 55 minute Extremem workout. I know you continue to burn calories after the workout while your muscles are recovering and bigger muscles burn more calories all the time, but Beachbody shouldn’t make such rediculous claims.

    The workout is great and my body has made more positive changes doing Les Mills Pump than several other workout DVD series I’ve tried. My shoulders and back look hot and my legs are lean and super strong now! So just emphasize the positive body improvement rather than false claims about the calorie burn.

    • Seriously? You’re basing your calorie burn on a HR monitor? Let me know when you use something like a Bodybugg or Bodymedia device that detects Galvanic Skin Response and Heat Flux, along with that HR. Their claims aren’t ridiculous, your assumption that HR shows complete caloric burn is ridiculous. Sorry to be harsh, but just being honest.

      • I have the body bug and it says I burned a little over 1000 calories in the hour I was doing the Les Mills Pump

    • calorie burn with strength training, especially using weights, takes effect AFTER the exercise. you continue to burn calories later on. leave your HR monitor on for a few hours after and see that number go up exponentially. at the time of the exercise you’re not expelling a lot of calories to do a squat, but the effect on the muscle continues after the move is completed.

  4. Hi Jan,

    What are you doing for cardio on the walk days? Are you walking or doing some other BB cardio? I have turbofire, so I guess I could add that in, but honestly I like Billy Blanks(really any taebo video from him)he has alot of new ones and his exercises really bring in the waist making it smaller and not that boxy boy torso look.

    • I agree with you completely! I was thinking the exact same thing for cardi..Every other program I buy, everyone is still boxy looking and thick in the waist. When I included Tae Bo on a regular basis in my workout regimen, I had the best Abs and smallest waistline.

      • Really? So good to see that someone knows what I’m talking about:)

        Have you heard of Tiffany Rothe workouts? That girl will work your waist like no one else! Try her out

  5. I created my own program and it is every bit as good as LMP.
    It’s a 60 day regiment 6 days weekly.
    Alternating workouts.
    Mon-Thur-full body weigths-45 min
    Tue-Fri-Strecth 20 min and walk 40 min
    Wend-Sat-bodyweight circuits-60 min
    After 30 days rest 7 days just walking 20 and strecth
    15 min then finish the remaining 30 days.
    Why should I pay for pump, p90?
    Try My program called “poor man’s fitness plan”.

    • Where can I find this “Poor Mans Workout”. I googled it and got a lot of hits, but none that look like the one you describe. Please help.

  6. I am 54 years old and have always been active. My husband and I worked out with weights all our 32 yrs together. After he pasted away I stopped and after 7 years really need to get back at it. Do you think this would work for my age? Also I have a 14 yr old granddaughter that I would like to get into this kind of work out as she is very over weight.

    • Yes, your age is no barrier to doing a workout like this. Especially the Les Mills Pump, which is low weight and high rep. I’m sorry to hear about your husband. It’s great to hear you want to get back into being active though, it sounds like you’re quite motivated. It would be great for your granddaughter as well. You could start it off together and hold each other accountable.

  7. Sounds like a good workout program. I wonder how good the rep effect works on building muscle.

  8. I am wanting to get back into shape and did at first, start P90X. My issue with P90X was the commitment to six days a week working out as I work as a waiter and sometimes work what’s called “double shifts” which can be 14+ hrs a day and sometimes 2-3 days in a row back to back. I’m thinking this program will suit me better as I CAN commit to three days a week without compromising on sleep. I found trying to wake up super early, eat to fuel my workout and then workout before a double shift was just not suitable as I would only sleep 5/6 hrs to do this.

    My goals are to tone up, lose a little weight (maybe 7lbs max) but also to tone my whole body. P90X worked different muscles on separate days whereas LMP looks like each session is a total body workout. Am I right?

    I’m in the UK and right now Beachbody UK doesn’t sell LMP so I am in touch with my BB coach Karla who supplies me with Shakeology, and she is looking to sending me out the DVDs. One problem is that LMP doesn’t come in DVD only packages, I can only seem to get the package with the barbell (which I can sort in the UK and save on costly postage) so this is slowing down the whole process!

    Any advice on whether I’m making the right switch is helpful. I LOVE BB and their vision and for now am recommending their programs to all.

    Many thanks,


    • You can buy LMP in U.K. it’s on a shopping channel T.V. shop. 0800 953 6159 £169.80

    • Regarding P90x, yes I had the same issue. I felt it was too time demanding and their meal plans are ridiculous and impractical. I had felt little cheated as well, in the advertisement they don’t tell you about overhead expenses like the recovery drink they encourage or a wide set of dumbbells, protein bars and whatnot.
      Les Mill pump looks lot more practical and more fitting to my needs. Ofcourse I will modify it according to my fitness goals like increasing the frequency or workout or incorporating something else.
      Being someone who has gone through many failures and tested quite a few fitness programs, Richie it all comes down to you. Don’t get sucked into the world of advertising too much. Listen to yourself, does this program excite you ? You think you can draw some consistency in working out. Your BODY WILL RESPOND once you are consistent and have a positive mental make up towards working out and yourself (no matter what program you pick !).
      Beach Body is after all is a marketing company, they are selling you stuff. Do some soul searching about your goals and how bad do you need them. I have seen people getting great results from basics like push ups, pulls ups and squats. Just remember your BODY responds to your mind set not to the program
      Once again, I’m not a wise person per se .. but have made plenty of mistakes to know now what not to do.
      Good luck,

  9. The videos are good but the weights are junk. What they send you is different than in the video. So almost impossible to do some of the exercises safely. I asked beachbody and was told weights in video made specifically for the trainers in the video. So why do the trainers need those special weights but us the customer don’t???? It’s a bait and switch con. Find a class and don’t buy this unless you like spending extra money for junk.

  10. After 8+ years in the military, I’ve got a bad back and knees. I’ve tried a few different programs, but found they were all too high impact for me starting out again. How does this compare to P90X as far as higher/lower impact?

    • Peter,
      I “think” its a low impact program. But personally if you have a bad back and bad knees, this might not be a right time to do any of these programs.
      What would benefit you is doing YOGA, Qi-Gong, Tai-Chi or even basic stretching techniques (like some Shaolin ones) to strengthen your backbone, knees and shoulder. Having background in Physiology and Psychology, I won’t endorse that your try it right now.
      Again I’m saying it with positive and caring intent. Not trying to discourage you. I think you are on right track by questioning and probing, my suggestion take a detour !

    • P.S. : P90X doesn’t seem to have worked all that well as they show on the TV. Its too demanding, expensive to follow and time consuming.
      It will be interesting to see how many people have actually tried P90X and and have succeeded. I bet you, the ratio would be lot smaller than what they portrait in the media.
      Personally I’ve met only “2” people who have actually completed P90X in 3 months and found somewhat satisfying results.

  11. Would Chalean Extreme make sense after using LMP?

    • Hi JH, yes Chalean is another program I recommend and would be a great option after Les Mills Pump if you’re looking for more variety in your workouts.

  12. I burned 1000 calories just reading all the comments

  13. I am currently 5’1″ and 172 lbs. I have to do something but it has to be from home due to my schedule and having two small kids. I have led a pretty sedentary lifestyle for the past few years. Can I still do this workout? I don’t want to spend that kind of money and it be too hard to the point I give up.

    • Hi Jessica, based on your BMI it would be a good idea to try out Les Mills Pump. I know it’s not easy transitioning from a sedentary lifestyle like you describe into exercising regularly, but you can start off slow. Don’t feel you have to perform every exercise to its maximum potential straight away – every time you work out, you are improving and getting into the rhythm. Whether you choose Les Mills Pump or any other workout, it’s a worthwhile investment in yourself. If you like the look of Les Mills, I’d say give it a try. Thanks for commenting

    • Hi Jessica,

      I am 49 yrs young, 5″2, was 170.5 lbs. I started LMP 5 weeks ago. I love it. I went from 4 hours at the gym at Ft. Lee and to plumped out when I moved to the county. The gym was 25 miles round trip and I decided the money and time was better spent working out at home. Its transitional. They have us starting out slow and trust me, they will have us dying by week 6. Take your time, don’t over do it and have fun with it. If your out of breath, STOP! take a breather for a minute and resume. I am enjoying it. Hate the diet, I did better on South Beach. But that’s my body and another story. LOL

      Good luck, enjoy it… If you need them, they are there to help.

  14. Hi there! Thanks so much for your review. I was just wondering if it was possible to purchase additional weights to add to the ones provided?

  15. hi i have been doing lmp for about 6 weeks now and i love it.i also wanted to say its not just about losing the weigth even though that also good,but i went to my doctor and had my Blood Pressure checked and it was great 125 over 65 so that says alot and high BP runs in my family is i does so much more then lose weigth and tone u.

  16. Just diagnosed with osteoporosis in spine & osteopenia in hips, 60, female & fit. Want to incorporate more weight training to my regular workouts. Is les mills a good addition?

  17. Hello,

    I would like to gain some muscle. Is this workout good for me? I am not fat so i am not looking for something like insanity which is high impact.


    • Yes, Les Mills Pump can help you gain muscle. It’s not as high impact as Insanity, so it may be a good fit for you. It’s essentially high reps with less weight.

  18. did you find that your weights slipped off your bar? My safety clips won’t hold the weights! They’re reshiping some new ones so hopefully that works but weird that both were faulty. Doesn’t seem as good of quality as the gym version?

    • I just got my kit and put a 5lb weight on one side, went to put the weight on the other and the first weight slid off! Very disappointed! I got the deluxe pack so got the step too, the non slip grip is peeling off and it is scraped. I will say though, the workouts are fantastic, worth the money alone, but I’ll have to modify the clips to keep the weights on. I expected better quality.

  19. Would you be interested in selling your dvds?

  20. Is tis still available? Im having trouble finding it in stock and/ or for sale?


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