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Les Mills Pump Schedule

Les Mills Pump is a 90-day home fitness course that is based on the Les Mills Bodypump classes. These real classes are held in over 14,000 gyms across 80 countries worldwide.

During the 90 days, you will be working out only three times a week. But don’t expect to be taking it easy. The workouts—which use barbells with high reps to build lean muscle faster (THE REP EFFECT)—are intense enough that you’ll need the days off.

Overview of the Les Mills Pump Schedule

Les Mills Pump is broken down into three phases (one for each month of the 90-day program). As you progress through the phases, the workouts will gradually increase in length and intensity.

To give a sense of what you will experience during the three months, here are pictures of the month-by-month breakdown.

Month 1 image:×231.jpg


The Month 1 Schedule

Month 2 image:×231.jpg

Month 3 image:×231.jpg

As you can see, Month 1 is scheduled to start on a Monday. If you need to, though, you can start your program on any day of the week, as long as you stick with the schedule during the 90 days.

The workouts are clearly labeled on the calendar and line up with the ones on the DVDs (more information on those below).

Les Mills Pump also schedules rest days for you. Some of these are a complete break from exercise, while others will have you walking for some moderate cardio.

Be sure not to skimp on the rest. You’ll be exercising hard enough during the workouts—I’m talking up to 100 reps per body part—that you’ll eagerly welcome a day off.

The Les Mills Pump Workouts

Les Mills Pump includes seven workouts that will build lean muscle and bust through excess fat. Even by exercising just three days a week, you can still burn up to 1,000 calories per workout, each of which comes on its own DVD.

If you haven’t got your copy yet, I’ve written before on where to buy Les Mills Pump and how to avoid getting ripped off (this is a serious issue).

Les Mills Pump Challenge (20 minutes): To gain the visible results that you crave, with little time commitment, this workout uses fundamental resistance exercises to help you fire up your muscles right away.

Les Mills Pump and Burn (30 minutes): During this workout, experience the “burn” and see for yourself how exercising harder can get you bigger results. This workout will help you burn fat and calories by using several muscles at once during “compound” moves.

Les Mills Pump and Shred (35 minutes): This is a good time to see the Les Mills REP EFFECT working in full force. Each rep you do will help you burn through your fat stores and build endurance as you get “shredded.”

Les Mills Pump Revolution (55 minutes): A calorie-burning and lean muscle-building workout, Revolution will bring your heart rate up by focusing on fast pacing and large moves like power lunges and presses.

Les Mills Pump Extreme (55 minutes): As its name implies, this is extreme exercise at its best. You will do more than lift weights in this workout, as you pump through intense and muscle-targeted training.

Les Mills Flow (20 minutes): Take a break from building muscle to find some much-needed flexibility with this stretching workout. More than just a good stretch, though, you will also decrease soreness and improve your alignment.

Les Mills Pump Hard-Core Abs (20 minutes): This workout, which shows up between the barbell days, will enhance your core and back. The moves target the muscles of your midsection from all angles to give you a solid core.

Les Mills Pump Basics (10 minutes): This one’s not really a workout, but to get the most out of the Les Mills program, check out this quick tutorial on how to put together your barbell and adjust your weights, along with proper techniques like grip and stance.

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