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Posted by on May 28, 2012 in P90X | 0 comments

New P90X Workout Schedule In Excel Format Free


Click to Download: Workout-Schedule-P90X-XLS

The P90X workout schedule is long and can be tough for some, and it always helps to have the calendar handy. Having previously provided a P90X workout schedule PDF for you, today I’m bringing you the Excel spreadsheet version for those who find that format easier to use.

By clicking the image to the right, you should automatically download the Excel spreadsheet version of the workout. It comes in XLS format and you’ll need some spreadsheet software to view it, usually Microsoft Excel or with Open Office, but Google Documents is another free alternative that you can import it into.

P90X Workout Schedule Spreadsheet

Why use the spreadsheet version over the PDF? Quite simply, it allows for superior tracking of your P90X journey. Each day has its own square with everything you need to remember for that day. For instance, there are even reminders to take your before and after photos, along with phase 1 and phase 2 photos along the way. Believe me, you’ll want some memories of the transformation you’re about to go through!

We also have the different sections color coded. So the first 3 weeks are purple, then the recovery week 4 rest week is blue, and then weeks 5-7 are green and so on. This is particularly helpful where weeks 9 and 11 are the same, and weeks 10 and 12 are the same as well. It’s just a great way to visualize the workouts you’re doing.

Each day is numbered as well so you can appreciate how far you’ve come in that regard as well. I know I prefer to work in numbers of days as opposed to weeks. Maybe the bigger numbers just mess with my head 🙂 but it makes me feel I’ve really come a long way.

The last great benefit is that you can actually input the start date at the top of the spreadsheet, and it will automatically calculate the dates for the rest of the program. This more than anything else will hold you accountable because then it won’t be generic – you will have to push yourself to keep up with the program by following along real time.

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