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Posted by on Jan 28, 2013 in P90X | 0 comments

Is the P90X2 Nutrition Plan too Complicated?

First: Here’s the link to the PDF:

I’m going to start with the absolute truth and tell you that while the P90X2 Fuel Your Performance nutrition plan is complex, it’s WORTH YOUR TIME.

If that’s not what you were hoping to hear, you might be looking for an excuse to do things differently, or even an excuse for not giving P90X2 your best effort.

Hey, I totally understand that; this isn’t a program that fits every person’s needs, and sometimes you just want a break from the hard work of top-grade fitness and health. So treat yourself to a little vacation. But come back, because this nutrition plan will flat out maximize your success.

On to some of the specifics…

I can’t express how happy I am with this program. It has transformed my life! P90X was great, but this is for HARD CORE results! The perfect amount of weights, balance, and cardio to get the body I always wanted! – Birdman, Cleveland Ohio (Followed nutrition program)

What’s new about the P90X2 Nutrition Guide

Remember, the original P90X dietary plan came out with the system in 2004, and though it’s good, that makes it pretty outdated. The P90X2 guide is built with the absolute latest dietary information science available.

No more “wean off” foods. The old P90X guide included some less healthy food choices in order to help people transition to better diets. The new guide no longer holds your hand so tightly – it’s written with the expectation that you’re already committed and willing leaving behind the fast food and junky snacks in order to eat right.

Grain-free and vegan options. This one’s big for those of you who follow a meat or dairy-free diet (vegans and vegetarians), or are trying to avoid grains (paleo/primal people and those with wheat gluten allergies).

P90x was brutal, but p90x2 is crazy, get in the best shape of your life, enjoy the great meal and follow the bring it of tony horton. Take control of your life, be healthy, that’s p90x2, two times better two times harder… :):):):) – scalethree, Canada, Montreal (Followed nutrition program)

Dietary fats play a greater role. Ten years ago everybody was all about “fat-free” and “low-fat” products, but one of the huge changes in dietary science is that we know now how critical healthy fats are for a healthy diet. Fat doesn’t make you fat, highly processed and nutrient-stripped foods make you fat.

Customized approach. P90X2 allows you to choose a dietary profile that fits YOU. If you don’t know which specific program (there are 27!) you should be using, they’ve included information to help you make an informed decision.

Changes to match your level of workout. When you train at a lower intensity your body burns more fat and less glycogen. As you progress through the P90X2 program, your workouts grow more intense, and you burn more glycogen. The P90X2 Nutrition Guide responds by increasing carb intake, which gives you the correct fuel for the more intense phases.

I made P90X part of my lifestyle. I did four rounds of P90X for a year and decided to give P90X2 a try. I find that this is even more efficient workout that P90X. I am glad I started with p90X because I really would have struggled with P90X2 and may have given up. The sequel has given me more balance, flexibility, athleticism and tone than I would have had if I had just stuck with P90X. My core is even stronger. I didn’t think I could get any better or stronger. But p90X2 helped me get there. – Brian, Philadelphia (Followed nutrition program)

Shakeology and P90X Results and Recovery Drink incorporated. Both of these came out AFTER the original P90X nutrition guide was created, so you don’t find them in the P90X materials. But the P90X2 guide incorporates them both into meal plans and helps you understand how to fit them into your day.

Spreadsheet and shopping lists included. Okay, so this isn’t anything different from P90X (except that P90X2 has shopping lists for the vegan and grain-free options, of course), but it’s worth saying because you really do get everything you need to make sense of the nutrition guide.

Still unsure? No worries!

If you’re doing P90X or any of the other Beachbody fitness programs and you are not ready for P90X2, don’t worry, you can sign up for a free Beachbody account and use the all new online Meal Plan Wizard. It’s not exactly like the P90X2 nutrition guide, but it follows the same principles and has loads of options and recipes for you to use.

Ready to crank your health and fitness levels into overdrive?

If you’ve done your research and know you’re ready for the kind of serious fitness and health results that P90X2 is going to deliver, click the link below and get set up now. There’s no better time than now, and the longer you debate, the longer it will be before you start seeing significant changes in your life.

Don’t delay, get maximum results with P90X2 starting today!

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