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Posted by on Dec 16, 2013 in P90X | 0 comments

P90X3 Launched – All You Need To Know


It’s happened – the launch I was most excited for.

It’s great news for you P90X and Tony Horton fans – P90X3 has been released. I will be going through the course over the next few months and will have a review up shortly after I’m finished.

In a Hurry? Head Over to the Official Beachbody P90X3 Site Now

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So now I will go over everything I know about P90X3 for all you sitting on the fence. I will say right now though that if you are in need of a fresh new workout, why not jump aboard? You’ll be joining a great group of people following the great Tony Horton and his proven workout routines.

What You Need to Know About P90X3

P90X was an incredible program designed to get you in great shape, no matter what your fitness is like.

When P90X2 was released, it was mainly aimed at ‘graduates’ of P90X. You didn’t have to have been through P90X, but it was mainly for people with a solid fitness level already.

Now things are different with P90X3. Beachbody has designed P90X3 so that you can complete all the workouts in just 30 minutes. This is big news, and it will resonate with many people.

The workouts themselves are similar in nature to P90X, and there is no expectation that you need to come into the program with an already beast-like fitness level. P90X3 will get you to the level of fitness you desire, instead of restricting you with an entry barrier.

Why P90X3 Workouts Are Only 30 Minutes Long

Tamara-ResultsIt may not be a question you’d think to ask – but why are 30 minute exercises so popular at the moment?

We’ve seen with Beachbody’s Focus T25 (led by another amazing trainer, Shaun T), that 30 minute exercises are extremely popular.

It’s been found through extensive testing with volunteers that the most drastic transformations in your body will happen within the first 30 minutes of intense exercise.

This is why programs are being designed with this fact in mind nowadays.

The other reason of course is that we all live busy lives, and we appreciate the 30-minute time will fit into our hectic schedules better. I know I don’t always have time to squeeze in an hour long workout 5 times a week. It’s just too much.

So what turns out to be a scientifically better workout also happens to be a benefit to us in our busy lives.

Get Started for just 30 Minutes a Day


What Are The P90X3 Basics?

Here are the details:

P90X3 is again a 90-day program run by Tony Horton. You will work out in only 30 minutes a day, and each workout provides new variety to work every muscle.

If you don’t know Tony, he’s an elite trainer who has 20 years of experience and has helped create all the P90X workouts, amongst others. He knows how to motivate you and keep you disciplined. He’s helped train professional athletes, movie stars and thousands of regular folks like you or me.

P90X3 has an optional extra 4 weeks of elite training if you feel like an extra challenge. However, some of the workouts in the elite training are only included in the Deluxe or Ultimate kits.

There are 3 kits:

-Base Kit

-Deluxe Kit

-Ultimate Kit

The base kit includes your 16 base P90X3 workouts, along with your new nutrition and fitness guides. There are also 2 bonus items, the P90X3 workout calendar and the “How to Accelerate” DVD to boost your results as fast as you can.

The Deluxe kit includes the extra workouts, plus resistance bands and more. The Ultimate kit also adds in a premium jump mat, a chin-up bar and the P90X Results and Recovery Formula, which is a proven supplement to help get you better results and recover faster.

Who is P90X3 For?

This program is for anyone, of any fitness level.

All the workouts are designed so you can modify them to meet your own needs. If it gets too tough for you, you can simply roll it back a bit and go at the right level for you.

You don’t need to have tried or even heard of P90X before. In fact, it would be a natural progression to try out P90X and P90X2 after you’ve been through P90X3.

The opposite is also true – if you loved the first two, then give P90X3 a go to maintain your fitness levels and try some great new workouts by Tony Horton.

There are vegetarian and vegan meal options in the nutrition plan.

You also get free 24/7 support included with the program, and you have access to the Beachbody community if you feel like you need some accountability and like to motivate each other.

Click Here Now For P90X3 at the Official Beachbody Site


So that’s it – what are your thoughts on P90X3 – are you excited?


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