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Posted by on Dec 23, 2013 in P90X | 0 comments

P90X3 Nutrition Guide: Diet and Meal Plan

P90X3 has just launched and I will be covering every aspect of it.

Today, I am going to reveal some exciting aspects of the new nutrition guide. I can’t share the full guide with you (yet anyway) but I will give you the inside scoop as to what to expect.

P90X3 Nutrition Plan: Simplicity

The original P90X nutrition plan was broken down into 3 phases:

-Fat Shredder
-Energy Booster
-Endurance Maximizer

This time, there’s a bit more science involved but things are being kept SIMPLE.

One of the most exciting aspects of P90X3 is that it is designed for everyone. That includes beginners, elite athletes and everyone in between.

So with the simplified 30-minute exercises (because research has shown that most of the benefits from any workout occurs within the first half an hour), the new P90X needed an easy-to-follow nutrition guide, and it looks like that’s what it will be delivering.

Watch this short, entertaining video of trainer Tony Horton discussing the P90X3 nutrition plan:

Tony mentions that the new nutrition plan is similar to the original Power 90 plan.

The most important takeaway is that you can customize the plan depending on how you enjoy approaching this.

Do you enjoy counting every last calories and nutrient, making tables and calendars to track your progress? Or perhaps you prefer to just follow a basic guideline? Either way, there’s something for you.

At the end of the video, they mention ‘eating intuitively’.

Intuitive Eating

This is a new concept introduced for P90X3.

What this means is listening to your body’s cues to know how to eat the right nutrition:

“An intuitive eater understands what’s lacking in their diet, whether that’s carbs, protein, fats or even a micronutrient like iron or sodium.”

The opposite of intuitive eaters are ‘impulse eaters’. Impulse eaters won’t understand what their body is asking them for, and instead will succumb to cravings and eat for comfort.

The P90X3 nutrition guide will explain all this in greater detail, and it’s something you’ll pick up easily as you go through the course. It’s an attitude and it’s very exciting.

Nutrition Quiz

So the first thing you’ll do when you get the nutrition guide is take the quiz.

Here is a snippet of the quiz and what it amounts to:

P90X3 Nutrition Quiz

As you can see, you will be adding up a score based on your answers, and that score relates to which calorie plan is best for you to follow.

There are 6 different calorie plans included with P90X3 (A to F).

Perhaps the ‘intuitive eating’ philosophy is not for you and you just want to follow a simple plan – then these calorie plans are all you need.

This customization is what’s brilliant about the new P90X3 diet plan.

Now P90X3, unlike P90X, follows a 30/40/30 ratio of proteins/carbs/fats. The original P90X was based on the fat shredding 50/30/20.

Based on your results in the quiz, the guide will tell you how many calories you need to consume in a day, and exactly how many grams of proteins, carbohydrates and fat you need to consume to meet that goal. Simple!

Now, if you’re not one for detailed tracking of your food intake, then don’t fret. Also included is a basic portion chart to show you how much protein etc you should be eating at each meal, breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as snack times. All of it is broken down based on which calorie plan your quiz dictates is best for you.

So no matter what type of person you are, you should be covered. The guide itself covers all this in much greater detail, and includes meal plans too. I will update this post as more information becomes available.

What do you think of the nutrition guide? How do you like to track your diet? Let us know in the comments below.

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