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Posted by on Dec 8, 2011 in Rushfit | 2 comments

Achieving the Ultimate Strength and Endurance of an MMA Fighter with RushFit

I am a big fan of RushFit and Georges St. Pierre, and use his strength and conditioning strategy every day I work out. RushFit is the ultimate exercise challenge that conditions me like an MMA fighter. Working out just 45 minutes each day, I feel better and look better than I ever have before.

Provides Focus during Workouts

Before I started using Georges St. Pierre’s RushFit training program, I typically spent 20 to 30 minutes at the gym every day doing inefficient exercises. Even though it was always my goal to sculpt my body into a lean machine, complete with six-pack abs, I had no focus as to what I was doing, and the results of my efforts reflected exactly that. One day while I was at the gym, I met a man with an incredible body that mentioned he was using RushFit every day, and suggested that I try it.

Ultimate Fighter Training Program

GSP-strengthI went online and visited St. Pierre’s official website to gather as much information about his RushFit training program as I could. This “ultimate fighter” has developed an incredible training program that helps redefine workout intensity. By training smarter, instead of harder, everyone can transform his or her body to the max.

“It is a very complete program that is broken down into three components; a warm-up, a challenging workout, and a flexibility-based cool down.” – D. Hamlett,

I liked what I saw, as everything I needed to build muscle mass, lose weight, and get to the ultimate shape is included in his amazing eight-week workout program. It seemed like the ideal workout conditioning program for me, so I ordered it and had it delivered to the house. When it arrived in the mail, I watched the first DVD and started my conditioning immediately.

MMA Circuit Training Style

Each individual workout routine pushes me to the limit. It helps me build strength, endurance, power, core stability, and flexibility, along with balance and agility. The way he has designed his workout allows me to remain focused on my training without any distractions. It uses a series of highly efficient workouts which feature a powerful MMA circuit training style designed to increase my strength and help me quickly “lean out” to produce the ultimate body.

His workouts are intense, and each exercise is broken down into five separate rounds, all of them about five minutes long. The program is designed to quickly burn up calories while simulating the same intensity any MMA faces in the ultimate fight. The program sets the pace along with the level of intensity, and is more incredible than anything I have ever done before.

Multiple Workout Training Programs

The GSP RushFit program includes an amazing strength and endurance workout, an explosive power training workout, a fight conditioning workout, an abdominal strength and core conditioning workout, a full body strength and conditioning workout, along with other workout bonus routines.

“A great workout! It proves to be an exhausting, but rewarding routine, and I highly recommend it.” – T. R.,

It has a workout guide, training plans, and a nutritional guide. It just the few short months I have been working out with RushFit my body has never looked better. I highly recommend this amazing workout routine to any man or woman seeking the ultimate training program. I suggest purchasing it directly from the company’s official website.

Click Here To Grab Your Own GSP Rushfit From The Official Supplier


  1. Can you do rushfit at the gym ?

    • Wouldn’t see why not. The main/only things you need are workout space; 6-8 feet square maybe (ideally padded) and a pair of light dumbbells.


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