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Posted by on Jan 25, 2012 in Rushfit | 15 comments

Rushfit Workout Schedule: Keep Track Of Your Rushfit Results

George-and-Victoria-RushfitAre you looking for an example of the GSP Rushfit workout schedule to see if it’s a suitable routine for you?

The thing is, it’s actually not legal to upload a Rushfit workout schedule PDF that comes directly from the course. However, I can give you an overall view of the workouts week by week, and how long they will take you to complete. See my Rushfit before and after page if you want some inspiration for what you could achieve with the GSP Rushfit course.

Rushfit Schedule Overview

The Rushfit workout guide is actually broken down into 3 separate levels, depending on what degree of experience and level of fitness you already have. So there are 3 distinct Rushfit workout schedules: they are beginner, intermediate and advanced. Simply put, if you are not already in great condition (whether you enjoy MMA fighting like Georges St-Pierre or are just looking to get in shape), then start off with the beginner level.

The fact is, even the beginner Rushfit schedule is quite intense. You can start at this level to see how easy or difficult it is for you, and then move up the ladder if you find you can handle it. Indeed, the very nature of the GSP Rushfit training course is of ‘explosive’ workouts in short bursts. Note also there is a fitness test included, which will also help you determine where you stand at the start of the 8-week program.

Each workout takes roughly 45 minutes total. Here’s how each workout is laid out:

  • 10 minute warm-up
  • 5 x 5-minute circuits of high intensity workouts (25 minutes total)
  • 10 minute cool-down

That’s the standard GSP workout routine, and is all you need to do in a day. That being said, you should aim to do this 6 times a week. You can take a break on the 7th day.

Rushfit Workout Guide – The 6 DVDs and 7 Workouts

This is an 8-week course, and I’ll fill you in on the structure of the course over that period of time.

There are 6 DVDs. The last one has two different workouts on it, as it has a ‘bonus’ workout included. You can include both of these workouts on the 6th day of the week if you choose.

The way it works is that you rotate between each DVD on each day of the week. Then at the start of the second week, you’ll go back to DVD 1 and move onto ‘week 2’. There are variations that keep things interesting and keep your muscles guessing what’s coming next.

  • DVD 1: Strength & Endurance
  • DVD 2: Abdominal Strength & Core Conditioning
  • DVD 3: Fight Conditioning
  • DVD 4: Explosive Power Training
  • DVD 5: Full Body and Strength Conditioning
  • DVD 6: Stretching For Flexibility. Bonus: Balance & Agility

I can reveal that the beginner’s Rushfit workout schedule for the first week looks like this:

Day 1) Strength & Endurance workout

Day 2) Cardio

Day 3) Abdominal Strength & Core conditioning workout

Day 4) Cardio & Flexibility

Day 5) Fight Conditioning workout

Day 6) Cardio, balance and agility

Day 7) Rest

Now what you will need is a pair of dumbbells. These can be any weights you like – seriously, it doesn’t have to be huge. Just something you can lift up and down for a set of reps. Something between 5 and 25 pounds should suit most people. The idea is to do as many reps as you can in an explosive burst of power. This conditions your muscles to break down tissue and regrow bigger than before. It works wonders.

If you enjoy MMA, then the fight conditioning workout should be a lot of fun for you. If not, no sweat. You can even adapt your workout if you don’t enjoy any of the particular workouts. Just adjust it on your calendar. There is a Rushfit workout calendar included, along with the nutrition guide and 6 DVDs. This allows you to track your progress and helps you see how far you’ve come in a short space of time.

No matter which workout schedule you adhere to, you should have a good time with Rushfit. As with any workout, it really gets the blood pumping and the endorphins released will give you a real boost of energy and happiness each time the workout is through. Many people enjoy the way this feels after a good cardio workout.

Please check out the related posts below, or the links in the sidebar if you would like to know more about Rushfit, or are interested in taking the course for a spin yourself. Comments are also welcome.



  1. I just Started the beginners calendar Rushfit Program today and was wondering what todo for the cardio workout is it doing your own thing for cardio or is there a dvd for it.

    • There is actually a cardio section in Rushfit where you are free to input whatever exercises you like. The idea is to get your heart rate up in whichever fashion you like. For instance, I just did some simple jogging. You can try to use the existing DVDs or do something else you’re familiar with. It’s a good excuse to use some exercise equipment you have that might be lying around unused.

      • for the Cardio section do you think it would be a good idea to use the Cardio from Insanity ….I have done Insanity a few times I know what I am getting into…..

        • Yes, I always encourage experimenting with different programs. If you’re comfortable with Insanity cardio, make that part of your new schedule and track your results. Good luck

          • for the Cardio section i can use the DVD Explosive Powertraining?

          • You can choose what you want for the cardio section, so yeah the explosive power training is fine.

  2. Hi Joe,

    I posted a comment but I dont see it here, well I’ll ask you again how did you like the les mills workout honestly? I’m surprised you only lost 2 percent body fat with the program, but maybe you didnt do cardio on the walk days? Which body parts did you see a significant change with LM(butt, legs, arms)?? In the clips it doesnt even look like they come to parallel in the squats, or am I wrong? I really want something for my legs, butt, overall everything. Do you think rushfit is an overall workout,or does LM work those areas better. Thank you

  3. Which RUSHFIT dvd would you recommend for the cardio days? I like the freedom of doing my own cardio. But lately, it’s been too cold and dark to run after work.

    • Yeah it’s a good and a bad thing that they give you freedom to do your own cardio. If you still just want to make use of the DVDs, then I’d suggest Full Body Strength and Conditioning, or Strength and Endurance because I know they really work you. It’s your call though buddy, whatever you enjoy doing most is what counts.

  4. Getting back into this, after hand injury and then back troubles, nothing serious, just sore for a bit. Over all I like the pick your cardio. Being able to pick your cardio lets you get outdoors and do something different than watch a DVD. You can jog, bike, swim or hike. I have heard of people doing other more cardio intense DVDs, like Insanity. I was doing Insanity over the summer, in 90 degree heat and was able to keep up for a while then I had knee pain. Insanity is too much of the same type of exercise, 80 to 90% cardio, and Rushfit is really a 6 month program if you start at the beginner and go through each one.

    Overall I like this better than others I have done and I have done Insanity, P90X and other over the years, along with being a wrestler back in high school then the Army. This is not as in your face as others and they keep their views out of the workout, unlike some trainers. I am not talking just fitness but a lean towards political.

  5. i lost my manual where can i get the training schedule for intermediate and advance.

  6. for the Cardio section i can use the DVD Explosive Powertraining?
    if one day I can do the training, training the next day that I do? which I could not do or that day?

  7. how does the calendar work ?

  8. The cardio days are for you to do cardio what ever way you enjoy! I play tennis, jog, or ride my bicycle. Just 30 minutes of cardio!

  9. So the DVDs came and there are 6 DVDs but most only have 1 workout on them correct? So it’s the same exact workouts repeated each week. Seems like it will get old fast.

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