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Posted by on Nov 25, 2013 in Fitness Tips | 0 comments

How to Save Money on Workout DVDs – Buying Used and Avoiding Scams

Save Money on Workout DVDs Without Getting Scammed


BB-trainersIf you’re finally excited about exercising again, the last thing you want is to get sucked into a too-good-to-be-real deal on workout DVDs.

What you really need is to get your DVDs fast (so you can start working out sooner rather than later) at the best deal possible. Save money, workout, get ripped … right?

But let’s face it. There are lots of scams out there (many pop up as ads while you search the Internet) waiting for the right person to take the bait.

To make sure you get what you want in a workout DVD set, without getting scammed, here are a few tips that will help you keep your eyes open to shady deals.

Trust your gut: If it seems too good to be real, then pass on by.

Shop at reputable sites: Your best bet is through the company that makes the DVDs, or other trustworthy sites like

Check the goods: Make sure you know what you are getting. Sometimes, lower prices just mean you are missing out on bonus accessories and gear.

Do the math: Does the money you save with free shipping & handling get erased by a higher price on the product?

I pulled some of these tips from my post about how to buy Jillian Michaels Body Revolution—an excellent workout program for anyone looking to lose weight in as little as 90 days.

But the tips, of course, are valid for any video workout program.

The Ups and Downs of Buying Used

Everyone loves to save money. Probably as much as they like to lose extra pounds.

If you play it smart, and take your time, you can do both by buying used top-line workout DVD sets.

The trick is you need to do both—think it through AND spend some time looking at the deals.

Above I talked about how to avoid some of the more common scams: deals that are too good to be true, or getting shortchanged on the bonus accessories.

If you follow those tips, you will be well ahead of the game.

The next step is taking your time. Let’s face it, the best deals on used DVD sets (or anything else, for that matter) don’t always jump out in front of you.

You have to spend time comparing the deals side-by-side.

It helps if you shop for used products on sites like Amazon, where the details of what’s included are usually available … in an easy-to-read table. Check out this image of the used marketplace on Amazon:


Take some time looking at the deals, comparing not only the prices, but also what’s included.

Maybe one deal is missing the resistance bands, but you save $40. For that much money you could buy yourself a whole SET of resistance bands.

And always … yes, always … take a look at what’s included in the new set. That way you know what’s supposed to be there.

Why Return Policies Matter

Don’t get shackled with a workout program that doesn’t give you what you need.

Why not? If you’re buying a top-line workout program, you are no doubt going to plop down a fair bit of change for it.

 In the ideal world, you’ll be happy with whatever you buy.

 Yes, researching the workouts BEFORE you buy can help you find a program that fits your goals and time constraints.

 But nothing compares to actually doing the workouts.

 Sometimes, when you pop in the first DVD, you realize that the program isn’t what you expected—maybe it’s too hard, or even too easy, or you just can’t stand the trainer.

 That’s okay. If you try to force yourself to do a program that’s not what you need, chances are you’ll bail before the end.

 You are better off trying it out and returning it. That way, you get your money back and can move onto something that fits you better.

 That’s where return policies come in. Many sellers of workout programs let you try them out for 30 days before deciding if you want to keep it.

 Don’t waste that time. When you get your DVD workout program in the mail, start working out right away. You will know within one or two weeks whether that program is for you.

 If not, don’t wait. Return it for a full refund. AND find a new program that will get you the results you are looking for.


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