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Posted by on Feb 10, 2014 in Fitness Tips | 0 comments

Secrets of Effective Fat Loss

Think you know what you need in order to burn fat? Well, think again. There are a lot of myths about weight loss that have been floating around for years. Recent research, though, has started to smash through them, showing that there’s more than one way to burn the fat.

MYTH #1: You burn MORE calories with LONGER workouts.Shawna

It’s true that if you do long workouts—like running or bicycling—at the right intensity, you will burn a lot
of calories. But long workouts are not the ONLY way to shed excess pounds. With high-intensity interval
training workouts, you can burn fat in as little as 20 minutes a day.

MYTH #2: To burn fat, you need to do cardio after strength training.

High-intensity interval training smashes that myth by combining cardio and resistance training into one
super-intense workout. That way, your heart rate spikes (in a good way) and you build lean muscle—both of
which increase the fat burning.

MYTH #3: Treadmills and other “cardio” machines are the best way to burn fat.

As I said before, if you do cardio at the right intensity for long enough, you will burn fat. But that takes a lot of time, probably more than you have in your week. Plus, running on a treadmill—even if you are watching TV at the same time—is boring. Most people find high-intensity interval training workouts much more fun because of their fast pace and the mix of exercises.

Luckily, if you’d like to try a workout based on high-intensity interval training, you have many to choose from. One of these is the Challenge Fat Loss workout by Shawna Kaminski. This exercise program is based on the latest research in fat loss, and gives you a super-intense workout that you can do in 20 minutes a day, 4 days a week.

Feel the Afterburn for Real Fat Loss

When people talk about exercising in order to burn more fat, what they should really be talking about is “afterburn.”

What’s afterburn? No, it’s not something that happens during a rocket launch, although it sounds like it should be.

Before I get into it, let’s first talk about burning fat during exercise. If you hop on the treadmill at the gym, you will, of course, burn calories. At some point—given the right intensity—you may also start to burn fat.

If you are exercising to shed those extra pounds, this is good. Especially if you want to lose the fat that’s been hiding your strong abs.

Often, though, when you hop off the treadmill, any fat burning that was going on during your workout suddenly stops.

But if you want to shed your extra pounds, you need to keep burning fat long after you’ve left the gym. This is where afterburn comes in.

Afterburn is basically this: When you do super-intense exercise—even for just 20 minutes—you body can burn fat for up to 36 hours after you’ve stopped exercising.

The trick, though, is working hard enough. That’s why high-intensity interval training works so well for this. It mixes cardio and resistance training, along with short bursts of maximum effort, to push you into the afterburn zone for maximum fat loss.

That’s the secret (although it’s not really a secret) behind the Challenge Fat Loss workout program, and other programs that include max interval training such as the Insanity workout (check out the ‘Insanity’ category for all my posts on Shaun T’s workouts).

More Secrets of Effective Fat Loss

So the secret of effective fat loss you might say is afterburn.

When you get into the afterburn zone during exercise, you can burn fat for up to 36 hours after you stop exercising … as long as your workout is intense enough.

The kind of workout that gets you into the afterburn zone is usually high-intensity interval training. That’s because this type of exercise combines cardio and resistance training in a super-intense package.

There are, however, other things to keep in mind when choosing a fat loss program. (And like afterburn, they aren’t really secrets, but are still good to remember.)

Find a program that works: You need a program that lays it all out for you in advance—which exercises, what order, how many days.

Keep up the intensity: If you want the afterburn, you need maximum intensity. Which in a way is good because if you are working out at your max, you will only need 20 minutes a day of exercise.

Skip the expensive equipment: Keep your workouts simple (and save money) by using your body, hand weights and resistance bands for resistance.

Find a workout that fits your level: Some programs are so intense that only well-conditioned athletes can
handle them. Find a program that matches your level, or one that has modifications you can do until you get up to speed.

Eat healthy: We often neglect this one. Eating healthy foods like fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein sources and whole grains will help you in two ways—you’ll burn more fat AND have more energy to exercise.

If you want a workout that fits these “secrets,” check out the Challenge Fat Loss program. It will give you the best of a fat-burning high-intensity interval training workout.

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