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Posted by on Oct 15, 2012 in ChaLEAN | 2 comments

The Power Behind the ChaLEAN Extreme Workout System

chalene-johnsonBefore you read another review of the ChaLEAN Extreme workout system (or any other workout system, for that matter), you should know this one thing…

Chalene Johnson is HOT.

You know those women with professional dancer bodies? Or the ones who look like they could kick your ass and make you love it? Chalene has that body, and it’s her business to help you get one, too.

But she’s not trying to give you the hard sell and leave you with some crappy over-the-rainbow promises that never deliver. ChaLEAN Extreme is based on sound weight-loss and muscle-building principles.

Chalene Johnson’s Background and Expertise

The truth is you don’t want to trust your body’s health and fitness to just anyone. There are too many shysters out there trying to make a buck off of people who don’t do their research. Chalene Johnson has real background, training, expertise in weight loss and fitness; her entire life has been dedicated to it. She knows what she’s teaching, because she’s done it herself. And it shows.

Yes, she actually did train as a dancer and in the martial arts, including Tae Kwon Do and kickboxing. You’ll see a LOT of fight moves in her workouts. She’s a choreographer, too, which is part of why her workouts feel so cohesive.

You may already know of her from her first big breakout product called Turbo Jam®. That system is very effective, but it also feels just a little bit excited-teenager-meets-Jane Fonda for some people.


More than a little badass.

You don’t get that with ChaLEAN Extreme; it is 100% all grown up, and more than a little badass. It’s a fitness DVD set with a 90-day program based on the concepts of cardio and resistance training. The resistance training builds muscle, while the cardio burns fat; one of the best combinations ever.

Chalene takes the time to teach the basics of how to use proper form and technique for the resistance moves you’ll be doing in the program, whether you’re using weights or bands. Most of the workouts are less than an hour each (great for time-pressed people), and still incredibly powerful.

Each workout includes stretching and lengthening flexibility moves to keep your lactic acid levels in check and prevent stiffening of your muscles. It’s the best possible way to end a workout safely and in a way that feels invigorating.

Included in the ChaLEAN Program

The set is a pretty comprehensive package, as you can see below. And, like most workout systems worth the time and energy it takes to test them out, it comes with a 90-day money back guarantee.

Here’s what you get in the program.

  1. 15 Workouts on 6 DVDs
  2. Muscle Burns Fat Guidebook
  3. Body Fat Tester
  4. Plus these Bonuses:
    • Ab Burner (routine)
    • Extreme Abs (routine)
    • Fat-Burning Food Guide
    • Pro-Grade Resistance Band
    • Thigh Toner Band

What’s NOT Included?

The ChaLEAN Extreme system has a big emphasis on resistance training because it’s well-known that muscle helps you burn fat. While the resistance bands ARE included, other weights (which she talks about in the program) are not.

Not a huge deal, but it’s generally easier to get your own weights locally rather than pay to have them shipped. This is not a deal-breaker for most people, and it lets you decide to invest more if and when you’re ready.


This is a tested, scientifically sound program for muscle building, weight loss, shaping and toning your entire body, developed and offered by a trusted powerhouse in the industry.

You can check out the ChaLEAN Extreme Workout System here.

More Info Coming Up!

If you’re looking for more information, coming up next I’m posting about the three Phases – Burn, Push, and Lean – Chalene uses to take you through the 90-day program.

Check back here for more, or leave a comment below and let me know what your experience with the system has been!


  1. Hi,

    I am a house wife, with not activity, other than home work.
    Which have made me lazy to do any activity.

    What program would you recommend for me to follow, as i dont need high intensive programs as for now.


    • Hi Suma,

      Yes, Insanity and P90X are quite intense workouts. If you’re looking for a cardio workout that isn’t so full on, ChaLEAN is better than the others. I’ve also heard that Turbo Jam (also by Chalene Johnson) is a good one to start out on, but I haven’t tried it yet myself. It’s meant to be quite fun too.


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