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Posted by on Jun 4, 2012 in P90X | 1 comment

Used P90X For Sale – Where To Find P90X Used Copies

P90X by Tony Horton is very popular right now, and therefore many people are looking for copies of used P90X for sale.

Similar to my post on finding used copies of the Insanity workout, my top recommendation is the old favorite: Amazon. If  you’re in the market for used P90X, head on over to Amazon at the link below:

>>Buy Used P90X For Sale Over At The Amazon Marketplace<<

Amazon Marketplace

Click For Used P90X At Amazon

The alternatives are few, really. You can try on eBay but I find it unreliable for this kind of product. I don’t buy exercise equipment from there and DVDs are a bit hit and miss in terms of quality.

With Amazon, you get a trusted retailer and an excellent marketplace. Each individual seller gives information on their history and what they’re selling. Remember that P90X should come with several bonuses. You’ll always get these if you buy new through Beachbody, but you’ll have to check each seller on Amazon to see what comes with it.

This is what comes as standard if you buy new from Amazon:

  • 12 Intense Workout DVDs
  • Fitness Guide
  • 3-Phase Nutrition Guide
  • Calendar

So search for these when looking at the Amazon marketplace for used P90X copies. You’ll often see ‘No Books Included’ or something similar. If you’re not bothered by owning the guides, then you can actually get a great deal. The cheapest package at the time of writing is only $77.99 plus $5.99 shipping (although they have poor feedback – the next one up is a similar price). That of course contains no books but is great for the DVD set. The regular price for P90X at Beachbody is $119.85, and on Amazon it’s $139.80.

Why Go For P90X Used For Sale On Amazon

The reason Amazon is so good is because they are a huge company with a reputation to hold up. You get feedback scores for each seller on the marketplace, and you can actually view the individual ratings they were given to see what kind of customer service they give.

In my opinion, it pays to go for only sellers with greater than 95%. In my post on the Insanity workout on Amazon, I said 90%. I’ve revised my thoughts now, because let’s face it – it isn’t hard for a seller to maintain a high feedback score and 95% should be the very minimum they get if they are customer focused.


Remember that if you’re not sure exactly what the package is they are offering, you can ask the seller a question directly. Just click on the seller’s name, then on the right side of the page somewhere should be a link titled ‘contact the seller’. A good seller will get back to you fairly promptly and be courteous towards you.

Sometimes you can get the shipping costs combined if you buy multiple items from the same seller. If it’s not stated somewhere, then feel free to ask them about that (they may throw it in for you even if it’s not a regular service they perform). Anything to help save a buck or 2.

Alternative To Buying Used P90X

If you aren’t set on buying through Amazon, or you’re just looking for an alternative, then Beachbody actually has a great payment plan option for P90X. You can try it out for 30 days to see if you like it and can do it. The first payment is only $39.95 plus shipping.

>>Check out the P90X Payment Plan Option At Beachbody<<

Overall it will come to $119.85 again if you continue the payments. So you may wish to stick with Amazon if you are committed to it. The monthly aspect may help for those on a budget, though.

Happy bargain hunting!



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  1. Will I ingest an autographed picture of Hony Torton if I purchase from the Amazonian people?
    Hony is as funny as Milton Bearl.
    Nice tricep and pec poser too 🙂

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