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What is P90X Workout – Take a Tour With Tony Horton


Tony Horton – Mastermind Behind P90X

An incredible workout swept across the country recently, and it has┬árevolutionized┬áthe way normal folks like you train from home. You’ll probably have seen the infomercials already. So what is the P90X workout?

Tony Horton is the creator of the P90x workout – aka the Power 90 Extreme workout. P90X is a series of home fitness workout DVDs and an entire course that you can cater to your own fitness needs. It was created by Tony Horton in conjunction with Beachbody.

P90X is not necessarily for the beginner – in fact, it was designed with the simple premise in mind that there were not many fitness programs out there that are designed for people who already have achieved a certain level of fitness.

What Is The P90X Program?

P90X is a 90-day program in which you can build muscle, or lose weight depending on your fitness goals. It contains a mixture of cardio-based workouts and strength training.

P90X results

P90X Brings Real Results

Many people have difficulties reaching their workout goals. What happens is that they make some progress, but reach a point where no matter how hard they continue to train, they cannot keep losing weight, cutting body fat or building muscles. This is the dreaded ‘plateau’ effect, and it can really cause people to give up.

The major selling point of Insanity is known as ‘Muscle Confusion’. This is Tony Horton’s solution to this workout plateau problem that so many people suffer from. By mixing up the cardio and strength based workouts, this allows you to continue developing muscle. When your body feels that you are changing up your workouts frequently, it will react as if you are starting a new workout from day 1.

I have actually provided a P90X lean workout schedule PDF on that page (click through to find and download it). On that page, I explain what the ‘lean’ workout is all about, but the PDF actually outlines the classic P90X workout and the ‘Doubles’ workout too. It’s great to download and keep on your computer or print out for further reference, as you can tick them off as you work through the program.

First, you’ll start with the fitness test. As I said, P90X is not necessarily for beginners. If you fail the fitness test, don’t worry. You can always scale down the program and take it from there. Remember, you don’t have to stop at 1 cycle of 90 days. P90X can be performed over and over if you really get into it, and you can step up the difficulty each time you start over.

P90X Classic includes 12 workouts:

  • Chest + Back – including different push-ups and pull-ups
  • Plyometrics – these are intended to imitate moves you may do in sports. Not included in the lean P90X workout
  • Shoulders + Arms – curls and rows to develop your muscles
  • Yoga X – this is for flexibility, which may be more important than you think
  • Legs + Back – squats and leans to develop your quads and calfs
  • Kenpo X – a type of martial arts involving punches and kicks. Constant movement, great for losing fat
  • Core Synergistics – from a strong core, everything else follows…
  • Chest, Shoulders + Triceps – more tough workouts and a new focus on triceps
  • Back + Biceps – includes lower back, an important area that many complain about
  • Cardio X – a lighter cardio workout
  • Ab Ripper X – crunches of all styles make this the big dog of ab workouts
  • X Stretch – an optional stretch workout that is great to do on the ‘rest’ days.

Hopefully this gives you a better idea of what P90X is. You can actually design your own 12-week program from the DVDs. So if you aren’t interested in the Yoga or the martial arts, you don’t have to do them. If losing weight is your main goal, you may wish to cut out the exercises designed to amplify your muscles. I would advise at least going through each workout at least once to see what it’s like and whether it suits you or not. Remember also to track your results – record your weight, take before shots and take some measurements on day 1 to compare to day 90. It’ll serve as an amazing reminder of the journey you’ve been through.

Another great benefit is to finally discard that dusty old gym membership you have. This is a complete system – you do not need to go to that stale old gym anymore.

P90X Exclusive Bonuses

P90X has delivered incredible results for literally thousands of people just like you. However, diet is a crucial factor in achieving your fitness goals, and the P90X program has that covered as well. When you buy P90X, you’ll receive a free nutrition guide that complements Tony Horton’s system and is flexible too, so you can cater it to your own tastes.

On top of the free 3-phase nutrition guide, you’ll receive the:

  • P90X fitness guide – to help you get the most out of the program
  • Another video entitled ‘How To Bring It’, which is an overview of the complete P90X program
  • P90X Calendar to set yourself goals and track your progress
  • Free online support from an amazing peer network and real fitness experts

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