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Posted by on Jan 15, 2012 in Insanity | 4 comments

What Is The Insanity Workout? Take A Tour With Shaun T

Today at, we’ll be looking into a new home workout called Insanity. First of all, what is the Insanity workout?

Shaun-T-InsanityThe Insanity workout is another home DVD course, this time by a guy called Shaun T from New Jersey. Shaun is well known as a dancer on television and at theaters. He has actually danced with such well known stars as Mariah Carey, Aaron and Nick Carter and Elephant Man, and he has appeared on Six Feet Under and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Shaun trains hard to be the best he can be, and has released several fitness programs. One of the most well known of these is Hip Hop Abs, which quickly grew into the number one fitness program on American TV. Most recently, however, he has released Insanity – his toughest fitness training program yet.

What’s Included in the Insanity Workout?

So what is Insanity workout like exactly? The Beachbody Insanity workout program is designed to build your muscle ultra fast. If you saw a guy like Shaun T, you might think it would take years of hard graft to achieve a body like his. Insanity is designed to be tough, but in a matter of just 60 days, you too can achieve the body of your dreams.

The great thing about it is that you don’t actually require any equipment. You can transform your body in 60 days, and all you need is this set of 10 DVDs. The deluxe version comes with 12 DVDs – and if you buy through the Beachbody company, you will get an extra workout DVD as a bonus. No weights or gym necessary, as your own body can provide the resistance. You can follow along with Shaun T from the comfort of your own home, at roughly one hour a day, which is not too much to ask.

Also included is a nutrition plan to help you make the important decisions on how to combine a good diet with a killer Insanity workout, and a calendar to help you structure your workouts into your lifestyle.

What is the Insanity workout based on? How does it work?

What makes Insanity different from all the other regular exercise regimes on the market is what Shaun T calls ‘Maximum Interval Training’. The way a traditional interval training might work is that you do short bursts of really intense workout, followed by long periods of either rest or less intense, moderate exercise.

Insanity-CardioShaun has completely flipped this on its head with the Max Interval Training method. Instead, he recommends you do longer bursts of intense exercise interwoven with short periods of rest. The idea is to work to your maximum capacity, squeezing out as many reps as you can. It doesn’t matter what number that is – you don’t need to compare yourself to anybody else, just push yourself to your own limits.

The idea is to keep you at your limit as long as possible, as this is where the real muscle breakdown and rebuilding takes place. Most people who exercise never really push themselves hard enough and end up running to stand still in regards to their muscle building. Each interval will push you through several different types of exercise, including:

  • Resistance training for upper body
  • Core exercises to build your abs
  • Cardio to burn fat
  • Plyometrics for lower body power
  • Sports drills to improve your speed and agility

It isn’t an easy path to take, but if you really want to look amazing and feel great for it, then you have everything you need from the Insanity workout. You can plan out your workouts using the calendar, supplement it with the nutrition plan, and dedicate 1 hour a day to making your body look fantastic. The only thing that’s insane is how quickly you can achieve the look you want.


  1. I didn’t know insanity required no equipment. That makes me want to go buy this program!

  2. Hi I have interest in your work out insanity.
    But I have a problem my both knees are wore out, I get gel injection 2 a year.
    Like to work out but don’t want to destroy my knees more.
    I am 49 and work as a hairdresser.

    What do you suggest ?

    will you ever make workout for people with wore out knees there are so many



    • Insanity is amazing but don’t do it if you have some trouble in your knees. Peace out

    • go to spin class


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