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Posted by on Feb 7, 2012 in Insanity | 6 comments

Where To Buy Insanity Workout – Find Great Deals and Avoid The Scams

This post is about where to buy insanity workout cheap, and is a follow-up to my previous post on finding the insanity workout cheap (link opens in a new window) online and how to avoid scams. Hopefully that last post covered a lot of useful ground, and I recommend heading there after you read the new post below.

Beware: Scams Exist For Insanity

Insanity scam sites existThis is where I want to draw most attention to you the reader if you are looking for a great bargain on Insanity. I completely understand the need to save some money in these times, but you must beware, as I’ve done some research online and there are in fact a number of pitfalls out there that can trap you.

Suffice to say, there are foreign sites you may find in Google or another search engine that promise a deal that may sound too good to be true. Usually when something sounds too good to be true, it’s because there are strings attached. This is certainly the case when you visit one of these sites, and I’ll tell you why. They sell Insanity workout with a checkout system right from their own site, but they do NOT have security certificates.

This means that they are free to steal any details you choose to submit to their website. Always be wary if you come across a site like this. In my previous post (linked above), I demonstrate how you can be sure a site has a legitimate security certificate that proves the authenticity of the site.

That said, if you stick to my guidelines below, you should not even have to worry about whether a site is running a scam or not.

Where To Buy Insanity Workout Cheap

If you really want to avoid the fake sites, then stick to trusted retailers. While it is possible save say $30 or so if you browse the web for a small site to buy insanity workout cheap, you may be taking more risks than you know.

1) The Official Site

Shaun sweatingBeachbody is the company that produces and sells Insanity workout DVDs. They sell directly from their own site, but they do also train up what they call ‘coaches’ to sell their products (including Insanity) from independent websites. They aren’t coaches in any physical trainer sense of the word, they are simply people who run websites and who represent the brand.

So you may find a number of sites to buy Insanity from out there, but here’s the thing: Beachbody does NOT allow their coaches to sell Insanity for less than the listed price of $119.85. So if you find it significantly cheaper than that, then you can be quite sure something fishy is going on (unless it is second-hand).

My first recommendation to you is to visit the official site. They have a convenient payment plan of $39.95 monthly for 3 months, along with a fantastic 30-day 100% money back guarantee so you can try Insanity out hassle-free. Shipping and handling is about $24.95, plus any sales taxes are applied as usual.

>>Click Here To Buy Insanity Workout From Beachbody From $39.95 Monthly<<

I want to be completely transparent with you, because I know so many people leave out information to try and dupe good honest folks like yourself into buying something for more than they anticipated. So that’s why I’ve mentioned all the costs for you. You can confirm it by visiting the site and checking it all out for yourself.

2) Amazon

Of course, you can find second-hand copies that are slightly cheaper, but that is a different market entirely. If you don’t mind getting a used copy (which may not be advisable as it comes with a calendar you can write on, but that’s your call), then I recommend Amazon’s marketplace. You can often shave a few bucks off the asking price from smaller vendors over there.

Be sure to check out their star rating and feedback before committing to buy insanity workout.

>>Check Out The Amazon Marketplace For Deals On The Insanity Workout<<

I wouldn’t really recommend anywhere else in all honesty. You aren’t really limiting your options as you get such a great deal directly from Beachbody with the money-back guarantee and payment plan, and then the second-hand marketplace is big enough to present you with enough options.

Hopefully I’ve answered the question of where to buy insanity workout satisfactorily for you in this post. If you need more in-depth information on how to avoid the scams or on the best price for Insanity workout, check out my previous post (linked at the top of this post). Happy hunting.



  1. I purchased a used copy from a high-ranked seller with the used copy being “Fulfilled by Amazon”. And it still turned out to be a counterfeit copy.

    I did find that signing up for TeamBeachBody (not as a coach, just a free member), resulted in a cheaper shipping then the front page advertisement on It only comes with 1 extra workout instead of 3, so that is something to watch out for.

  2. I live in Republic of south Africa please advice how i can order the dvds online

    • Hi I would like to know as well, I stay in South Africa as well, and Glomail used to sell Insanity but is has been sold out for the last 4 months and I can’t buy over as they do not ship to South Africa. Melissa

  3. Hi Elana & Melissa

    If you are still looking for Insanity we will come to SA in December from the UK. The current price is £105 from Amazon.

    Let me know if we can help you.


    rehuell at yahoo dot com

  4. Hi I am also in South Africa and wanting to buy the Asylum and Max 30 DVDs but can’t find anyone including Amazon who will ship here. Any advice please!

    • Have you found out how to buy Max 30 workout? I’m also from South Africa.

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