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Posted by on Dec 9, 2012 in ChaLEAN | 1 comment

Why ChaLEAN Extreme Really Melts Off Stubborn Fat

If you’ve ever fallen victim to the idea that you need to spend long hours on the treadmill at the gym, you’ll be happily surprised by the ChaLEAN Extreme difference.

Don’t be a cardio junkie

Cardio-junkieThere are way too many “cardio junkies” out there… And women are not the only ones who tend to fall prey to this addiction, either. For years people believed that doing deadly-dull hours of cardio workouts was the best possible way to burn calories and make the fat melt off you like candle wax under a flamethrower.

And long, steady-state cardio workouts are effective at burning calories, BUT. (← And that’s a big butt, hah.)

Steady-state cardio takes forever, and eats muscle

The problem is that once your body realizes that you’re going to be on the treadmill for the long haul, it switches to another form of energy to burn: protein. That means you start to burn up your muscle mass, which you definitely don’t want to do! This is why people training for a marathon often get so skinny, even though they may be eating a quart of ice cream every day. The hours and hours of slow cardio burn up their muscle tissue.

Why interval training is the supreme fat burner


Interval training is why sprinters build strong muscles, whereas long cardio sessions actually weaken them

Sprinters don’t have that same emaciated look, though. In fact, sprinters often look muscular and ripped. Why? Because they are doing short, hard, intense bursts of hard exercise, followed by rest and recovery periods. During that recovery period – notice I said the recovery period – the sprinter is burning fat, because their metabolism is still revved and working.

The (simplified) reason for this is that short burst or interval training causes a hormonal shift that in turn creates a fat-burning ripple effect that keeps telling your body to release the fat for as long as 24 hours after you’ve completed the training.

Maybe that sounds confusing to you – don’t worry! Read on.

Interval training + muscle-building = double fat-burning whammy

The reality is that ChaLEAN Extreme workout understands this principle of fat-burning perfectly, and is geared NOT toward long, slow cardio, but instead is training your body in interval-type bursts that will absolutely melt the fat off your body without eating away at your muscle.

In addition, the ChaLEAN Extreme 90 day DVD program focuses on building muscle to help you burn more fat. It’s a proven fact that muscle helps you burn fat, so beginning to really focus on your strength training with ChaLEAN is going to give even your most stubborn fat a serious eviction notice. : )

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ChaLEAN helps you find the perfect balance

Check out some of the videos of people who have had great results with the ChaLEAN Extreme workout, or take a closer look at the ChaLEAN Phases and see how they really work.

Have you tried ChaLEAN? Leave a comment below and tell me how it worked for you. What things about the workout system did you love or wish were different? Were you surprised at the lower levels of steady-state cardio? What were your results?

Look for more posts on ChaLEAN coming soon!

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  1. I love the workouts! I have great results, however I didn’t get my diet and stress completely under wraps. I still have gut fab from(stretched skin from babies too) and my butt needs some help. Where do I go from here?

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